scion (fragment)

celtic Ogham 
(pronounced "om" / "aum" / "amen" / "amun" / variants)
triple spiral indicates Source; energy well
the word 'Scion' means the same

As an artifact or person identified as representative of that energy flow. The visual symbol takes its shape from a traditional triple-resonance of the essence of the source energy developing through time. The purity teachings and lifestyle taught by the Esseneans use water as symbolic for the flow of all energies throughout the Creation. This has diversified into all spiritual study schools many of which retain versions of the same symbol and dialects of the same verbal intonation. "Scion" has affinity with concept "shown" because of revelation nature inherent in the core.


[insert relevant quote from Dune about the Siona Gene and her dancing in the Sand…]

I studied Fine Art (painting) at Cheltenham university, class of ’99 and received a 2nd class honours degree, the same level of achievement as Howard Marks won from Oxford university and put to good use. I met him several times, he was probably too stoned to remember it. To cut a long story short; to protect the innocent by Common Law jurisdiction (see Genesis 1:29), I studied art academically at degree level. I could easily have achieved a higher degree, however much of my attention at the time was taken up by my research into practical shamanism, which I saw and the academy did not, that it goes hand-in-hand within my specialist areas of study; the Primitive in Art and Symbolism, relating to psychologist and philosopher Carl Gustav Jung who has been a huge influence on myself and by all accounts on quite a lot of western culture also.

During which time I was introduced to mind expanding concepts such as the Pure Gaze and Rousseau’s Noble Savage, and was greatly encouraged to take up a natural interest in an era in art history known as Post-Impressionism which includes the likes of the genius Picasso, whose studio in Paris had me burning with the desire to create, so strong the mans energy is, infectious and creative. And of Duchamp, whose famous work C’est ne pas une pipe, along with Mattisse Urinal, form a cornerstone of what I am to discuss here. I will get onto Epstein’s Rock Drill later, the fusion of concepts into new symbolic form. Naturally I studied many aspects of art history and styles including Symbolists such as Rossetti Berne-Jones, but it is the Primitive in Art that especially emerged as a powerful influence on my own work, methods of working, and way of thinking and being. Indeed, my way of perceiving.
The Pure Gaze
It is possible to draw a chair without a chair in view. Right or wrong?
Wrong: it is a symbol for a chair that you are drawing; a logo.

The achievement of Art which is something other than producing lgoos for concepts, involves a particular form of free-association, and even looser perception; of feeling and seeing truly objectively the environment, to reproduce on paper or canvas, the world free of labels. True art achieves this; Monet's waterlilly paintings in London's Tate gallery confounded my camera's automatic focus, it could not find the flat surface faced with an infinite depth of the painters intention.
While C'est Ne Pas Un Pipe (it is a logo not an actual object) was inspired by exploration of shamanic artifacts imported from Africa and displayed as objet d'art which was not their original utilitarian purpose for communing with the spirit world, it is Bonnard's white tiles in his paintings of his wife in the bath that most readily encapsulate the notion that the world is not what we are indoctrinated to see. We see only labels. In Bonnard's White tiles he uses every colour of the rainbow but no white. And yet we still recognise that they are white tiles in a bathroom.This is a classic example of our social Conditioning; as such contemplating, practicing and achieving the Pure Gaze is a necessary and powerful form of Deconditioning.
The Pure Gaze is the mind free of preconceptions and concepts. Once having removed all labels from the world, we see truly.  Nobody and no item has a name; the histories between people are obsolete. The relationships between two items, between cause and effect, is removed and explore a new environment, perpetually renewed. This is the primal state; this is also the basis for chaos magick. We see from this perception that individuals and groups are swamped by cognitive dogma of their own delusions, control-programming, that mental operating systems rely entirely on a limited series of preconceptions and associations, be they experience or instruction based. Energy control drama's are played out through these systems using man-made contexts deluding us from the actuality of the really real Real.

What did the creators intend by creation of these artifacts and what was their original intended use? To answer this question became the main focus of my research both during my time in Art School and afterward. I am fortunate in that I discovered, by practice, existential and out-of-the-box answers to this question.

I should establish now that I am a Virgo in accordance with western astrological systems who is characterized by Analytical mind, and I am also trained in scientific methodology as set out by Franciscan  Friar Roger Bacon in the 14th century ad at the secret bequest of the then Pope.  I am also a student of the sufi adept Frank Herbert’s Dune Tau and therefore some level of Mentat, albeit a twisted one, capable of abstract 'in addition / rather than' precision logic. All of which ultimately concludes in a form of existentialism as verifier over rationality, in keeping with, as Frank Herbert wrote;
“The universe is always one step beyond logic.” 

