PUBLIC NOTIFICATION: brief but very revealing research data about how psylocybin mushrooms are good for you:

"New research suggests that taking psilocybin, the hallucinogen in magic mushrooms, may actually lead to a decrease in the amount of blood flow in certain parts of your brain. Scientists at Imperial College London injected subjects with psilocybin and scanned their brains. Turns out, they observed a reduction in neuronal activity and blood flow in core regions of the brain like the thalamus and cingulate cortex. From Science News:

“Decreasing the activity in certain hubs in the network may allow for a more unconstrained conscious experience,” says Matthew Johnson, an experimental psychologist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore who studies psilocybin and other hallucinogens. “These drugs may lift the filters that are at play in terms of limiting our perception of reality.”

Further work by (Imperial College London) neuropsychopharmacologist David) Nutt’s team showed that the brain hubs responded together, linked by a neural circuit called the default mode network. Some scientists believe this highly interconnected brain superhighway is essential for maintaining a person’s sense of self.

Putting the brakes on this network could help to treat certain psychological conditions by opening the brain to new ways of thinking, researchers hope. Several studies have shown that psilocybin can change people’s attitudes for the better and may be useful for treating depression, a condition linked to too much activity in the default mode network.

“Chemically switching off might have very profound beneficial effects,” says Nutt, who suspects that psilocybin could also be useful for treating obsessive-compulsive disorder. “It may help people completely locked into a mindset that drives their lives.”

By David Pescovitz Jan 25 2012

3 things to be aware of when interesting yourself in psylocybin mushrooms in the UK:

1) Did you swear an Oath when you became a policY officer and will you uphold that oath today, given the awareness that failure to do so constitutes gross negligence which is a sackeable offense? Said oath being to uphold Common Law and not a mention of policY statutes, which are given the force of a law by consent of the governed, and for the record I do not consent.

2) Did you, your honor, swear an oath to obey the Queen and did she at her coronation swear an oath to uphold the law of God and to protect the people (of whom I am one)? Thus given I will now quote the word of God from Genesis 1:29 "And God said unto Man, I give you all plants to use."

3) The guy who went to court in a test case for this, commonly known as Maud'dib, was acquitted; the judge ordered that the policY enforcers give him several thousand pounds after their unlawful theft of his growing equipment. His case was for the plant cannabis; the plant mushrooms are regarded to be 'the same as' in the eyes of God.


S A C R E D   M U S H R O O M S
teónanácatl ~ psylocybin
what shrooms do ~ physical long term effect

when the renowned genius Albert Einstein died, some curious scientific monkeys did an autopsy on his brain. it was discovered that his brain is wired quite differently to most people. he had many many extra synaptic links. these are like wires in a telephone exchange or on the back of an old analogue synthesisor. Einsteins brain was hyperlinked.
I am not making a case that taking Einstein took drugs, nor that psilocybin will make you into a genius. but it is proven that the effect of this spirit ally cause the brain to sprout many new synapses which wire the brain up even more. the folk~lore is that the thoughts and emotions we have during the trip as well as the experiences of the mushrooms from before we ate them, govern the exact links that the brain makes.
personally I love the idea of  a fluid brain in which synaptic links are connecting  every neuron to every other neuron. at this point the nature of Mind becomes something different; perceptions alter to a much wider spectrum and the nature and awareness of ‘self’ become something other than those who are still living in the creche~mentality.

