Friday, 13 November 2020

Psycho Update


The year narcissists ran out of supply,

invented creative excuses 

to harass strangers to get it. 

To whom it may concern (police, board of governors, education authority, etc),

I received a phone call from my sons school to collect him because he was ill. In this time of coronavirus it constitutes a minor emergency. My son has additional support needs. 

I parked my car in the school visitor car park inside the school gates and within the school perimeter. 

I was there four minutes during which time there was nobody else in the car park. 

On my way out with a sick child as passenger the headmaster of NextDoor school who was loitering outside the gates of my sons school walked into the road and stood in front of my car to block me from leaving. I had to jam the brakes on to avoid hitting him. Immediately I recognised someone not right in the head for stepping out into oncoming traffic. 

I wound the window to hear him out in case there was an emergency. He leaned into the window and told me not to park in my sons school visitor car park. 

I told him I had a sick child and no time to waste. I closed the window and drove away. 

While both schools are on the same street, my business with my sons school had nothing to do with NextDoor school or it’s headmaster. 

This is a formal complaint regarding the intimidation and harassment I feel I have received from the headmaster of NextDoor school who has overstepped the boundaries of his remit by interfering with a situation which does not concern him. 

There is currently a pandemic. Unnecessary face to face interaction of this invasive nature is an example of people disrespecting the purpose of all the protective measures which are in place. 

Having looked into the existing regulations it is obvious he has put myself and my son at risk of exposure to coronavirus for no real reason other than his own power trip. 

My car still smells of the mans foul breath. Myself and my sick child have been put at increased risk of contracting coronavirus by the headmasters irresponsible and offensive behaviour. 

It is my civic duty to inform the police as to the headmasters activities which are potentially endangering lives and certainly are alarming. It is also causing concern given the position of responsibility he has in the community, which he is failing to uphold. 

The offence is serious enough there are now fines for this sort of disruption, at the very least somebody in a position of higher authority needs to explain to him he is breaking the law and upsetting people by jumping in front of moving vehicles to interfere with their business and potentially spread the virus. 

I am in contact with vulnerable people between age 50 and 80 who are also at increased risk from unwanted interactions not to mention the stress this causes. 


Thank you for your report.

This has been logged under our ref: XXXXXXX and has been sent for the attention of the local policing team.

Kind Regards

Police Force Communication Centre

Thank you for your email.

As requested, your original email will now be forwarded to the Chair of Governors and will be treated at Stage B of the Complaints Procedure 6.10.

A person designated by the school will now be appointed to investigate your complaint and meet you.

Many thanks


School Admin Officer

UPDATE 15.11.2020 

Police “unfortunately cannot take it further” because the perpetrator is HeadMaster of a School protecting school property from a man with a child in a car at an unusual time of day. 

The headmaster was ‘making sure I was not kidnapping a child from the neighbouring school.’

My son and I have been victim of a crime under the current legislation regarding social distancing, safeguarding, etc; and the abuser’s defence is that he is hero and the victim is suspicious. 

But I can see it from his point of view too. Kids do get kidnapped. 

The root of the problem is if they do not want visitors to the school using the visitors car park, the big sign saying Visitors Car Park needs to be removed. 

Whose responsibility is that? 

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