We must embrace that to retain credibility as research scientists working with as yet unknown fields such as the Jungian subconscious and other pioneering approaches to perception based reality and its relationship with external reality. The tenets of which are masterfully described in Psychonaut, Liber Null and in Liber Kaos by Peter Carroll.

This is a Belief, in the same way that to remain purely a priori, is a Belief. Mysticism crosses the boundaries in the same way that the important line between nature and supernature is seen by supernaturalists as mind control fiction. 

"Boundaries exist only in the minds of man.” –the Cartographer. 

(I used to work for the Ministry of Defense as an oceanographer, a map maker. If you have seen the movie seven years in Tibet you’ll know what Im talking about.)

When African tribal artifacts were brought to European cultures because of the slave trade, they were not considered in their original native context. The reasons for their creation and their uses were lost, and so instead Westerners perceived them as art objects, as sculptures, functionless other than curious symbologies to creative inspirations; and they hanged them on the gallery walls as ethnic curiosities.

Nagual Consiousness
What we are experiencing with mind control is the result of other peoples Intent affecting us to act or not act, a certain behaviour controlling direction. When we can disassociate from thoughts and act on what the heart tells us is right and true, we can bypass the mind control of other peoples Intent. Intent functions by programming the Light Code that affects peoples mental decision making process. This is why the sorcerers Don Matus taught Don Carlos to disassociate from Mind and relates to what he says about the other-dimensional (reptilian) entities who “gave us their mind” – their insecurities and delusional frame-working. Systematic structures eg; state psychiatry defines ‘disassociation from the mind’ as schizophrenia whereas shamanism defines ‘disassociation from mind’ as a necessary liberation that we may experience Reality without dogma and delusion. The term ‘nagual’ means to utilize the creative and imaginal parts of perception (left brain thinker) rather than to be rigid controlled as response to the systems of the tonal or logical aspect of mind (‘right brain thinker’). The term refers  also to an individual who shatters the comfort zone of a persons dogma. The shaman consider such individuals to be 'boss figures' and hold them with great respect and awe, for their assimilation and experience with the really real Real goes deeper and further outside the box than most; they are our teachers. In Egyptology the concept 'far-seer' fulfills a similar role. It means 'shaman-king' and the Egyptian word for it is 'pharoah'.

Hannuki / Loki / The Trickster

What Don Carlos has to say about Immortals, and why the western shaman are being trained in specific methods of his lineage, not only to fill the gap left by the decimation of european shamanic cultures  by catholic witch murders but as a progressive part of the cycle to expand Don Carlos lineage’s members so the Immortal has a wider energy pool, in exchange for which he will gift those practitioners with his advanced knowledges, as and when they're ready. I am not suggesting that the Yaqui sorcerers specific Immortal is the same deity as the traditional Loki/Hanuki character. But that such Immortals and “Gods walking on Earth as Men” are an existential factor of many groups of humans all throughout history.

Lineage – Line Age, Lin Eage, Ea-Ge, Lin-Eagle

“When you know what the Truth is and how to use it…” –Michael Tsarion“The term ‘conspiracy theory’ is a legitimate sociological term. Go to a sociological dictionary and Look up the term ‘conspiracy theory’. It is perfectly understood by sociologists what it is. There is nothing negative or reprehensible about it. It is only reprehensible if A it is delivered in an outlandish, irrational manner, or B if it is delivered without any decent proof or evidence.” - Michael Tsarion quoting Collins Sociological Dictionary

HR Giger the Sorcerer

[insert Medicine Wheel map from Estcheemah book]


In 2001 I worked for the uk Ministry of Defense as a part time external contractor. It is now ten years since I signed the uk official secrets act and I am no longer bound by it. Therefore I am under no threat of being arrested for treason for disseminating the experiences and lessons I received there. I had recently finished art school and I knew how to use graphic design computers and software. I was hired to make maps. Maps of oceans. I was 21 years old fresh out of university. I needed a job because my then girlfriends alcohol and dope habit was expensive. She was worth keeping happy.

I had seen the security protected site many times driving past it. The site is built around a celtic barrow mound. I recognized that is what it is immediately, my having grown up on another celtic barrow mound alongside the same river seven estuary. I grew up researching into Arthurian mythologies and celtic (welsh and irish) mythology, which feature barrow mounds regularly. I have the Arthurian Tarot, the landscape of which indeed does manifest in my life on a regular basis.