Korup rainforest, Africa; ecology
the rainforest of Korup had, before it was logged to extinction during the 1980s, an interesting ecology. I learned of it Watching a video made in the 1970s that I got from a charity shop. the ecology is holistic; everything within it working together to provide an infrastructure, for the rest of the ecology to thrive.
the African soil is very shallow so the trees grow wide at the base. this not only supports their weight that they can grow taller but also expands the area their roots can filter nutrition from the poor quality soil. a species of ant live on the forest floor; cutter ants. they have large mandible jaws and their role is to wander about finding fallen leaves and to chop them up into smaller fragments to make it easier for the leaf to biodegrade into the soil. the third vital part of this ecology is the fungus that spores wrap themselves around the roots of the trees and act as a chemical intermediary between the minerals in the soil and the tree roots. the trees would not survive without the fungus because they would not be able to absorb enough nutrition from the soil to grow.
after two years of life the ant has breathed in enough spores that are growing inside its brain that its brain changes. for the first time in its life the ant tilts its head and looks up toward the forest canopy and thinks, “oh my god!” then it begins to climb. at around half way up the tree the ant is suddenly seized by a terrible fit, and it bites its mandibles into the tree bark and lets go with its legs. the mushrooms have worked their effect upon the poor creature and it dies. the fungus continues to grow inside the ants body, in fact it is now using the biochemical soup of the ants body as its own nutrition. quite different from the minerals of the soil, the fungus enters its flowering stage. the ants body mutates into a flower, it grows into the shape of a mushroom which then pops and explodes millions of tiny fungal spores down onto the forest floor, where they wrap around tree roots and are eaten by the next generation fo cutter ants.
this stable ecology provides the basic stable framework for many other species of liana, insect, animal, lizard, mammal, flower, vine, fern... an environment in which all this wonderful exotic life can thrive. where the trees have been felled, the dust blows away, there is desert.
I had taken a few mushroom trips while I was living in Cheltenham although at the time, full of wisdom from books, we teens knew everything about everything and didn't even know it. The shrooms we took then were psychedelic fractals of grey and pink and not much difference in their chaotic effect upon our perceptions than any of the chemicals we were also experimenting with at the vaguely promotional recommendations of the college philosophy lecturer who quoted Aldous Huxley during our first seminar.

when the doors of perception are cleansed, we will see reality as it is; infinite
~Aldous Huxley, Doors of Perception and Heaven & Hell

the idea that drugs are evolution is one mighty ideal but to become knwowledgable enough about it to use them constructively rather than to develop cute little psychosis or as porno~aids for teens takes a serious dedication and develops only through continual use. it becomes lifestyle. it is our human global mono~culture and has been even since before we were homo~sapient.
by the time you find yourself reading Terence McKenna’s ‘Food of the Gods’, you are a serious student. when I first really got into shrooms these softer wilder shrooms were from the southern foothills of the Brecon Beacons in Wales, swampland, trance music of organic samples and the serene of water trickling in a fresh green sponginess and a bubbling organic fruity sounds of the bog that are the same thing as electronic trance music. Ozric Tentacles. wet rainy wales & raw~funny podgy shroom~picky fingers. attuning to the spectrum, so the shrooms aren't hiding but are everywhere!
this itself is a vital lesson as it teaches us about the nature spirits ability to hide between the frames of our perception. perhaps it depends on which rods & cones of our eyes we are aligning to. perhaps it is something else. at any rate we learn attunement through the simple act of shrooming. the art of picking magick mushrooms is called shrooming. they grow in early autumn only for a few weeks, every year. with the right type of rain.
tea in the van.

