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Shamanic Revival

Christianity decimated the shamanic knowledge base throughout Europe and the West. What has inevitably survived is vastly lacking by compare to the knowledges of our ancestors. The teachings of a lineage of Yaqui sorcerers presented by Don Carlos have filled that gap and rapidly become a core teaching. Use of organic plant spirit allies for shattering the mind’s rigid grip so as to access Other Worlds and experience alternate versions of Reality, that are no less real, are equally as valid in the reality experience, are known by Shamans since prehistory.
Genesis 1:29 And God said to mankind; "I give you ALL plants to use." 
Quoting this from the christian bibles in combination with putting policY enforcers, Court Judges and ultimately the Queen on Oath, has had people acquitted and the policY corporation was ordered to pay damages for theft of personal possessions. The corporate War on Drugs is against the Law of God, so far as it relates to organic plants used by ancestors to help us with Evolution. The worry about people getting into the drugs scene can be easily remedied by appropriate education and responsible use.
The following was written circa 2008. It is in two parts and needs editing into a second draft.


(1st draft - omits much eg; McKenna)

Don Carlos Casteneda


Snakeappletree is a black panther priest, a branch of the jaguar priesthood of ancient egypt and mesoamerica (maya). The black panther is the spirit ally of ancient Egyptian boy king known as Thoth~Ankh~Amun (Tutenkhamun) who reincarnated as the serpent lord Pacal Votan, king of the Mayans, identified as a baby by his clubbed left foot and snakeskin pattern on his legs. [ibid. Maya Shamen ~ Travellers In Time’ by Patricia Aloa Mercia]
Pacal Votan is the one wearing a jade mask who was buried at the temple of Palenque in south America beneath the famous sarcophagus lid depicting the mayan cosmic calender wheel & deities that describe ruling energies over each era, from which accurate prophecy is made.
The word Maya translates into english as 'dream'. An aboriginal Australian word for Dreamtime is Manaya. Mexican word for 'later' is 'Manyana' which is of course because 'what we imagine now manifests later'. We are all talking the same universal language here. Two excellent sources for learning about Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime are the Peter Weir film 'The Last Wave'  and the Bruce Chatwin book 'the Songlines'

"Imagination is not imaginary"
~MacGregor Matthers, Order of the Golden Dawn

Maya NAGA school is the shamanic counterpart to the LAMA school of Tibetan buddhism who have a similar method for identifying the Lama, of whom the most famous Dalai (deli = market) Lama. Da = day (shown), Na = night (hidden). Ga = (enter into) earth (Egyptian deity Geb), Ma = (manifest) make, mother. La = (there it is) the Ley. Its all there in the components. 

This duality between the two schools is symbolised by the serpent coiled around the symbol T (tao), a sign often misinterpreted by many under~informed cultures of the last epoch. Of course symbolism is intentionally multi~level in its interpretation. In most simple distinct terms ~AG~ is for fire&water wheras ~AM~ is for air and earth.

JaguaR and NaguaL

Naga means snake spirit (sanskrit)
Nagual means shaman or sorcerer (south and north america)
Wheras the Jaguar associates with fire element, Nagual associates with water element; the river serpent. This is an archaic symbol for the flow of Life. Use of symbolism and Jungian archetypes is predominant throughout panglobal shamanic culture. Nagual also means ‘the Creative’ hemisphere as opposed ‘the Rational’ hemisphere of the frontal lobes of the brain. In whales and dolphins the third eye where these hemisphere fuse is a gland well developed into an actual organ distinct from the brain organ. This fluid sac is synaesthetic (experiencing of one sense as another) that whalesong manifests in the minds eye with such lucid detail as reliving a memory or watching a movie. This is a highly evolved method of communication and awareness of it is the tip of the needle in developing an understanding of further abilities. It is believed humans may by discipline & ritual acquire (agua) similar abilities even with our lesser brains. Study of which is one reason the teaching schools exist. Narwhale 'worshipped' / fiercely respected by northern Amerindians is the single~tusked sea~unicorn.

AGUA is a word for water (aqua), and AG is an ancient stone age word for fire.
iguana ig~ua~na is a reference to 'the lizard' which has a very similar meaning as 'the serpent' in shamanic symbolism.