The first thing I noticed as I entered the site for my induction, other than the sound recording and video surveillance cameras that followed me around, was the absence of dogs. I grew up with dogs and I knew there were none on the energy grid of this site, I felt and heard it. The exterior chain fence has regular plackards with an image of a german shepherd dog and WARNING DOGS PATROL THIS COMPOUND. One of the maps I made was of the site, for the visitors open day, including the mapped Kennel complex. The open day shipped in a pack for the sake of visitors. From this I learned a lesson; that the MoD use subterfuge and illusion as a method of security protection and likely in other fields of their industry.

illustration from Indiana Jones movie, used within international fair use policy for educational purposes

While I was working at my computer, watching a small jcb digger open the top of the barrow mound, and the next day close it again, and the next day open it again, I began to realize that the british Ministry of Defense had made a gate down into the barrow chamber and were very likely storing things there.
One day as I watched this a man a few decades older than myself, full of mirth and confidence, came and settled his hands on my shoulders. We watched the diggers together. He was proud. He was fatherly and I took to him. No words were said. We watched the diggers and he smiled and left. Perhaps words and names had been exchanged, I do not remember because the important information was non verbal. He let me in.

I cannot say who, but somebody told me during my time working there that the MoD have and are storing a deer-skin map made by American plains Indians before the white settlers. My understanding of this is not great as I have not researched it in any depth but the basic gist is as follows: according to the US corporation land laws and land rights, then if such a thing as a pre-colonial map exists, proving which tribes occupied which areas, then the American Indians could charge back rent for 200 years to the USA corporation for illegal possession of their tribal land. Perhaps this is what the UK Prime Minister Thatcher and then US Presidents Reagan & Bush Senior meant by ‘the special relationship between Britain and America”?

Obviously it has to be taken into account the indigenous belief that nobody can own the land, which ultimately outweighs all claims of ownership.

What Obama has done since his term of office began is to reveal that the Constitution of America is actually an illegal document according to preceding statutes, and therefore ceases to be valid. Effectively ‘he’ has returned the US corporation (which owns only Washington DC) legal rights of governance across the whole usa, to a state of sovereignty, as a Commonwealth Nation with the British Monarchy at the top of the chain, beneath God, as the coronation oath swears the ruling monarch to do as well as to protect the people.

[insert Veronica’s art containing the 4 directions]

I do not know the current wherabouts of the stolen indigenous Amerindian map, nor even if it still exists. The indigenous Amerindians culture is in a dire situation because there are so few pure bloods remaining now, that the elders have a breeding project for their children and their childrens children spanning several as yet unborn generations. So much for freedom of choice! But then, if you knew you were one of the last remaining of the once strong mayan purebreeds, would you decide to live as the Elders have raised you and forsake western ideologies? Trust in Great Spirit for guidance. The Amerindians also own one of the two last remaining untouched of the planets oil fields. They will be a wealthy nation by western standards, if the US corporation is not sent by the ruling British monarchy to steal the reserves from them too. Incidentally, both the Queen and the Pope have currently being indicted by the international courts for the crime of Genocide. 

[insert First Nation link and logo]

The Sword from the Stone
Alchemy, Knowledge,
Thoth, Hermes, Mercury, Quicksilver,
Fire and Flint and Metal
Merlin / Arthurian energies.
Era 1, flint-knapping, the shard from the stone.
Era 2, metalsmith, elf-world becomes real with celtic ornament, blades smelted from the ore.
Era 3, harnessed electric and light, computer technologies.

Experiments with Orgonite
Resin both fluid like quicksilver and stable like hard still stone/metal, at the same time, I fund it cleansing energetically within my whole system and expansive psymotionally (psyche and emotions) to attune into and with this stuff. Its made of resin which has metal frag (copper harmonizes between human spectrum and quartz, so I use it in my wands, which I once explained to a policeman who was holding me, he thought I was taking the piss when I started talking about copper wire, and making wands, which is why I was in the forest gathering wood, where I discovered a lock-knife, which I forgot I was in possession of on one of the many occasions the police unlawfully stop&searched me in Newport city). The resin sets to the waveform of the quartz, look at dr emoto’s experiments with freezing water around quartz and it is clearly seen how quartz energy radiates to align the water molecules into the crystal helix. With resin, the same thing; it makes the generator much bigger. That’s why Orgonite is so useful. I have seen people make molds of it, pendants, fragments of it and sky-busters to defeat chemtrails. I have yet to see more slender artifacts such as cast wands. I guess that’s my job as a wand maker and healer. Its powerful stuff, the resin alone even when wet is expressive and sexy to tune with, if you can handle the chemical spectrum. 

Scion and Zion
It is easy to see how the concept has become formalized as a religion with the phonetic variant 'zionism', a branch of Judaism which according to David Icke and other researchers has infiltrated western politics, they were behind the nazi party during the early 20th century and they are behind the Trilateral Commission (usa including canada and mexico, with australia and with britain), and the European Union, all of whom are working to achieve the same objectives  that Socialist Germany sought to achieve prior to the 1st and 2nd world wars. 

There is a big difference between zion today and scion as it originally was intended. 

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