because of the religious war and repression of this primal shamanic spiritual evolutionary tool, the way of life it engenders and the knowledges it involves, the picking and preparation and cultivation of psilocybic mushrooms, is prohibited by law in the uk and commonwealth countries. they are considered as ‘drugs’ and it is illegal to possess them.
the very earliest cave paintings made by our ancestors are of mushroom headed humans worshipping the mushroom god. before this time nobody had even thought of painting nor of teaching such an important thing as a shift in consciousness~awareness from monkey~brains into human abstarct thought and the advanced ideas of tribal socialism, teaching, planning for the future, progression. shrooms are still an evolutionary tool and we still have a long long way to go. this might help you to understand why they are so important, what they can do for you, and why the state dont want anybody to take them or even know that such a thing exist.
in simple terms ‘preperation’ can legally be interpreted to include biting them straight out of the ground and swallowing. ‘picking’ is definitely considered preparation. possession of them can lead to a jail sentence. this is spiritual discrimination but if you attune properly and go about things the right way, the powerful spirit of the shrooms will protect you somewhat against the law. remember it is not the officers who are at fault, they are only enforcers; it is the law itself which is repressive although this  does tend to attract fascist bully types to its banner for the power. be assured that the power of the spirit world is far far greater than any human law. let that be a lesson to you.
always tap the mushroom before picking it to make sure the spore are off and in the ground for tomorrows batch. never pick shrooms that have not yet opened their gills to spore. the bigger the shroom, the stronger it is. I recommend that you use thirty to fifty mushrooms if this is your first trip. you do build up a tolerance if you use them regularly and at higher volumes they are toxic.
shrooms were prepared in ancient times by placing them in honey, this preserved them and their psychedelic qualities for a long time. the honey helps to sweeten the ghastly flavor, which later becomes an acquired taste after much experience with them.
magick mushrooms have a very strong, overwhelming earthy flavour. they taste of sizzling chaos and it is well known amongst their users that if they make you sick and you throw up the contents of your stomach, that it is a purging because shrooms are healers. all that nasty stuff you didnt really want in you anyway is got rid of to make room for the spirit of the plant to work its effect upon and through you. shrooms really are sentient and it is possible to communicate with their spirit, although they are also very physical and they do make you very horny.  
if you are not eating them fresh out of the ground then it is best to dry them as you dont want them to rot, it would be a sacrilige. put them in a dry, warm place, on a sheet of newspaper, on a tray. in an airing cupboard is perfect. this will get rid of the weevils that may be living in them, you dont want to be eating those tiny black beetles, shake them out of the dry shrooms and forget about them. drying takes between four days to a fortnight depending on unknown factors.
the best way to prepare shrooms, since they are famous for growing in cow pat (cow shit which forms into hard ‘patties) is with milk. If you are vegan then use oat~milk its better than soya~milk which makes men infertile even though its very healthy for women. soya is grown in depleted rainforests so it is only funding the deforestation bastards if you buy it. you can use water but it tastes much stronger and makes for a less creamy trip.
simmer the handful of dried shrooms in half a pan of milk, 1 cup of milk per person, for half an hour. do not boil them! you can stir them but it is unnecessary and also the thought~emotion energy goes through you and into the brew, only to flare up massively during the trip. maybe you can stir them a bit to stop them sticking to the bottom of the pan. the smell of this is amazing and earthy and you should enjoy it because soon you are going to be smelling exactly the same way as the shroom juice sweats out of your body.
the shrooms will turn the milk/protein a grainy brown/grey colour. now for the secret magickal ingredient. you will of course be well prepared enough to have at your disposal a tub of delicious organic chemical free fair trade hot chocolate powder. follow the instructions on the tub and stir the powder into the brew. this will mix with the earthy taste of the shrooms and make it much easier and more pleasant to drink. pinching the top of your nose as you down the brew will desensitize your mouths taste~buds, its a useful trick. now, everybody on the trip should look each other in the eyes and hug each other with as little embarrassment and as much monkey~pack tribal love as possible.
the longer it takes to come up, the stronger the trip is. the spirit of the brew is in you all now; you are bound by it, and acting as one organism, although within your mind you will begin to separate out into a multiple personality which is why reaffirmation of soft warm loving feelings between the group are important. laughter is the healer!
now get some great music on your cd player, and start rolling spliffs if thats' your thing because you are going to need them. one thing I learned from shrooms is that they really show you your addictions; and how to control your behavior rather than be controlled by spirits in other substances you are addicted to.
enjoy your trip!


