BAAL of Morpheus

Basket-Feather-Owl has a red guitar and a blue bass guitar, which is coincidence because so do I. We both have dreadlocks and wear the same style. I first met her shivering in the end of an arcade row one winter, working in her shop on corner of an alley above an empty basement void in evocation of HR Giger's art. She sells clothes, trinkets and knives so technically she is an arms dealer which goes utterly against her apparent soft femme persona. From my extensive research I have identified that the Hieroglyph for Feather is the same as the symbol used for Blade.

I gave her the spare electric kettle that my grandmother had given me along with the words "you never know when it might be useful"; so that she could make hot drinks to stay warm. The notion of a witches cauldron surfacing strongly in the simul-flow of my mind. It was only later that I discovered her story in Brian Frouds Fayrie Tarot, and understood. 

She needed to put weight on her bones like so many vegans. I fed her daily with the fruit juice that my blender made from fruit that the local produce market provided, my staple diet at the time, the purest I have ever been. She needed looking after which is part of her allure. I found her amazingly attractive and foolishly, far out of my league. So it was months before I emailed her to tell her that. She asked me to visit her shop, which had now moved a few doors along so it was in a warmer location. I was adorned by Crows as I approached, guiding my journey into this myth. Signs for the Otherworld. Deep within my soul I knew that I had known her for a long, long time. 

Naked on her bed we sat close to each other like excited children overcoming nerves to be mature adults about our play. I had to close my eyes because my minds eye was so full of visions. As she reached out to touch me I saw skulls with tails of fire swooping from and around her, engulfing me. Daemonic. The fear heightened my awareness and therefore my visionary ability. Stress-peak is one method for this although it leaves burn-out. As she readied herself for our embrace I watched her core open out. The kundalini of her spine. A black feline iris surrounded by fire. The Eye of Sauron. The Dragon. I was being watched by this energy. I was helpless.

I saw that all of this satanic reptile's servants, are the fourth dimensional entities eyes; it sees through the aura, the energy field, of its followers. They are its hands into the material world of time. I had been in love with her but at this moment saw that she is a servant of evil. I was concerned that it would affect me too. I asked my inner core and was told with comfort that I was safe here. It is part of my journey to become the Dragons Kiss; to learn emotional detachment, this her lesson to overcome pains. I felt that I had been led to my death, not of the body but on a soul level. I saw directly through the veil of matter into the realm of al-a-mythal, the true world of energies cast for our comprehension through symbol. She was sat upon me as I assimilated this shift. She, the Shaman. Me, celibate for so long, finally meeting a spirit of lust and magick darker and more vivid than all my years of abstinence.

True to the Kundalini teachings of the Morning Star I felt my energy alignment change at her attentions, with it my perceptions also altered. I won't describe it graphically, of course it was beautiful and she was brilliant. What I could see is pages and pages of yellowed parchment with writing of African dialects. I could comprehend some of the symbols but not all. I was watching soul-scrolls. There are stories of this in the Mayan legends also. I don't know if it was previous people she had slept with, the codex of their sperm; or her past lifes, or our story together through many lifetimes, that I was reading. There are two planes and it is both because it made sense on both planes. My heart opened and flowed and made most sense of the works when I was reading them as her past incarnations throughout history. I kept seeing myself there; we had been together in many of them. I appeared mute and confused. I was spellbound and could not find words to describe to her what I was experiencing.  How powerful she was and how acute my scrying had become. Years later I watched the movie Beowulf with the golden demoness and remembered well this scene.

This Mayan Stellae is known as 
"vision serpent"

She smiled like a school girl while I held off and did not explode, which confused her. My years of study of arabic teachings for how to suspend and extend the moment of orgasm without ejaculation had finally paid off. I had robbed Sauron of its prize. And it didn't go down well because she felt inferior that I had not been pleased by her, when she was amazing. All I wanted was to hold her in my arms, comfort little girl child. I felt sad that she had made pacts with darker entities who had given her powa in exchange for happiness of a normal mortal life and lifespan. It was her who I wanted, not the darkness that had revealed itself through her; her master. But such djini as I could not hope to overpower and wrestle her free of, for my own, not without breaking her fragile self and taking her from her source of strength.

I could never place an age on Basket-Feather-Owl. Her hands are dragons claws, experienced with life and yet this was the only betrayal that she is not as she appears in her early twenties. 

The strangest thing of all is that at this time, I was seeing hyperspace, the visionary mind, all around. I could feel exactly where my chakra's were and I could see the same in other people. The material world around me seemed to be illusion. Science has now proven this world to be holographic, and that we have the ability to generate, to manifest; it is our will that sends waveform into the particle/time based realm. I could feel Basket-Feather-Owls emotions at a distance, the pleasure she had that I existed in her life, struggling against something I could not place. When I held this balance of going toward her and pulling away, my heart flowing and my subconcious mind rejecting, the biting point, I could see with refined vision. All of the spells and enchantments that are delusions and paths established by wants, for manifestations to occur. Through many different systems of belief and interface into the reality matrix.

It has taken me several years to be able to express this in words. What I am aiming to say is that her chakras and my own chakras were perfectly aligned, but at a zig-zag and I have never experienced that before nor since with another person. The primal shamanic symbol of a serpent or of fire, as it is variously described, a zig-zag line. That's what is between us. 
We parted because her boss of her other p/t job had quit, and finally the circumstances of their relationship had changed so that professionality was no longer an issue. We parted because a third party had lied to her and this is where the darkness of her mind became apparent. This is where the many levels of perception that keep us apart when we listen to programs (the Buddist word Sansara means both 'the conditioned mind' and also 'confusion') rather than the Truth of the Act and the Mind of the Heart. There is a reason why we use these words, and they are Aegyptian also;

T  Tao, the Way. Direct path to Horizen. 
Ru  Mouth, speech (also female sexual organ)
Th  Thoth, Hermes, Thought.
This translates on two levels as;
'The way of the spoken mind'
'The path we sey, we think'
'Brings us to the Horizon, That which issues forth, Is our perception/experience'
Its a variant of a more complex cartouche which is the first translation I ever made; 

"What we Say is what we See"
and yes, we are exploring manifestation of quantum physics here.
"Tell lies, experience falsehood. Be True, see Real."

Of and For the record: I did not have sex with a minor who frequented the shop. I knew the minor, her online name is Tia. It's a hidden clue; we pronounce it as Tear as in crying. Tia had told me she was 16. I didn't slept with her no matter what age she really was at the time. I was teaching her music, she's a pianist. She owes me £25 for dodging on a deal to buy concert tickets. Never trust a pirate. 

Basket-Feather-Owl put it to me upon waking the next morning after I had stayed over that I had slept with Tia, as she had been told. I deny this because I didn't and I am honest. I looked directly into my lovers eyes and showed her the Truth of me. She told me to get out and never come back. It was not until afterwards that I saw clearly that Basket-Feather-Owl had jumped into bed with me believing that I was sleeping with underage girls, but when she saw that I hadn't, she dumped me. Thats when I comprehended finally how evil Basket-Feather-Owl likes things to be in her world. I have not stepped back into it since. I have been exploring the culturally dominant ethos of mysandry in different ways since then. 

Additional: Feb2012
A hundred miles further along the coast in the town I have since moved to; 
I discovered a guitar in a second hand shop, it was £30 !!!
Of course I put a deposit on it immediately.

It sounds beautiful, it plays smoothly, it is so strange because, it is "my"guitar come to me when I need it evidently, as voodoo tools do. The sticker someone has put on it, the twin fire-skulls circling each other, resonates so strongly with the themes used throughout this text that, it is symbolic.
Trust your way-signs.

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