time & taru

is frequency based and loops in cycles.
spirals outward from the core.
is measured in frequency in terms of vibration, harmonic, signature tempo and streams.
consists of tunnels or wormholes; symbols for themes describe scenes.
the classical tarot is a system of cross sections of time cycles depicted as events to experience. 
these are intitiatory.
e=mc2 is incorrect. 
(c steady constant is based on speed of light, which is not a steady constant)
it is not space that is measured but particles. 
the term space-time is a nonsense term. 
we should speak of mass-time which is the tempo of particle matter as it affects local time. 
the same physics are used to harmonise an objects structural helix with itself 
rather than affected by external gravity from eg; the planet earth. 
once self-harmonic the object exists within its own time-speed or signature tempo 
which being a harmonic cycle (loop) is measured as a frequency 
comparable with light Khz and sound hz which are also measured in frequency.
waveform is a term used to describe time. 

[insert picture of a waveform and picture of egyptian hieroglyphs for snake and water, also pic of shamanic image of a serpent from primal tribe and pic of snake eating its own tail from hermetic alchemy].
number syncronicity grid and cycles - the mayan timecode. 
mapped here from the Auriglyphica in terms of 13 and 360360. 

3. number sync mapped in terms of 5. pentacle rings.



"the Observer affects the Observed"  snakeappletree on the art of prophecy
I study numerology, alphabetic-numerology and symbolic-numerology. In angelic-numerology, "capimaon" is a word of Enochian it means "numbers of time" - not numbers 'in' time,;numbers 'of'; time, specifically. Around six years ago I used this one word from the language that Dr Dee and Edward Kelly channeled of angels, and am still caught up in its spell.
Am enjoying watching it play out, is less of a spell on the level of witchery than it is the natural manifestation of angelic scheme for humanity involving us all, which is, if you accept their belief structure; the light grid upon which our purgatory occurs so that we may be free of karmic interference, and pure enough to ascend. Recent developments in science have revealed that the universe is holographic and fractal based, which means, the angelic light grid is a real thing. To be free of this, we have come down into time so as to evolve by cleansing the miasms of the soul. Where symbols syncronize, that is a sign of the grid coming to the fore of awareness, which is a sign that a layer of the veil is clearing. These things happen in their own time, at the rate we can cope with it. If we stripped all the dirt off in an instant, we would not be able to cope with it, we would manifest the comfort zone again, recreating the situation as it was before. This happens constantly anyway. 
Numerology etc is a way of visualizing the grid mechanics, comprehending its principles. I find it preferable to chess which involves strategy and game, therefore competition. Not interested in competition; the only ones who can win are those who work together. When we arrive at the finish line, which is to step out of time entirely; we all arrive at the same place together. My studies of Enochian were with Uriel. I should call upon Michael as a protector more often; it is his symbols that are involved in my revelations. I do little Angelic work now, because the patterns were set previously, I trust in cosmic harmonic convergence to do the rest. It is all working toward Singularity, things will be clearer as of next spring (2013) - Year Zero.
The After the singularity, the numbers will have changed; all the previous systems will have run their course, the ramifications have not been digested yet even by spiritual interested people. An extra Major Arcana is to be released into Tarot for it to make sense with how things are, for example. Anybody using the old outmoded systems will repeatedly be faced with; Chaos, messing up their system. It is a defined chaos, it has different meanings. It means, something random (apparently random, from within the dogma of their grid system) will thwart their prophecies. It means, the fractal maths which the hologramic manifestation of events is structured by. 
I therefore postulate that in the interim, the next Tarot card will be XXII Chaos, its symbol the Mandelbrot.

"can't rest in the midst of chaos
(unless you're the one creating the chaos)   
all chaos is, is a sense of order you cannot understand."

Following from this and relatively soon after, will be the more fulfilling card that will change the meaning of some of the earlier cards, in their context. Not to be alarmed, this is natural and meant. The card will be XXIII Holisticism, its symbol a knotwork weave merging at the apex and unthreading at the base. This will render the World card to mean the Environment, or Ecology, rather than 'All' which it used to mean. Holisticism also means, the Syncronicity point, 'things coming together into focus as one' so Distillation is involved also. Tarot workers who created their own decks have renamed the cards in the past century, but they did so in advance of what I am explaining here. Humanity IS ascending and so the limited scope of the previous system is smaller than the full scope of Human potential for the Aquarian Human.

I use tarot as example here; its with all the systems however, that the change will be noticed. It affects everyone. Those seeking a wider perspective accurate to the Laws of Physics as they are now, will have to upgrade. So far as explaining this in terms of numerology; we are at the next up now, so that all the previous numbers cannot comprehend where we are now, they are inefficient to explore this level. Eg; you cannot explore a number 9 if all you have in your toolkit is numbers 1-8. If you are able to add 1 to 8 = 9, you are going the long and complicated way around it, and you still are not explaining that 9, because the concepts of 1 and 8 do not cover the concepts of 9.
Humans are evolving, Reality itself is evolving, Gaia is evolving, even the Angels are evolving! Evolution and the nature of evolution itself, is evolving, of course! Its the evolution curve, same as the technology curve - the trouble is that most people have no idea what is happening and what reality is capable of, and the ones who do are so isolated from each other that we don't really have much cohesive language to discuss these matters anyway.
The ancients programmed quartz crystals to grow in a certain way, to access through them. They used a technique to do this. We are at a stage where the same thing is happening, we are part of that ancient process, forgotten it but can re-learn it, and wake up to it - and continue it. The process is Freedom, the end result is Freedom. All of our challenges, are facing of restrictions on Freedom. Evolution is the resolution of all the issues we face, inhibiting Freedom. The end result is, no more restrictions/limitations. What would we be then? What could we achieve then?
                                                         the nature of energy is to seek balance.
                                                         no form of energy stops (it transmutes)
XXIII might be better called Weave or Unity or Focus, and there's a school of thought that it is the reverse of XXII Chaos. I disagree, they are separate concepts/cartouche. Although they relate, for the weave within the wave, the inner layers of the onion-layered cohesion, are dualistic; they cannot comprehend the complex outer rings, but they are purer because closer to the core.
XXII Chaos is also symbolized by an 8 pointed star because Chaos flows in all directions. That will be on the card also.
While we are recreating Tarot, I would change Death to Anubis / Charon, its a subtle difference, the Guide / the gate rather than the Reaper. And I would consider to change the lightning on the Tower card into a Phoenix although the tower is there to represent 'that which we build' from the earth to the air, our attempts at making a link between. It might very well be called 'knowledge unapplied' ?

waveform oscillations and time syncronicity

the ripple effect, overlaps & nodal events (vortex)

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