“Whose music is this?” asks Shannow he asks as I played sounds I had never been able to play before. I am unable to reply because the energy is flowing through me and taking all of my focus Attention. I am not consciously controlling my fingers on the keyboard, they are just happening. Bow responds by showing Shannow the huge keyring he has just picked up from his bed to clear space to sit down. Because his job involves a lot of doors.
The three of us are old friends. we read Aldous Huxleys ‘the Doors of Perception’ together, and we listened to the amerindian lizard~shaman Jim Morrisson & his tribe the Doors together during our teenage years. get hold of their album 'An American Prayer' it is essential teaching; Jim, a bottle of Kentucky and a notebook of his poems, alone and in secret stepped into in the recording studio one fateful night, the product of which was later discovered and overdubbed by the band.
“All these keys” repeats Bow over and over again. In his mind he is thinking; ‘and you have to go through one to get to the other’. I can hear this thought as I play. although he is struggling with his body reflex, his voicebox, as the spirit of the shroom is surging through him, so he can be able to verbalise the thoughts.
Shrooms can do this; it takes experience of them to overcome it so as to be functional while on them. One great teaching they have is the necessity for pure action, for simple focus, which is ironical considering that at this moment we are flowing through many layers of a multi~layered reality.
I can see the bunch of keys in his hands and identify his thoughts with the object he had momentarily picked up to make space to sit down on the bed, and had then become consumed by the universe of. Playing with the familiar item, looking at it in a new way, a ring of many keys. They are all on different hoops on the keyring like opening one door to go through to another. I am seeing keys opening inside peoples heads and it is making me giggle.
I keep giggling and I keep playing on the synth and Shannow keeps asking; “whose music is this?” He is thinking; ‘Where is it coming form?’ as he stands swaying and waiting for the space to become clear on the bed. The bed is as yet unclear to sit down upon because Bow has left a trace of his Attention there, the thought~form to ‘make a space on the bed for Shannow to sit down’ manifesting in the primal symbol logo of ‘bed mess’.
I am giggling because Bow is not only explaining about the keys but also in multi~think about my piano playing. I am shifting key in my simple melody from here to there and all around; this is music that I have never been able to play before, the shroom energy is flowing purely through me and every time Bow says “All these Keys” ...well perhaps he only said it once and it is echoing around repeating in my mind again and again... I just keep on playing because I know that when I stop the moment will change, and there is such fluid moving through me that I am playing like liquid, playing like silk, a spider~silk world where the sounds are opening doors in our minds and telling the synapses where to grow, the thoughts where to channel, for our healing.
“Whose music is this?” asks Shannow and finally even though I thought of answering him ten minutes ago, I am able to say “shroom music”. I am thinking yet unable to verbalise; ‘it is for us; it is all our music, the spirits are teaching us, opening doors.’
I keep playing and when I stop the scene changes. Perhaps we still hear the music or are rhythmically programmed by now to the effects of it. All I can recall when I try to remember this music now, a few years later, is the soundtrack to the Terry Gilliam movie Twelve Monkeys. Finally Bow is able to put the keys down and Shannow sits on the bed.

