"Sex is a biological necessity, like shitting and eating." -Corey


I am trained in the tantra techniques of the Order of the Morning Star, an offshoot of the Order of the Golden Dawn. This education covers not only achievement of extra-sensory perception through advanced sacred sexual techniques but also involves ritual sex magick.

Much about kundalini yoga (kundalini is sanskrit it means 'fire serpent') is famous through the hindu version of these teachings. Some of this body of knowledge is available online, however the public available teachings only go so far. The Morning Star disciplines take it much further. My then partner & myself were set the task of developing it further yet in a particular direction, which we did by combining this education both with the hidden teachings of the Dune sextet by Frank Herbert, and with study of another compatible system for which I will use another sanskrit term, himsati. Through this we embraced our rahini, our own personal magicks; and entered the Magickal Universe spoken of in sufi mysticism.

These are important knowledges that require focussed and long term dedication. A stable, trusting relationship is a necessity. The teachings come with a severe warning about the dangerous potential of misuse and diabolical consequences. I seriously urge that you pay heed to this warning. The Rainbow Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl (aztec) or Kukulkaan (mayan) can also be interpreted as to be kundalini; the aura, chakra or endocrine system.

The first instruction is to concern oneself with bio-rhythm control through breathing. With purposeful breathing a person can gain control many aspects of our body and perceptions. Slow, deep breaths are the three most vital words and practice of this teaching. Slowing the breath slows the heartbeat, reduces the speed at which blood flows around the body. This extends lifespan. This extends patience. This adjusts skin temperature and therefore heat loss to cold air.
This overrides the mind-body-emotion (psymotional) systems; biochemical release (adrenaline) and blood pumping to the sex organs to harden (male) or soften (female) them, in both cases increasing sensitivity. It brings women closer to orgasm, delays male ejaculation, and in both cases prolongs orgasm. The purpose is to experience orgasmic state of perception for extended periods.
With regard to sexual practice, it is not only harnessing the metabolism by controlled breathing that we are concerned with but also beat-matching your breath and bio-patterns to those of your partner. Listen to your partners breath and adjust your own. When both parties are aware of this the practitioners are likely to be ready to progress much sooner. It is considered that sex utilising these methods is less selfish because both parties are working together toward a purpose.
Maintaining breath-biorhythm control is necessary before moving on to the next teaching. It is imperative that all shared activities are done with love and compassion, for example when he comes too soon for her liking, it is detrimental for her to moan at him about it. Nurturing the love between partners is important because the next step further progresses us toward working together as one organism with one focus.
We visualise this as a butterfly, each partners body being one of its wings. Where the nervous systems of the two partners meet, combine, fuse; there is the axl. It is through this gate that we draw upon great powers. The belief is that our root chakra plugs us directly into the Creator energy, the Source of all Life.

It is of interest to note that the Catholic conquistadors, upon discovering the Mayan civilisation of South America, discovered there two High Temples. It is from another western European mystery school, another offshoot branch of the same Hermetic Tradition that the Order of the Golden Dawn was founded, that I was inaugerated into the secret society of Thanateros. It is a word compiled from two Greek words, Thanos (death) and Eros (sex), this school being an umbrella term for hermetic magickal rituals involving Sex and Death. The two High Temples of the Mayan were the Butterfly Temple, which taught sexual techniques, and the Night temple, which concerned itself with spiritualism. Astonishingly the catholics spent four years tearing the butterfly temple to the ground, stone by stone, until nothing remained of it. The death temple remains there to this day. Thanateros is relative to Thelema, a primary teaching of which is; "Do as thou will." Aliester Crowley. Also; "Love is the Law; the Law is for All."
Whatever we put energy into grows. Whatever we focus on, receives our Attention energy. Massage of nervous system encourages those nerves to grow. By drawing energy up through our nervous system, we empower it, we encourage it to grow. The energy we are drawing up through it is Orgone energy, sex energy, creator energy from the Source. The breath facilitates this. However there are meditation rituals to be aware of during sexual intercourse. The way this is taught is the Kundalini energy. It travels up through our spine, giving us health and vitality. We visualise and feel this, we do it consciously. An understanding of the basic 7 Chakra system is essential.

There is fire in my fingertips.” as you touch your lover softly. The fire crackles from our fingertips into your lovers flesh, firing up the tips of your lovers nerves. “There is fire in my lips.” stroke your lover with your palms, kiss your lover wherever you wish to see the fire burning. Visualise this. Ask your lover to visualise it before you begin, it is a fun meditation for two.

