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"To walk one's own path is to take a stand for self-referential gnosis, which always threatens those who build their faith with pre-fabricated scaffolding. We are constantly told that we are wrong by those who are firmly convinced that their way is the only right way. To create an authentic, functional anomaly from any Tradition based in the exploration of personal friction is worthy, and requires Art."  Yeshe Rabbit 
Bis is a concept involving Death, it is what the Buddhists describe as one of the 8 Betweens; stages that a soul passes through in the cycles. An analysis of Death becomes therefore relevant here.
There are many forms of death, the most important factor to be continually aware of is that a soul is immortal, and cannot cease. A body can return to the earth, an ego can die, it becomes something of a natural lifestyle once having set upon the path of transcendence, to strive continually toward ego death. A personality can die insomuch as it, like all things, is in a constant state of transition. Consciously nurturing an honest-instinct-reflex persona based upon natural tendencies is tandem to ego-death, because a totally egoless personality is a robot. We share a community and necessarily require some level of persona, be it intent by mistake or faux by design. 
"No form of energy stops; it transmutes: only Nothing stays the same."

For all extents and purposes, I have had to develop a working context that the term Bis is associated with any work crossing the boundary of Death, involving entities and perceptions usually only found after that state of being. To fully explore the subject at hand, to gather understanding, another concept must be introduced here, that of Void, the Nothing. This is a distinct and separate concept to what I will call Shadow, which I  deal with elsewhere in my writing about Sarfa.
"Dying is easy, it's living that scares me."Annie Lennox

I have had multiple OBE's (Outer body Experiences), where my conscious awareness, what I term the Observer, has been in other dimensions to the time/matter environment. This happens quite naturally in what people call Dreams. There are 3 different concepts which we use the word Dream for;

1 the mind re-ordering itself of the events of the day and subconscious urges coming through, often using the minds system-software comprising of symbols made up of the events of the day, memories, etc, to impart the information.
2 Astral travel to other dimensions, called Dream worlds, that are no less or more valid than the time/matter world, they simply have different physics.
3 The aboriginal manaya Dreamtime, whereby we manifest the world through visualisation.  This involves  the Imaginal realm. which some people call the 5th dimension.

Other locations to be aware of are the White Zone that is so often mistaken for a christian concept of Heaven, which is a place where there is o physical pain, and everything is many pastel tones of light, tone of Love, an all pervasive, healing, forgiving, compassionate Love.

'experiences the Soul has to go through seeking balance'
Death is a state that deals with any and all of these realms. It is the Soul that generates the pathway, the next destination. the concept of Sarfa is relevant here because it marks our trajectory, the Buddhists teach about Karma which is a similar thing. The ancient jaguar priests used a symbol of Apple / Heart being weighted against a Feather to determine the trajectory toward which the Soul will transmigrate. Neither of these symbols mean what 20th century scholars wrote about them to mean; in the original shamanic context they have different associations.

While it is about a root phonemic origin of the concepts Death and Debt, it is a debt that we owe to our own soul, some claim as a part of the pruification (or otherwise) process, if we use the original Sanskrit definition of Kamma it simply means 'cause has effect' and there is no ethical prejudice, only experiences.

Please free yourself of the judgemental christian concept of punishment when understanding this image. The Crocodile headed, hippo bodied Chimera (Chi-Ma-Ra, energy birthed/earthed (manifestation) of the Sun god; Mer puts it into female tense, ocean context) is not a monster! Its body parts are symbolic for specific meanings; the crocodile head munches up all the nasties, is Sobekh. The hippo body nurtures foetus, babies and children, is motherly Tarawet. Both of these are protective deities, although there is a whole lot more information regarding each of them, for example the crocodiles neural system can be used as a slave-extension to the sorcerers own neural system to attune it to a telempathic frequency or 'dimension' not normally available with a human neural system, it being Sirius which the Hopi mayan indians call the Blue Star Kachina. 

In traditional or High Mayan, what Don Matos calls in The Fire Within, by Carlos Casteneda; the Sorcerers of old, when the  Nagual makes a distinction between them and his own generation, which as we have discovered is best considered to be equally as separate from our new 21st century generation, which properly begins with Year Zero as 2013, the Year of the water Snake in Chinese astrology following the water dragon. There are two deities that have, for the sake of the teaching school, emerged into our culture as primary, dualistic deities. These are Quetzalcoatl (kukulkaan) and Tezcatlipoca. They are established as a duality relationship because they are the logical next step in the development of an aspect of the Jaguar Priests tradition (direct transition from Egyptian culture), namely the cobra and the vulture (serpent and bird of prey) on the royal funerary mask of the boy king Toth-Ankh-Amen, son of Akhenaten son of Amenhotep. Although each element has many levels of meaning, fused into a singularity, the serpent and the bird of prey become a fire of rebirth, the pheonix.