UFO at Ogmore

Although in this text I refer to the [item] by their popular label ‘ufo’ which technically stands for ‘unidentified flying object’, I can reassure you that they have been identified as multi~dimensional vehicles, also commonly known as ‘extra~terrestrial vessels’ or ‘alien spaceships’.
Ogmore beach, south wales. same latitude line  as the shrooms we picked later from a Celtic burial mound which were quite different. The same waves of sun grow cloud chill sun grow cloud chill that are a waveform, built into the shroom, the launch~lines of the energy surge as the trip sets in, known as ‘coming up’ with its peaks and troughs. euphoria. ride the waves.
Ogham is pronounced ‘Ohm’ and is the name of the celtic tree script, the druidic runes. The symbol for Ogham is the triple~spiral. It has strong affinity with the Buddhist Ohm symbol, three circles are suggested. It is about chord and resonance.
Far’s beautiful shroom~blue clear eyes staring at the sea, worthy of a ballad and a painting, speaking with her lost love. Very intense emotion powerful here, a healing time. We needed to get away from the city. Far my witch teacher, wild wise lady of the woods, she  hastaught me so much. here in this place our dark nagual Win had brought us so she could speak with the ocean and that the rest of us could lay and stare up at the stars.
I saw satelites moving overhead, small lights in a straight line, communications. ocean sea, communications. I am thinking, shrooms are about communication and the telempathic levels. the ocean is in symbolism connected to emotions. emo~oceans. so the water in my body, now full of high octane psilocibine, is keyed in to the emotional realms of communication. and the sorrow the bitter biting cold abrasive salty wind clawing at our skin that is soft and yet hard as leather for this world we are in.
spirits of nature, the elements. communication. stars. love. and I watch a plane overhead. directly behind the plane, about five to ten plane distances behind it, is an orb. a ufo. a glowing white egg. I have seen these before. I have seen them since. twice at Ogmore. The other occasion was when two orbs were following a passenger plane as it flew overhead, the three vehicles forming a triangle. Orbs vibrate at a very high frequency and we cannot regularly see them until they slow down to within human perception. I have researched into how anti~gravity engines work, and I understand them now to be the same device as is causing the vehicle to be invisible to the naked eye. but when we are on shrooms, we are tuned up to reality spectrum and we can see them quite easily. They vibrate, they shimmer, the exist at a frequency that is not in the same time spectrum as the one we occupy with our busy daily city lives.
The first time I saw UFO was at Cleeve hill near Cheltenham, in 1999. three of us picked up Dave~with~the~hat who had been thrown out of the Order of Thelema, an Aliester Crowley based masonic brotherhood, for practising their first law of ‘do as thou will’ and their second law ‘love is the law, the law is for all’ over and above the sects own assumed law of ‘do not teach our secrets to outsiders’.
we had been driving the wrong way in spirals around the one way system of the city until the time~gate cleared and as soon as Dave~with~the~hat was ready he stepped magickaly into the van and then we were on top of Cleeve hill away from the city and in the refreshing wind.
Dave~with~the~hat said; “Hey, man, lets do an ohm!”
so we four held hands and chanted the sacred resonant sound frequency deep through our cells, vibrating and plugging into the universal harmonic of 130bpm (beats per minute) 130 cps (cycles per second), sacred number 13. It felt great and we were all strong enough to overcome our inhibition of feeling silly, for the ohm to take effect.
I dont know if you have ever seen a shooting star. They go Flash! they streak through the sky in a split second and if you blink you miss them. The four of us were tuned in through our Ohm to the universe and a surge of joy and confidence is channeling up through us. my friend Door whose van we had travelled in as if by magick suddenly broke the circle of hands so she could point to the sky.
“oh my god!” says Door quite slowly to emphasise the gravity and importance of her statement. “look at that!” she points into the sky. Now if this had been a shooting star it would have gone before she could speak.
What the four of us say was a glowing white light, an orb, traveling right to left at a 45 degree angle down into the sky. As we watched it split into three, one moving exactly horizontal, one moving exactly vertical, through the sky. these vessels moved with such precise and exact mathematical precision that it is uncanny.
Cheltenham is where two ley~lines cross and the street I was living on at the time is said the be the exact spot where that happens. There are many sightings of ufo from Cleeve hill and the area.

spirits of nature

the following are excerpts from the numerous occasions I ingested sacred mushrooms with the band. we were writing experimental psychedelic techno (shroomusic) with grooveboxes. these machines facilitated our experiments with sound and perception, both of which crossed over somewhere along the lines, interweaving like celtic knotwork, creating and remorselessly recreating many new versions of the same thing, infinitely.

we were coming up on a strong one and fiddling with the machine, untangling the cable~monster that midi~wired all the separate units into one beast. music of the acid trance variety was blaring out from somewhere, Ryman doing some live tweaking to it because he’s perhaps the most musically obsessed genius of us all, at least the most hands on. Ryman was twiddling a fusion of organic squelchy bog sounds with happy hardcore electrodrone, to entertain us while we set up. we got the machine going and created some ‘yeah am happy with that’ for a while before our cravings got the better of us and the scene changed; relaxed focus to enjoy the sweep of the shroom flowing up through us and the room that had just reappeared now our heads weren’t so concentrated on the task of zoning the music, tempo’d and keyed to the spirit and recording as much of it as we could in livetime to digital. we had hit the point of no return and gone through it, jived live for a while and as one triple~headed entity sat back to sip cider and feel content. the music kept playing on a flangered loop, warping in and out and breathing like the walls.

a voice floated through the room and we all heard it. maybe not the actual living organism of the room with all its rippling jungle flavors but certainly through our mind. we all heard it.

you are about to receive a lesson from the spirits of nature

& then our sound machine went crazy. jungle music in breathing walls; we could see the rainforest all around us. in the sound too. we didn't tell the machines to play that. our music was experimental energy configurations. when the spirit took over & what we heard!