The nervous system can be linked up, so that touching one place can be felt in the other.
Where I touch you, sensitivity doubles.” Touch your lover in an erotic place. 
Where I touch you next will feel as intense as where I am touching you now.” Touch your lovers nipples, or lips. Visualise a red line moving from the two places, increasing the amount of pleasure in each place, so that the nipples or lips feel as tender and sexy as the genitals. “Now I am raising your sensitivity.” Maintain plenty of eye contact during this exploration. Your partners nevous system will be alive and hypersensitive. Now is the time to bring out the feathers for your lovers chest, stomach and thighs, followed by your lips in these places. This is foreplay, relaxation, sensitivity enhancement, building trust. That trust is what its all about. Trust in partner and letting go of self. This is not carnal sex-for-self. The advanced techniques involving Drawing from the Source requires penetrative sex. Without the trust, the necessary openings are not there and the energy circuit is not complete.
Exercises for strengthening the sexual muscles for prolonging intercourse. You should be doing this as often as possible whenever you are not having sex. There are internal exercises (typically clenching, holding, releasing, clenching, holding releasing, of the prostrate for males and vaginal muscles for females. Like squeezing a fist and opening your hands, you do this with the sexual muscles. At first they will be weak and you might not even know there are muscles there at all, the more regularly you practise the stronger they will become and importantly, the more control you will have over them. To do this during penetrative sex is a gift to both yourself and especially your lover. 

There are external exercises, anatomical, which are covered by many yoga practices. I was taught the ones for men; standing behind a chair with your hands on it and crouching by bending the knees like a frog, then straightening up. Repeat this many times. Also thrusting, where you stand behind the chair and move your hips forward and backwards as if you are making out with the chair. Crouching and thrusting. This tones the body in the right places for sex, so you don’t get tired so quickly and can carry on going for longer. I was also taught grooving, where you move your hips in circles to strengthen your lower spine. The Crab position from yoga is wonderful to know about because it straightens your back out by arching it. After it has been hunched over during sex your spine will probably need this.
Ensure that you combine these practices with correct breathing, inhale, hold, exhale. Time the bodies movements to the breath to syncronise your whole system.

A quick energiser for the root chakra is to stand in the kung-fu ready-pose (feet below your shoulders, equal weight on each) and put your left hand on your pubic bone and your right hand on top of it (males) or your right hand on your pubic bone with your left hand (females) and hold it there. Make sure your spine is straight. Often it is tempting to lift the shoulders because it is easy; but that is not a straight spine. A straight spine is shoulders back and down, you feel like your neck and head are jutting forward. From here, arch your head back and roll it clockwise, then anti-clockwise, to relax your neck and shoulders into place. Do this before placing your hands on your pubic bone, from a position where your arms are hanging free and relaxed. It goes; feet, shoulders, relax head (optional) and then hands on pubic bone. Hold this position until you feel the power surge through you. It feels a lot like the energy held within granite, a fuzzy sexual energy, a real feelgood vibe. This should loosen you up and make you confidant.