After the post~reformation gregorian catholics killed the shamen of Europe in a massive anti~celtic witch kull, we are lucky to have had in recent times such great teachers as Don Carlos Castaneda student of the Yaqui sorcerer Don Juan Matus; whose effective wisdom fills the gulf left, that science cannot. There is a vast body of teaching, largely about sensory and spiritual expansion, and about the multi~layered realities we live in, that we are now beginning to remember. Our teachers are the indigenous cultures who are in jepordy of being consumed by the death~cult of westernisation=consumerism.

click pic for lizardmen link

According to David Icke in his book 'Children of the Matrix', that well known guru genius expert on the lizard bloodlines of homo sapiens, a species whose dna was mixed about by meddlesome extra~terrestrials; a fact now proven by Prof Chang head of the Canadian based Human Genome Project and announced to the world earlier this year of 2009 that human DNA is now scientifically conclusively proven to be a hybrid creation that has been adapted by extra~terrestrials with a superadvanced  knowledge of genetic engineering; Snakeappletree is a member of the Russel clan (ru~ss~el) (ru=mouth, ss=double~helix, el=Assyrian snake goddess) who are according to Icke ‘the shadow clan’ of the Illuminatii bloodlines. From my own experiences and training as a clairaudient medium I can verify that in practical terms this means the spirit~talkers.

The other two lines Icke highlights are the Royal line (hapsberg~percy~windsor, through whom 44 of the 45 usa presidents are related) and Financial line (Rothschild/'bilderberg group'). Icke reveals how 4th dimensional supernatural entities (from other locations in time or perhaps beyond time) are able to easily take control of the ruling elite of NWO by possession of their bodies, to achieve their own agenda based upon control & using suppression of freedom as a method. Enslavement. Our species was designed as a slave species for purpose of existing on planet earth and we are young, trying to escape from this control, becoming aware of the tyrue history & what we can actually do about it.

"YOU ARE FREE from the moment you draw your first breath."
~Bors, hollywood King Arthur movie

"Do As Thou Will."
~ Aliester Crowley, Order of the Golden Dawn

Snakeappletree is politically a FREE LIBERAL. The teachings of the black panther priesthood are dark and yet highlight personal liberation and evolution toward true and real understanding, through first hand experience, of many aspects of reality. This priesthoods agenda is to prepare spiritual warriors to combat the 4th dimensional entities who are seeking to enslave this species. We do not consider the enslaved ruling elite bloodline as our enemies but as fallen slaves and pity them. In seeking control over others reveals a distinct lack of control over ones self.
Snakeappletree’s priority interest is archaic revivalism which is shamanic re~emergence in western culture. This aligns with the mayan calender 2013=year zero. We need to return to tribal shamanic ways of being because lets face it, consumerism is fucking the planet up and everyone is going mad because NWO are brainwashing and poisoning the herd to disbelieve the truth about reality. This is about self~empowerment.

The Medicine Journey
In Lightningbolt, Hyemeyhosts Storm, we learn that the Canadian and northern Amerindians are descended from the Mayans (Aztecs, Toltecs, Olmecs, the different branches of mesoamerican culture that were decimated by the arrival of white man to that continent).  These spiritual beliefs are a direct evolution~mutation~continuation of the original American continent Jaguar priesthood. These profound spiritual wisdoms are necessary now  in todays world more than ever before. So much of it is focus around the Medicine Wheel that symbolises amongst many other things the Medicine Journey of our life path. In Egyptology this is called Ka, in Buddhism it is called Tao, the Way.

 Inner Journey
The onus of this school is not about ‘travel to mars to learn about shamanism, it will only cost you enough to fund a small independent military nation’ but to center the experience of where you are right now. My beloved and very gothic spiritualist mentor taught me; "you don't have to travel to find spirituality". Indeed I know this to be so true because the more I studied and accomplished the techniques of the masters, the more I found that spirits were traveling to speak with me as I had attained that level by following the Stalking the Attention discipline taught through Carlos Castaneda's writing. You do not need to go on ghosts hunts, although the kudos and the experience of traveling to a rainforest to take mind expanding Gate tools (ibogen and ayuhuasca compounds) is kudos. If it be your path, be it.


I live in Wales a nation that rightfully has a Wyvern (a type of dragon that is a serpent with 2 wings & 2 legs) for its flag of the sacred colors green (eco) white (spirit) and red (blood). This is not the flag you will commonly see if you research it, they have anglified it for some crazy reason. The Welsh flag now depicts the Cadwaller dragon. The original version had the dragon standing on green hills.
Here in Wales we have magick mushrooms aka spirit mushrooms, containing psychedelic psilocybin. I find these organic spirit allies to be a powerful tool, more so than any chemical drug, in experiencing various shamanic journeys and initiations. I have also partaken of the death drug DMT (dimethyl~triptamine) ceremonies and this stuff is powerful indeed, not recommended for beginners in the world of shamanism. There is a use as Don Juan teaches Carlos for using 'drugs' or as shamen prefer to call them; 'plant spirit allies' as a method of shattering the rigid control grip of the mind, the psychic censor, so that we may see the truth more cleanly; of what we are, of what reality is. This relates to the ‘pure gaze’ that I was taught in art school.