All of this is background and education; by the time you have finished with this school, you will be amalgamating these into one, so that you can deal with the next polarity. The Sorcerers of Old defined the world in terms of polarities which is why Mayan stellae are twin columns; that they may support multi-contextual definition as we rise up through the totem, to keep it simple we have 2 pillars in one, we have a zig-zag (dna helix) of the double-serpent, as each level progresses. So there are hidden meanings in the stellae, each plugging us into a different universe of perception.

Quetzalcoatl, the rainbow feathered serpent
Is associated with Kundalini energy. The teaching of chakras as feathered tones, which is similar enough to the Ojibway teaching of the true path of Life or Ka being a trunk of a pine tree with many branches that I should mention it here, is different from the current Orthodoxy that explains the 7 major chakra's as spinning wheels, or stars. What I have discovered from development of the chakras as the core of my energy body, is that they are indeed Tones of colour rather than the specific generality of the name of the rainbow spectrum. This naturally connects with William Herschel's exploration of the rainbow barcode spectrum of Stars using radio spectroscopy. We are attuned to stars. We can shift our energy configuration by shifting the tone of each chakra. This is used in the Water Teachings of Ura, where by attunement to other people using the energy body is a method of wholistically sharing date. Dr Emoto teaches the methods for this. You will have to make link the associations between these concepts yourself because, thats what strengthens it and gives the ability as a practical rather than theoretical, lifestyle. Quetzalcoatl is obviously associated with the Sun.

Tezcatlipoca, the Smoking mirror
This is the main concern of this essay and why I introduced the dual deities, and in the order that I have. Obsidian is associated with Tezcatlipoca. It is also known as Apache Tears, it is used for scrying, divinatory, it is the sharpest material on planet Earth; used for surgery it heals leaving no scar. It is associated with night, subconcious, the future, ('that which is as yet unmade') the unknown, space-between-stars, the Nothing, the void, Death, also with the Moon. Therefore you can follow the logic that it has association with Bis, in that Chiron the boatman, the ferryman, the gate across the void; He who is Anubis. I do not know if this is the same entity as Tezcatlipoca who certainly has as many shades and tones as Quetzalcoatl has colours. One reflects the other, which is why Sarfa is such an important concept to get your head around.The Buddhists teach it as Karma, with a moral prejudice. Truth is not morality, and to deal with Truth, we need to accept that. It is important. Obsidian is said to be a curse upon those who have dishonesty, if they seek to use the energy of the stone. It is protective for this reason. I would accept that Jet (which annuls overactive base chakra), tourmaline, and other black gemstones that are also protective, might very well be used for the same association with Tezcatlipoca as is Obsidian. 
It is a portal, a Gate.
To cross the boundary of death consciousness, we go back to trajectory and the balance of feather against apple/heart. Truth is pure and absolute. In fact, Truth and Nothing are perhaps the only Absolutes other than 'all things change'.
Can Truth change?

The pure and courageous of heart may safely commune with and through Tezcatlipoca.

At this time I would like to insert a footnote that the Tarot cards contain the image of a Grim Reaper, on the Death card. This medieval European symbol of a black shrouded skeleton wielding a scythe to harvest souls, is used to strike fear into the hearts of anyone who cannot see beyond it.  Its origins might very well be the Greek stories of Chiron the boatman. I do not believe the Grim Reaper to be a real entity, and even as a symbol it is comic book halloween fun rather than a real. Of course dealing with the Imaginal realms and everything becomes possible. In the melting pot of diverse interpretations from many cultures all over the world and throughout time, the grim Reaper can be interpreted as the same thing as I am outlining here.

Anubis is the Heart of the Void. It is a heart that is as big as the void, in that it is infinite. Infinite patience and kindness, infinite wisdom. It knows better than any that there is no end. Infinity is an amazing concept to contemplate, especially when you know and feel that you are yourself a representative and a part of infinity. We all are.
There is a precise reason why Anubis is depicted as a Jackal headed deity.

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