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a study into symbolism, alphanumerology, etymology,
& that which follows forth... 
[online edition] 
©2008 Joe Russell 
©2013 Ordo Octopia
a text revealing hidden traditions of the Hermetic Illuminatii
part 1 from
 part 2 from
part 3
the Jaguar Priests
It is for the record
that this information
is not what the breakaway sect
currently posing as the illuminati aka the global elite 
are concerned with.
This represents root shamanic teachings,
the forsaken foundations
of original Enlightened Ones (Illuminatii)
It becomes of interest as comparative with the histories of the last cycle.
(incorrect as to actual content due to realtime editing and copying-up)
 the grid of three by three (3x3)
3 & 8 
ripple & weave
 alphanumeric alphabet & meanings
egyptian deities
mayan deities
and likely will be for some time


The Original Domain Spell, the Will of Allah / God:
[ALL] everything / whole / contents
[WE] they/ the us / the is
[DREAM] create / wish / imagine  
[COMES] manifest / make / brings / begets / grows
[TRUE] real / honest / pure / integrity / the real real / wholeness
Stages of Complexity;
1: Half of the time, people are so negative, the manifestation is (disappointing, harmful, damaging). 
2: The issue of Free Will is necessary because of manifesting other people's experiences in the overlap of shared domain.
3: So to understand / explore Free Will we get 'Individuality' concept. One whole fragmented into many parts.
4: To avoid degradation we develop 'Detachment' which in extremity is psychotic; non-empathic mindset.
5: Sarfa and Set. Some thought the shadow to be lies, invisible from the minds eye of Allah. 
The principle purpose of the Auriglyphica is multi-level orientation in a reality where the intended meaning of a word is explored through confusion of multiple alternate meanings. This is especially highlighted where concepts mutate due to mistranslation between languages throughout cultures and across time. 


"the shadows are beneath our feet when the Sun is directly above. this is when we are closest to God, this is when shadows are darkest."
in Egyptian writing, characters always look toward the start of the text, toward the rising Sun. the temple door faces east ~ the temple is itself the book.
'from the source do we come, to the source do we return.'
(it is told that we all arrive at exactly the same moment)
standing upon the plain, the Sun in the distance spreads our shadows towards the far horizon, thus we look within our shadow as we face away from god. (in Fremen terminology this act is known as Sarfa). this is what is meant in egyptian symbology by 'Set' (aka Sutekh) the serpent god; the shape of our shadow. hence why set is associated with darkness & logically with night ~ although Night is personified by another distinct deity (the goddess Nuit). In this respect, Set is akin to Re (emanations of the Sun); both are waveform (and as such have a habit of manifesting as material entities &/or experiences).
in contemporary wicca there are a many errors due to mistranslations of our roots ideologies; a witches personal almanac should rightfully be called a 'Book of Light & Shadows Cast', rather than the more popular title ‘book of shadows’.
set & shadow.
a writhing mass of dark serpent~energies that entangle our feet to trip us, lest we have calmed them to insignifigance by paying the karma~toll, lest we have learned to dance and avoid them, that they writhe anew within the distilation~mass (on dune terms; the pre~spice blow) to come up around on us again, perchance when we are better equipped to deal with it and face the snake~gaze that would turn a soul to salt or stone.

further research into SARFA including the symbols of SNAKE to represent various different aspects of waveform, shadow, journey, can be found HERE at

pyramid diagrams


CHESET (chess set) a game played on the world stage. See masonic symbology. 
The mobius loop (sideways '8') typically means "infinity"; here it is used to mean "chaos" (usually depicted by an 8 pointed star) because it is polarised with the Triangle symbol for "Law".
The cresent moon similarly has several definitions, though here it is polarized with the symbol for 'sun' although 'sol' means also 'soul' and can relate to the phenomena known as 'Orbs'.
These polarities hold in balance the world grid, symbolised by a square in the center that matches the chequerboard border.
Above them is the all-seeing udjet eye of Horus, the perspective of the observer who affects the observed.
Hidden in this diagram is a pentagram.

