As a buddhist I was taught to discipline the mind. The best method I have found for this so far is from the Mayan Yaqui sorcerer Don Matos who taught Carlos Casteneda to 'disassociate from the mind altogether'.

In Western pharma-psychology this describes Schizophrenia. In buddhism it is Enlightenment. Words as worlds of difference and two contrasting  meanings from the same defined symbols. Pharmacology cannot compete with Truth. 
'Satori' is 'instant enlightenment'.

'Nirvana' is a state of being in enlightenment (bliss). 
I would make a distinction that genius and enlightenment in the buddhist sense are not the same thing. It is more akin to peaceful inner contentment, from which a source of great power. 

'Dissassociation from Mind' enables us to achieve true sight and comprehend what we really are. Servitude to the western Cult of Brainwash that emerged out of the Age of Reason is a topic for elsewhere. Here we remain as close to pure flow, to zen spirit, as we can. 

The mind is arena. We are told it is a computer thus easy to program. Detachment enables true insight. Not all the thoughts originate from within "You", 'the Self'.

Mind is Not Self. 

Creeds used as advice we live by;
Do the Right Thing. Counter-postulation; (Who is to judge?) 
The Path of Least Resistance. Counter-postulation; (don't let bullies oppress you)

Already we can see there are situations where 'the right thing' and 'easiest course of action' are not necessarily the best response, nor even compatible wisdoms. 
So there is always Critical Choice to define our character and explore the strategies. For this we rely in Instinct rather than the sage advice of elders to guide us through. Instinct to be honed and used purely as the most essential sense, as the Truth and guide for our actions.

Instinct is Prana (life flow energy).
Instinct is Kata (in flow with the pure form).


Physical prowess is determined by strengthening elasticity through flow; in yogic form, in tai-chi, we are binding prana (instinct) into the nerves and fibres, that our automatic reflexes are fast and supple. That is the purpose of prana-bindu exercises, which we call yoga and in martial arts forms, by sparring.

This is the dedication of our Dojo. 

A mystic gave me a small black leather-bound pocketbook of some antiquity. Many of the pages were loose notes written by several different hands. I believe some of them to be quite old, going back generations further than memory and oral teaching. Much of the content seemed abstract and is beyond me, irrelevant perhaps to my journey.

The content of this book is the Tau of the Spaceways. It is my determination that the Spaceways are not necessarily a physical, interstellar travel concept, but the space of Mind associated with zen and buddhist disciplines.

The book offers some techniques for yoga, tai-chi, tantra, sonic vocal forms, all added by various adepts through whose hands this book has travelled and whose knowledges have been added to it over the years. We have the internet now and versions of these teachings are more commonly available to seekers.

I will transcribe the very basics from this book for you to read. The elegance of simplicity. There are many such stock phrases contained therin, for meditation upon. The main body of the book is divided into sections.

Tau of the Spaceways

Introduction section.
Versions of the Tau book vary between regions and teachers. The purpose of a physical manual is for the individual to add guidance koans, distilled personal wisdoms, contemplated universal truths, insights and elements of philosophies. To study the Tau is to keep field notes. Personal additions to ones pocketbook later become guidance for those to whom the manual is handed as initiation, often after the keepers departure. As the tradition has become. As we are the becoming.

a short but fundamental subchapter of the Tau book.
Contemplations of the Void are essential part of the meditation rituals of adepts.
Only by comprehending Nothing and Infinity can one comprehend scale of Self. Often this is considered in terms of causality and effect of action and of inaction; repurcussion and karma.
Only by comprehending Void can one understand a thing in its simple elegant entirety; for instance the revelation of humanity as a whole.
To achieve Void, one simply lets go.

a short but fundamental subchapter of the Tau book.
The observer affects the observed.
No form of energy ceases.
Energy seeks balance.
All things that were, are and will be.
Where balance is achieved, there is stillness.
Breath is rhythm.

a longer chapter of the Tau book.
The I Ching of the Spaceways is simply a list of 64 words or Glyphs; symbols which have esoteric meaning. Glyph is the language of the spaceways. The I Ching forms the major 64 concepts of human culture. It is a grid projected onto reality to explain the motion of Ki, the dragon lines, the flow of living energies.

the shortest, yet the longest.
A thing cannot become greater than it is.
A thing is greater than the sum of its component parts.
All things must remain in balance lest they sway.
Thus the Dance of Life. Thus the Fire.
(There is a word here for Fire which means also ‘Seeking’ or ‘Journey’; it is ‘Ki’)

The unseen seed is perfect.
The ancient translation of this is;
Unwatched, the seed is Mu.
(Mu = ‘that ineffable quality of beauty which when described, ceases’ and also ‘dream’)

Study Notes
"The Warrior acts impeccably" ~Don Matos teaching to Don Juan (Yaqui Men of Knowledge)
Strive toward full self reliance, psymotional (mental & emotional) and physical.
Learn as much as you can about as much as you can.
Be ALL that you are.
Keep it simple!
A thing takes as long as it takes. It happens in its own time.  
"When the time is right" Bryan Charleywood.

"The Centre of Centres is Everywhere, the circumference is Nowhere. This point rests in itself, is sufficient for itself, wants Nothing and contains All things. All things were, are and will be, out of One, through One and to One."  - Jacob Boehme, 1575-1624

Moment Gate
There are but 4 directions of any given moment: Sideways, Forwards (upwards), Backwards (down), Stasis (No change). Eventually all things that are shall change. This simplicity shall govern wise action from center, calmly.

The symbols of our Path are all around, for pure eyes to See. Follow your way-signs.

Upon further contemplation came revelation that Breathing is the single most important act we do. It is something that we should spend a great amount of time becoming excellent at. To practice breathing is itself a meditative art form and should by rights be its own chapter in the Tau book. "Slow, deep breaths." Ideally; inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 2, exhale for 4 seconds, hold for 2, repeat in rhythm. As you get better at this, extend it from 4 seconds to 5 seconds. The rhythm is more important than the exact duration. Yawning is your body clearing out stale air. I put this to a friend and she "had read that Yawning makes you shift dimensions."

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