“I didn’t program this”
“I didn’t either”
“none of us did”
“what the fuck?”
”just listen!”
“this is fucking amazing”

I don’t know if we actually spoke that conversation but we certainly all knew where each other were coming from. primal consciousness within the tribe is telempathic.

to this day I don’t know if we recorded what we heard. the machines were all on but something, the spirit of the shrooms or something else through the gate the mushrooms had opened, had got into the system and was doing stuff that the beast is not even designed for. never heard music like it. some day Iim going to get around to checking those disks, they’re all labeled with astro~sigilistic symbols though so Iim not sure but I may have to take another trip to find the right one.

healing tools

on another occasion we drank the brew and spent an hour searching around for rizlas, lighters, tobacco, where did we leave the skins when we put them down to find the lighters, bottle of cider, cups, skins in the cup, whose got the bag of green, make a spliff, pour the cider, everyone has a spliff in one hand and a cup of cider in the other, it has taken us an hour to get to this stage and by now the trip is in full swing.
“these mushrooms really show us our addictions!” says Ryman.
“maybe we should think of giving up.”
“I think that might be what the shrooms are trying to tell us.”
the last hour we had spent rising up above our heads and looking down upon our behavior. or maybe that had only just happened as we watched the last hour like a movie, sitting caning it and getting high. time dilates on mushrooms and the walls breath.


the Celtic burial mound shrooms had a different effect. spirit shrooms. same species of mushroom but the energy is different, its personality or nature. shrooms are so sensitive to energy of place. they show us the fabric.
Ryman Juju and Why were sat in my living room. maybe also Scuzz & Furry on their vinyl techno mission, its hard to remember exactly because they aren't so important to this story; kem~heads so shrooms aren't their spirit ally like it is for the rest of us. and there was Al, "believer in the Gita!" who sadly is with us no more other than as a spirit we smoke to; and his dog Socks. and probably also the legendary Day who single~handedly and without much ado snogged and screwed his way around most of wales and much of england as if born for the purpose. and there was Vudu too but she & her kid are a whole 'nother story; and occasionally the graceful Far blessed us with her much welcomed presence. Angel deserves a huge mention also, she was hiding out here in the process of fleeing the mafia. the official story is that she went to America to see Axl fuckin' Rose. the stupid Argus newspaper tracked her down and published her new address 18 months after her vanishing, thinking they were working for the general good. I hope she is safe.
at that time I wasn't seeing people so much as a blur of their energy all around me. so many people had been coming and going through the flat that we pretty much had an open door policy and a section six notice on the door to keep out trouble. 
Ryman is opening & shutting a bible to random pages,  opening it, shutting it, opening it again.
"hey every time I do this it falls open to the same page, a passage about some guy called Legion who has a thousand people speaking through him."
"I know how he feels. It did that for me too."
"Why do you have a bible in here anyway?" asks Why.
"Dodgy neighbor thought it would do some good. He left it by the door. I brought it in case we run out of skins. "
the dogs were around causing their usual mayhem. our small tribe. we were expecting Win our nagual, a black sorcerer known as a 'bocor', who was training us, helping us, keeping us on the path and generally being awesome if not a somewhat evil influence in our lives. he arrived with a bottle of cider. I always recall the German word ‘geft’ which means poison, and is from where we get the English word 'gift', whenever I think of this memory.
I got up and went into the kitchen to find some cups, and began overheating. I knew that it was somehow the effect the nagual was having on me. this guy is dark and spooky, he has gone places none of us young pups could ever be ready to imagine, and knew far more than we. for example he has a half~wolf who once spoke my name and who we treat with much respect; he sits with us as equal in the circle and has nipped me on the occasions I have forgot to treat him as an elder rather than a dog. which, I am told, explains a lot.
this was our strongest trip yet. 1000 in the pot; 300 a head and a fistful for luck. fuck it.
and my body overheated. I watched as it fell to the floor. the glass that I had been holding beneath the tap as time slowed down did not make it to the pouring water. it fell from my loosened fingers and dropped, hitting the floor at the same time as my body. I watched it bounce. how it did not break remains a mystery. no hang on, Im getting ahead of myself. it had not hit the floor yet. I am floating and looking down from the space where my body had just been, but something is calling me forward from that thought, that awareness, and I am in the white place.
the white pace is beautiful. there is no pain there. I did not previously know how much little aches and pains the body has. I did not really know for sure that we can still continue perceiving even without a body. around me are pastel tones ripling gently but an overwhelming feeling of white, peace, Love! I have never been so happy, nor known as much love. of course! everything is love! and time does not exist when we leave the body. because the body is time.
the body. I watch my body laying on the floor and am aware that I should really ought to be laying in it. so I lay within it. I concentrate and it takes me so much concentration to focus, to will my soul to fuse with the body, before its heart stops of while it is still warm enough to kickstart it again.
then I am feebly pushing myself off the floor. that's when I hear the glass bounce. without thinking much I am picking it up, standing with a wobble and filling it with water from the tap, horrible chemical flavoured fluoridated water designed to atrophy the pineal gland of the brain which is essential for psychic development. I drink the water and shakily return the living room, my skin bled dry and white.
“he’s forgot the cups.” says the Nagual.
it was in the months and years after this that the real fun began, and I gradually became aware that so much of the strange events happening around me and within me,. psychological events as well as physical ones, were proof positive of the spirit world. many different stories for another time but i will because it seems fitting mention that one of those digital discs containing all our shroomusic also has an audio recording of a ghost that I heard telepathically and my sister who was there when I made the recording later verified is definitely a genuine spirit rather than a clever overdub for the sake of attention.
I didn’t take magick mushrooms for a few years after that. In fact I gave up alcohol and drugs all together, even nicotine; and became a health freak. 