Syncronicity Grid, 1 through 13

Obviously the illustration does not show the completed the data from the whole cycle, which extends both left and right for quite some way until it loops as a ring to return to this central point. The riddle is;
What is the number other than 1 that all numbers 1 thru 13 syncronise on?
(e.g.; 1,2,3,4,6, all syncronise on 12;
 e.g.; 1,2,3,4,5,6,12, all syncronise on 60)


alphanumerics & hieroglyphs chapter


these are presented in the order familiar to the reader of the english alphabet. sadly this teaching method loses much of the hidden flow inherant within the glyphs as presented in their own true original order. further study must be done to rectify this.

english letter      egyptian heiroglyph       meaning / associations

a eagle                                horus
b foot & shin           walking/vibrations hence connection to earth, materiality & dream 
c bowl, striped                        
d outstretched sideways hand        greeting sign of no concealed weapons 
e feather / blade / tree   maat writing dream knowledge cut precise focus nb frayed     
f horned viper                     
g twisted/braided flax         knotwork, dna, helix, two+as one
h square~spiral                    house, building, settlement, 
i feather / knife / tree   maat writing dream knowledge precise cut focus nb;sharp
j snake               waveform journey life river flow weaving~path rays 
k bowl, chequered 
l lion          courage fierceness pride confidance boldness
m owl            like horus but for night therefore secret, dark, powerful, hidden, 
n zig~zag / water                
n crown                             
o apple / heart                    
q sand dune / hill / embankment 
r ru mouth / female genital / well / speech / energy / flow/ ‘that which issues forth’
s folded cloth 
t bread / world 
u round spiral
v quail / chick
w quail / chick
x chequered bowl & folded cloth
y two feathers / forest
sh zither / washing board
th tongs 

other important heiroglyphs outside of the english alphabet
...           sand, grain, particle, seed, beginning 

deity symbols      meaning
osirus                    sun
isis                         stars 

horus                     farseer, ‘everything within perception’, aura,  

anubis                   trickster, shaman, shadow, void, dark~spirit~gate, charon, 
djmutef                  expanded horizon, often through use of tool, 


oureus (snake)      sarfa  & also healing 

ra        god, the source, the sun 
re       re the waveform emenation from ra
sukhet (set) serpent the shadow the karma waveforms of consequence of our past actions

maat       law justice system              3     stability   
cheops      chaos chimera  hybrid     8     fluidity  

a series of symbols within a cartouche are to be read in several layers of meaning. 

~ firstly, the initial letter or each symbol in the order they are presented, spells a word. this is the MAAT definition (law) 
~ secondly, the symbols portray a story. this may occur in any order as the symbols are often placed haphazardly, as looks graphically pleasing. the story is extrapolated and embellished upon by the clever narrator/translator. this is the lower CHEOPS definition (chaos)
~ thirdly, the meaning of the individual symbols stories presents a meaning, which can be read in their presented order OR in haphazard order. trhis is the higher (studied) CHEOPS definition (chaos) & essentially represents a balance between the short~hand form of the first (maat) definition, and the lower cheops (chaos) meaning. 

if the cartouche is read correctly, there will be indicative signs within the meaning of these layers, that back each other up as a consensus.

for example; 

our cartouche contains the trigram; 

snake apple tree

so simply put, it refers to a word; ‘joe’ which is of course a name. (maat definition)
also it means ‘the snake ate the apple and therefore ate the tree’
or it could mean ‘the snake is the apple of knowledge that came from the tree‘
‘the snake is the seed of the tree of knowledge’

I am certain that you may have heard on or two other versions of this story. 

egyptian story 
bustet (bes) the cat slays/wounds the serpent beneath the sacred knotwork ished tree using a ceremonial blade. the blood (apple) of the serpent, its life force, feeds thje roots of the tree.

christian story of adam & eve in the garden of eden.
god has forbidden adam and eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. 
the serpent teaches eve to eat from the fruit of the tree of knowldge.
eve teaches adam to eat from the tree of knowledge. 
after this god punishes both adam and eve by banishing them from the garden of eden. 

I much prefer the first of these two stories, which is itself based on an even earlier african story uinvolving the same series of symbols. 

in norse mythology is the story of Odin who sacrifices himself by hanging himself upside down on Ygdrsil the world tree, the sacred ash tree. it is told differently by different groups that Odins blood, semen or tears, at any rate his life~force, fell to the ground and became the Futhark, the nordic runes.