Kundalini sex yoga invokes and gradually learns to control the triple-coiled serpent that lives within us, at the base of the spine. Most people are at its mercy. These teachings enable the practitioner to make use of it for personal empowerment. Searching for and during sex, it uncoils. Usually it seems to have a mind of its own, agitated. The methods presented here 'tame' it, although you must be aware that it can never fully be tamed. Once we begin training it we can make use of it for more evolved purposes. The kundalini coil is in its original state exactly long enough to reach up to the heart. In the hindu teachings this is all that we are taught, to send it to the heart so that the sexual energy we generate can flow up from the root to the heart, and strengthen and open the heart chakra, thus fusing sex with love, thus opening the heart so that non sexual use of the heart can be more deeply experienced. We become more loving creatures, flowing through the chakra associated with the center of our consciousness. The distinction between sex and Love is very important to understand for life in general, these two different topics are so often interelated, mixed and mistaken by many people.
The Order of the Morning Star teach to raise the fire-serpent through one chakra at a time. The Heart is focussed on because it is easier to tell when we have successfully made the link and that lovely source energy is flowing through it. It is imperative that we work through the chakras one at a time. A very lucky couple might be able to successfully perform the initial conditioning in seven nights of love play, however for most of us it can take a lot longer, and a lot more practise before we get it.  Only after the adept has successfully achieved this and become confidant that it can be achieved regularly during intercourse, can we progress on to the more advanced teachings of 'drawing from the source'.  Empowering the lower chakras can be more difficult because in general we do not feel them so easily. In study I found that once I had achieved the heart connection, I could then progress on to reinforcing the lower chakra connections. After this I was able to go through them in the proper sequence.
It is imperative that you generally perform this in the proper sequence, one chakra at a time, to avoid becoming 'top heavy'. It is also advisable to discuss your progress openly your partner. Often one of you will acceleate much further than the other, and become for this part of the schooling the teacher. Keep going, keep studying, until you are both ready. Patience is essential because it can take a while to get there, and absolute care is essential because impatience actively blocks the other partner. The initiate is at risk of becoming an energy vampire of their partner, something that happens to many couples who find their partner falling by the wayside because they seek to develop their skills sooner with other people, which creates entanglements unless everybody is prepared to be involved with long term open relationships, love triangles, the politics of which do detract from the purity and simplicity of these teachings. Butterflies fly best with only two wings.
Please at least achieve a certain level of self responsibility before taking the full syllabus into wider groups because the source energy is potent and only by keeping things simple can we prevent explosions later on. We are dealing with something magickal here, creator energy, and it is not something to be messed with. Responsibility to your butterfly means not allowing for unintended consequences, and the more people involved, the more complexity sets in. It usually results in disaster, damaged individuals, break ups and loss of all aspirations for which we are studying this in the first place. Finding a compatible partner on the other hand does involve some trial and error, and once you have achieved a stability with your newfound powers - and I am talking about magickal powers - only then may it become safe to expand your grid.
Stretching the kundalini serpent up to the throat chakra is the next stage of development. Many of these methods involve death of personal ego, death of personality, and pure focus on achieving these goals one step at a time. Every chakra has a different function, plugs us into the energy of the environment, our bodies included, at different spectrums. Empowering the chakra with Source energy expands our abilities regarding these chakra. Musicians, singers, speakers, narrators, may find their throat chakra benefits from these methods most wheras outgoing, public and 'larger than life' people may find themselves empowering the solar plexus (radiance) more easily. Certainly it is with the throat chakra that we have opportunity to let go of our inhibitions and let loose some animal sounds as the source energy flows up the line we are making between root and throat.Taking your loveplay away from built up areas and out into the countryside where it is less embarrassing and distracting when you start screaming your head off with pleasure might be worth considering. The laws on sex in public in the UK are interesting; so long as you are discreet, it is legal. Yet if anybody watches you or films you, they are actively breaking the privacy laws.
The third eye chakra is where it gets interesting. Along with these methods, there has already been some visual meditation work. The third eye is amazing, it is here that we have full ability to perceive beyond the regular senses and to focus on creative thinking. "Imagination is not imaginary." -OGD.

I was taught to discuss what myself and my partner needed, and then focus on this thing.Having empowered our combined visualisation with source energy, we became incredibly potent at visualising things into being. We would ask the universe permission to gain our desire, and send the thought out there on the source waveform. Within days and within weeks, our desires would be answered. We imagined places that we then discovered. Objects came to us. We tried very hard not to get greedy; our needs are actually quite simple and we do not need an excess of things to clutter and confuse us, it generally degrades our abilities to do so. Using these as healing arts, sending orgone to people who need help, is the very best way to use these abilities. Sincerity is paramount.