Stalking the Attention

Carlos Casteneda is a great medicine teacher. We still use the word Nagual in fact we use the word THE Nagual to speak of Carlos Casteneda because his writing has taught many westerners an otherwise lost system of knowledge that is a tiny splinter shard fragment of a much vaster tradition of the Yaqui Sorcerers of Mexico whose lineage goes back to the Jaguar priests of the Mayan high culture. Nagual means ‘boss shaman’ in general context, although it also means the creative rather than the logical hemisphere of the brain.
Don Carlos writing has made more sense to me in relation to shamanism, psychology and ‘drug experiences’ or as we prefer to call them, plant spirit allies, than any other body of knowledge. The difference between recreational drug use and actual purposeful shamanism is largely to do with the training of the shamanic tradition. Don Carlos books are the greatest tool we have to reintroduce shamanism into western culture at this level, after it was lost due to the Catholic conquistadors having killed all the knowledge holders of the Celtic tribes during their European witch kull.
I have had many teachers of shamanism who each have their own special belief structure, much of which has helped me to focus my understanding into a cohesive whole and develop my interaction with and understanding of the spirit world. Their teachings also form a strong part of this body of writing.
The most important teaching of Don Carlos is the Stalking the Attention. In simple terms it is disassociation from the mind. In western pharmacutical psychology which is endorsed by the state as it is a capitalist industry, the spirit world is denied. In fact ‘disassociation from the Mind’ is a classic symptom of textbook classic paranoid schizophrenia. Yet in our shamanic tradition it is an essential training in who and what we are, and in developing esp abilities required by the shaman to do what shamen do.
The Attention is the focal point of the mind. If the Inner Monologue is a tape reel, it is where the tape head is playing at any one moment. The important thing to remember is that ‘the thoughts in your head are not your own’! only when we can successfully take a step back and ignore the psychic censor, become detached from the Babbler that is identified with what Buddhists call the Sansara state of mind (it translates into English as the ‘confused’ or ‘conditioned’ mind), can we begin to see for real what the mind is, and where all these thoughts are coming from.
many are your programming. many are you desires finding voice, or the schemes of some food you have ingested, thats spirit has accessed a human mind for its own evolution. Your thoughts are not your own! many of these thoughts you are hearing from other people, or from the air, or from pojects. objetcts can thing and hold thoughts, we can bind thoughts into objects, thsese are various magickal rituals but our intention right here is not to be distracted, but to accept that thought has form, it is electronic energy, and with the neural~nervous system amplified by the water~body, can be transferred, sent out, or received from other people. This is telepathy. the next thing you will begin to do is develop the ‘middle~ear’ and start taking more notice of those tinnitus sounds, learning which emotions resonate with which tone, and that many of these thoughts you are receiving are not coming from the living but from spirits that your eyes cannot see. In combination with the study of sound and music, sacred mushrooms helped me to develop clairaudience.
DonCarlos did not use the same spirit ally as I do. he did not ingest mycinogenic psilocibin but rather the much stronger peyote and san pedro cactus growing in south America. it is a different spirit. his reasons for using it were the same; primarily to break down the minds psychic censor, so as to be able to see the truth, and secondary to learn about the other~dimensions and their denizens. all of this is considered an increase in personal powa because experience is wisdom and knowledge is powa.