NORSE RUNES ~ the futhark


A mountain,  balance, true centre, peak, true path to the horizon, arrow, ascent, air 
B self~replenishing fountain, 
C receptacle for spirit, empty, lunar, 
D bow, receptacle for spirit, full, lunar, harp, 
E pure flow on all 3 levels, 
F flow on higher 2 levels
G spiral toward matter, ‘into’ 
H balance between pillars, horizon, 
I direct path to god, 
J ascent from pool, rising, hook, } thing that is both these things (ascent & hook)
K gate, expansion of centre both up&down, 
L flow only on material plane, light&shadow cast, 
M valley in the mountain 
N path to horizon seen from the mountain, a plan, refers to future, 
O wholeness, completion, all, 
P top two levels loop, 
Q rotary, in/out of centre, 8
R manifestation of top two levels into material (lower) level 
S waveform, river, yin/yang, 
T tao, direct path to horizon, 
U receptacle for spirit, vessel, 
V valley, wedge, notch, niche, carve, 
W water, wings, promontory~of/within~notch, 
X axle, elements, compass, wheel, 
Y trinary axle, 1 path splits into 2 at higher levels, double~say, ’item has multiple meanings’
     reaching toward god/skies, descent culminating into one, tree
Z ascent through 3 layers including shadow of material & forecast of light 

these last 3; XYZ are axis~markers; horizontal, vertical, diagonal. 
they equate to 4, 3, (2&1) 

additional to this are symbols from other alphabets, eg russian. the study of these helps understand many of the english alphanumeric symbols as split half~signs, to be mirrored. (teaching of mdme Blavatsky, T = 7 + lama (greek). this applies to some of the astrological glyphs also, where PL~uto becomes remeniscant of dr John Dee’s elemental/totemic Monad. 
 ¥ psi 
Ω omega 

distilation glyphs (refer to ∞ or 8)
ae æ ~ has already ccompleted one cycle    13 also 5 (pentacle)   A+E 
oe œ ~ has already completed one cycle      3                                     O+E
ou ~ has already completed one cycle                                                  O+U
au ~ has already completed one cycle                                                  A+U
these composite glyphs refer to yinyang constructs/waveforms (stirring motion) 
& also ‘air~pressure changes’. 
naturally the lower case definition of letters is different to higher case, tending to be softer water~air vowels rather than harder carved wood/stone constonant sounds. 

1 direct link to god
2 duality/polarity
3 stability, maat, trinary 
4 X the axle, elements plus axis
5 pentacle, diversity, mutability, 
6 lower planes rise into/draw energy from higher circuit, spiral up/out
7 key, ascent through layers unites with higher level
8 infinity, two full wholes & axle, mobius loop, self~energising system, 
9 freedom for cycle, spiral up/out
    higher planes feed lower planes & lower planes ascend & become higher circuit
0 wholeness, completion

double figures ~ indicate left&right pillars (see letter H, see twisted/braided flax), 
                             often typifying polarity (left/right or light/dark) 

triple figures ~ left right balance, light dark chaos, ascent curve, 


these are somewhat more difficult to explain because they each function on several planes, read as static symbols and as 3D symbols describing motion. the progression through the series 

symbol                meaning 
pluto (old form/material) 
pluto (new form/spiritual) 

sign            description      symbology    nature
scorpio      scorpion          sexy&emotional, at times vicious
sagitarius  water~goat     
virgo           the virgin
cancer       the crab
gemini       the twins    
capricorn                capricious      promiscuous, stubborn
aires          ram

there are many, many of these duo & triple~glyph contructs, far too many to list completely but following are some of the more common ones. 
note that these are distinct from the composites eg; œ & æ as they typically involve constonants which puts them into a different series. 
these symbols when found together within longer words suggest 
by breaking down the longer words we can gain insight into the hidden derivations within them, & a sub~layer of meaning giving us another level of interpretation. this may stand at contrast or help explain the familiar use of the word today as it relates to its original intended/source definition.

au = gold  
ra = sungod, source
re = ray, waveform (light) 
ar = 
ch~ (usually followed by a vowel i, o, e)  =