The other use for spirit ally plants is to enter into the various alternate realities that these guides make available to us. Yet without the proper training, the deep real purpose of such experiences are sadly lost and wasted. This is why I recommend the Carlos Castaneda series so strongly, they are excellent shamanic education that lasts a lifetime through.At very least they help explain what was happening to you during your acid trips. Mushrooms are superior to acid in that they do not sever the synaptic linksbefore re~growing them;rather they hyper~wire your brain by creating many new synaptic links. The lore is that the physical connections follow the psymotional experiences of the trip.

 'the pure gaze' 
In art school I was taught that when we look at a thing, usually we do not actually see the thing, instead we see the label for the thing. Our relationship is between the indoctrination and the drawing we are making. I do not even need to see a chair to draw a chair because I already know what they look like, subsequently I can draw a chair even perhaps with my eyes closed. This is failure as an artist because the work will not be a rendering of a chair but a rendering of the logo for chair. There is a powerful difference between Art and Logo.
Thus we are taught the Pure Gaze. To see the world stripped clean of labels, we see the world pure and true. Only then can we notice that, it is not a chair we are looking at, it is an object, with shape, and perspective, and the light dancing just so, shadows here,  textures...and the colours! Then perhaps our drawing or painting will actually be Art and represent something beyond the logo for a chair.

 Pierre Bonnard   5tn-Nude_in_bath.JPG  White Tiles
I applied this logic to humanity, to society. I do not see people by their names because names are a label. I am watching people, not the label system for people. And through this I am living in the Jungle, I am seeing Wild, I am seeing True. I apply it to animals and begin to understand that the label for 'person' applies equally to them and even to some trees, as it does to homo sapiens. The boundaries have gone. I wonder at the necessity for a passport office and remember back to the stone~age when traveling was free. 

"Only when the doors of perception are opened will we see the world as it truly is: infinite"
~Aldous Huxley, the Doors of Perception
images.jpg      JIM.jpg
Jim Morrison by Werner Horvath : Parisian Vodou



a calender harmonic with reality
the celts had 360 day calenders so they could mark 1 degree for each day, and then 5 days outside of time, marked by halloween, I suppose we could use halloween, 31/8 to guy falkes night, 5/9 in the uk when we ccelebrate the day when the spooks return to earth, and the memory of a french hero who tried to blow up the uk houses of parliment.

all hallows eve is a day remarkable for its energetic alignment around the sun, the planet always occupies the same location in space in relation to the sun, faces the same side of it so to speak, at this time and it is an energy peak in the annual solar electromagnetic oscilation. if you measure time not as a linear progression but in terms of frequency, the electromagnetic charge of the solar system is closer at this time in eg; 2009 to the same day a linear year later in 2010, than it is to the 364 days in between the two peaks. so entities existing & travelling through the window represented by this peak, which can be seen as a linear continuity entering material dimension only once a year, we can begin to understand why the celts made such a big celebration of this and the days surrounding it. events within it are said to be the balancing of the previous year and that to come, it is the 'x' part of the symbol '8' which represents infinity. also it useful to represent the calender wheel as a 360 degree circle.

the Mayan sarcophogus lid of Palenque is also a calender wheel and when two copies of it are overlaid and rotated, the details around the border become a representative image of a different one of their deities, depending on which degree of rotation. from this we can ascetain the ruling deity for that day, year, decade, etc, and compare it to events on planet earth. the deities represent the electromagnetic effects of the stellar galactic alignment upon the minds and water~body and social events on this planet, and are surprisingly accurate if you know what each gods personality is in order to understand the whole thing as a great big giant clockwork computer, even us with our notions of free choice lol.

indigenous rainforest primal shamanism sources 
John Booreman's film EMERALD FOREST 
Bruce Parry's AMAZON bbc tv series

The Ones Of Many Faces
the lizardmen are also slaves to deities we cannot begin to imagine yet because human evolution is not far advanced enough in widespread terms to acknowledge their existence let alone the scope of the threat they are to us. so training humans to combat them is a long way off and nobody believes how important this is; those who do, are going about it in such a screwed up way because the deals they have made with the Enemy. we should begin by healing the tyrants and global acceleration toward archaic shamanic revivalism will be a massive essential move toward saving our species form the thing controlling the lizardmen. people aren't even exploring hivemind yet in any real psychological terms. more to follow...

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