the shrimp in the woods

my tribe sister Vine has been through more of a rough time than anybody I ever met, all in the space of a year. she is a talented sculptress. this is a tale of the time she visited me one autumn with spirit shrooms that she had collected from another location in Wales, the very hard to reach remote fields of tipi valley. these shrooms are soft and gentle, loving female energy. the healing aspect of shrooms is strong from that peaceful location. one thing I have noticed is that shrooms from different locations all have different qualities, this effects the ‘trip’, their nature, quite significantly. this was a mild trip, my first since the obe (outer body experience).
during the trip my sister invoked the Norse rune Ansuz ('Signals'). Ansuz is initiatory; 'beginning of self~transformation'. it relates to the god Loki. Loki teaches through trickery” (~Far) with whom my experiences of are a worthy tale for another time. Loki is known to Amerindians as Hanuki or Heyeohkah. I have seen an antique woodcarve of the African trickster god and he has the same face. she used bluegreen to make this rune.

I played my bazuki, a long necked lute taught the Greeks and Irish by Turks in medieval times. I studied my gypsy~folk music as my sister tended the fire. after so many campfires I can safely say that women are natural fire keepers, they seem to have the knack. after I got bored and my fingers cold I set the lute aside and felt the energy of the shrooms rise through us, or perhaps it is that the shrooms attune us to the ebb and flow of some cosmic energy oscilation for the duration.

the creature looked something like the freshwater louse you may have seen lurking around rocks if you have ever poked about in streams. it was about ten or fifteen feet tall. it is translucent, so in the dark of night appeared black. it had a softness about it but I knew at once it to be some form of vampyric entity. it had been latched onto me for quite some time, but it was not until the shrooms made it possible for my perceptions to attune to it, did I become aware of it. I found that I could communicate with it quite well in my mind, telepathically. I did not actually see it as a physical thing, but I knew its shape and presence both from sensing it and because the shrooms had activated my third eye that I could see the spirit world.
the shrimp had searched through the gulfs of space, through which it can travel as if there is no distance; it is a creature of the void. they search for a particular type of energy and this often comes from animals living on the countless worlds. I just so hap[pen to be one of them, a few of my particular species are. the shrimp doesn’t discriminate between species types, only the energy spectrum they emit, which they identify as food. they graze upon this energy, it sustains them. they are also in communication with the rest of their type throughout the void, who are here and there. the creature was bound to my nervous system because that is how they feed, wrapping around the aura and syphoning it. no real harm is done apart from lethargy because the parasite likes to keep its host alive. this one had been on me for years by my reckoning of time.
I asked it, “please don't!” with a strong emotional feeling of pushing it away from me, with a warning of primal human aggression should I need to send a surge of this into the vampyr to somehow harm it away from me. in its response the shrimp seemed a veritable gentleman, it replied to me; “ok” and detached. It left me with a shared feeling gratitude for the energy that it had supped from me and moved on. I was grateful for the lesson, the knowledge that such things exist in reality, and also that I had freed myself from a leech. I told it never to come back and to tell the rest of its kind to leave me and my loved ones alone. It accepted; because I had asked it politely I had indicated signs of sentience, of intelligence, and therefore a respect would be given that I am not her food but an equal spirit amongst the stars.
I told my sister and she laughed.

the come~down

there isn’t one. stay high forever. its useful to have a few cartons of orange juice available. in fact fresh fruit is your diet forever from now on because it is so wonderful. you will forget this but the shrooms will tell you at some point and you will agree. it is all you need. 
"I'm glad mushrooms are against the law, because I took them one time,
and you know what happened to me? I laid in a field of green grass for
four hours going, "My God! I love everything." Yeah, now if that isn't a
hazard to our country … how are we gonna justify arms dealing when we
realize that we're all one?"

Bill Hicks

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