(this explains it well) 

much of this is phonetic. vada is the same definition as water, the same word in a different dialect distinguished laterly as another langauge, because important phonetic symbols with common meaning are fluent throughout different langauges evolving & deriving from the same source. 
note how many of these are merely the definition of the initial letter given an inflection, as to how its flow continues (E = all three planes, signified in lowercase e as the expansive spiral of the whole going back around through the material plane)

this brings us into WEAVE & hence KNOTWORX & WEAVEWORX

2 thread= yinyang threads, dual helix eg; dna
3 threads= left to centre right to centre, braid (braed) (bread) 
4 threads= elemental, used in french~knitting machines involving a cottonreel 
                    & 4 nails to spin various cords
5 threads= diversity, pentacle...
& so forth throughout the numerological series of definitions and all potential combinations of this number of 

fractal geometric mathematics & multi~pointed stars

Egyptian Deities as Practical Shamanic Orientation

Roah is a phonetic variation of Ru, gate. We shall see the association between the gate of mouth and the gate of eye during this intercourse. There is a famous egyptian cartouche~expression admonishing Truth (T~Ru~Th = 'the Way of the Flow of Knowing') translating both as 'we see as we say' and 'the world of observation is the world of projection'. This expression bridges the gap between the act of labelling and the act of creating. the Observer affects the Observed. Aboriginal Australian teachings of the Songlines will better define this ideology, Bruce Chatwin wrote the book on it. 
The word Pharoah means literally; 'far~seer'. For somebody with the office of state described loosely as 'king' it is necessary to invest this person with as much wisdom as possible. Planning for future generations of the civilisation are a vital necessity governing a kings actions, and must come above the individual pleasures to avoid a tyrant who would bring the empire crashing down upon itself. which is why the discredited Akhenaten wa considered to be a heretic for turning away from the tradition as taught by the priesthood; I would argue he did this because as poet~king he could see further than the priests; the flowering of egyptian culture during the Armana period should best be interpreted as the heart Chakra of this great empire's rise toward the delta lotus. Genetically selected monarchs are trained to 'see beyond the horizon' and such training involves use of shamanic spirit tools such as psychedelic sacred plants to expand consciousness and interact with the spirit worlds. 

Depicted as a falcon headed god because the falcon rises high and sees further than most. Foresight, Insight, is emphasised.
The word literally means 'everything within our field of perceptions'.
The word Ru involved in Horus indicates it to be a gate; the gate of the sorcerer~pharoah's eye; the observer affects the observed. 
Pharoah are associated with Horus because it (the kingdom) is their world; as intermediary with Ra, identified with the sun god, the pharoah's decisions ripple out into society and the agricultural world with impactive consequences.  

depicted as a jackal headed god often mistaken for Anubis.
djed is the word for pillar. the pillar symbolises the world tree and multiple levels of the journey through it. also is associated with the spine of time. 
mutef is origin of mastiff, a breed of dog.
dogs will sit at the edge of the humans circle of awareness, half in the camp~fire light and half in the night, to extend the tribes audio range further than the human spectrum. 
dogs are scavengers and always hungry hence association in the canopic jars with the stomach intestines, which also symbolically and physically represent Instinct as a prime awareness.
jackals have been seen digging up freshly buried corpses from cemetaries because they are so hungry. like the vulture, they symbolise survival at any cost. 

brothers of dawn and dusk, the sorcerers eyes.
when Ra is neither in one world nor the other (day or night) but is in both, a bridge between opposing worlds; a gate.
a time for empowerment. dawn the creator.

NUIT / NEITH (spelling variants used to denote aspects of this character)
NUIT night sky goddess, depicted arching over the world, her body containing many stars.

mother goddess

hieroglpyhs in her cartouche;
seated woman
shuttle (loom)

“When Egyptian mythology states that Neith ‘wove the world on her shuttle’, it is significant that it essentially attributes the existence of the world to the movement of threads - just like the Dogon mythology and modern string theory... The sense in which Neith can be considered the mother of all the gods in the same sense in which the quantum string can be considered the source of all matter... We can only presume that if Neith in one of her aspects was meant to represent a quantum string, then the hieroglyphic name of Neith would in some way reflect that scientific meaning...When Egyptian mythology speaks of Neith - our symbol for the quantum string - creating matter out of the ‘inert potential of Nun’, we quickly realize that the concept of Nun must have some significance related to quantum and atomic science. So again we look for an obvious hieroglyphic reference to define for us what aspect of science that might be. What we find, in Dogon mythological terms, are particles and waves, science’s quintessential building blocks of matter.”
~ Laird Scranton, Hidden Meanings
 in Dogon language they describe the spider mother Dada as the weaver of matter who creates the universe through weaving.

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