The crown chakra took my head off. During sex I watched as my partner shape shifted into many different women, and the room around me shapeshifted into many different locations. Forest, cave, mud hut, tipi, shack, stone building, rooms after rooms, and the scene outside so many landscapes. I knew at once that what I was experiencing was a perception peak, that I had achieved this enlightenment thorughout many lifetimes and only when achieving this enlightenment could I access this level of perception. And every time we do so, we are dealing with a level of the soul that is beyond karma, is beyond he particulars and peculiars of one full individual lifetime. I was seeing through the eyes of my reincarnated or transmigrated soul. And each of us, each body I had inhabited and reached this level of clarity with, was one continuum. I shared the memory of all these other past lifetimes, I was the continuum of them, and I was peaking. Of my this body I can recall only breathing very deeply, slowly, properly. And my heart was flooded with Love, it was such a healing experience to become Awake to all of this. I saw each past life as a chain, the life hanging from the links of the chain. And i can still access this now, to go back into those previous selves and access all the relevant memories and skills and awarenesses of each self. But we must protect the self, who we were, because although things may have been simpler in the past, the emotional ranges are the same, and we can take power from our past selves. Taking power from our past selves is not good, because we lessen our roots, and this weakens us in the now. We can send energy back through our past selves, which heightens the peak, and the clarity, and so on.  Strengthen us in the now. It taught me that when I am energised, it is wise to send this energy into my future selves. At this point my partners energy level dropped and I became aware of the possibility of my draining her to acheve this lucidity.  I sent energy into her. I do not know if she was the same soul as all my previous lives partners. On some levels she was although we are dressed in diferent personas, memories and robes. I think this is what is meant by the Goddess, perhaps in Jungian terms.
There are higher chakras.
Repeating this experience of empowering the chakras with the kundalini coil with the same partner, and continuously caring for his or her energy levels and emotional orientation so that you are both sharing the same waveform, and most importantly empowring yourselves by proper living - sleep and then eating healthy, and exploring the countryside to spend time around green nature, are all vital necessities to maintain this level of personal functioning.
What happens is that the butterflies body is vibrating so high that it leaves timespace behind, it is unaffected by the gravity of the rest of the world around, and is harmonised to itself. Any doubt or anxiety can rip its wings apart. Nurture is the best word to describe the following relationship changes. You become one organism. Probably this is the best time to conceive a baby.
The next step is drawing from the source. So far energy has been flowing up from the source through the chakra. The next step is to suck a big hot ball of prana up from there. What we have achieved already may seem a lot but it is really just the preperation for what is to come. This is where our practices left our teachers behind, and we superceded the existing knowledge base.
We began to feel we were attracting a heat up from the source, touching it with the axl of our genitals, not the actual genitals but the root of the kundalini coil, betwen the anus and genitals and up inside us a little. Too hot for me to hold onto, I would have orgasmed had my partner not been there to pass it over to. She passed it back. It felt great and we fell apart laughing. After concentrating on drawing up this heat we were able to pass it back and forth between us like a hot potato and gradually, using steady rhythmic breathing, suck it up through us, through the kundalini coil, a chakra at a time. This is when the real fun began, the real magick. Sometimes we could draw more than one of these blims up through us, one into each chakra. As one body we could feel it in both of us and both of us through each other, all the way up. Essentially we had become One entity, our nervous systems, our thoughts and emotions through them, interchangeable.
When working magick through drawing from the source, caught up in the rhythm of sex so that self disappears, we are flying through the grids, the ocean of all things, that transgresses time. We meet entities in there the same way that don carlos meets the spirits of his shamanic allies, peyote and san pedro. It is a realm to be explored, and given the strictures of todays society which has no butterfly temple, given the forbidden nature of these knowledges, it seems that there is yet much work to do before our knowledge base opens up that we may break through during the sietch orgy.
Further to these teachings I was instructed to make use of it as an extention of my body, as a limb that could stretch beyond the inside of my body and into other people. Initially, people in the same area but as I progressed I discovered it can be done at a great distance. Since my late twenties augmented by the internet, this has been a part of my continued studies far more than physical sex. I believe the ability develops because of opening the nerves up from the teachings given here, when I was younger.
When we have sex with a person, we leave a trace of ourselves in them, and they leave a trace of themselves within us. How deep we go energetically, how close to the Source, affects how deeply we can access them after the lovemaking. Once having become one body with a person, we remain so. Use of condoms does not seem to affect this in any way.
Earlier I mentioned the Himsati. I do not know if I should write this yet because if this is the readers first introduction to the subject of kundalini yoga then it is not something for public explanation. It is cellular, genetic and it involves primal consciousness of a state which all of the above might be preperation for only if studied with pure intent. If anyone is interested in hearing about the rest then contact me by pm. Himsati translates in several ways, depending on interpretation, and it means; 'regression-evolution', 'self-enemy' and similar. Although the word phonemicaly indicates masculine, it is transgender. It invokes primal states of our pre-homo-sapien incarnatory evolution (sapient is latin it means 'feeling'). It IS dangerous to meddle with because the consequences of an unprepared self can be catastrophic.
Often I have mentioned the nervous system. It is important to understand that the nervous system including brain is a conduit for electrical energy. Through the nerves we can access the soul. This is easier to describe as light, the light that flows through the nerves. When we astral project, then we leave the body behind, and the astral body is the vessel.
After I split with the partner with whom I was exploring tantric sex, for reasons that our elders were psychotically envious and sabotaged our lives to split us up with such cunning and manipulation as well as outright sabotage, it bcame impossible for us to continue our relationship as it had been. Lies do not protect because they always out, and when they do the damage is worse. After we split, during the recovery period of a decade during which I was celibate, I studied the Thanos side of Thanoteros. I studied spiritualism,  clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, channelling of spirits, telempathy, transmissions of energy at a distance, etc.  I studied frequency based energy manipulation and worked on so-called alternate science based projects with spirits and with et's. I began combining the two themes and experiencing many permutations of this combined teaching. 
And then I met basket-feather-owl. But that is a whole other lesson.
Now I am at a stage in life where I am turning to look back at my path and take stock of what I have learned and what I have become. I will tell you this now; there is no line between nature and supernature but for the blindfold we put there. There are no borders but for those made by man.

with love and respect for Victor Corvo.

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