djed / serpent & cross



Black is the backdrop.
The Void.
White is pristine, clarity, purity, the holy.
Yellow is the faded.
It fades from yellow into brown into black.
Sin is what fades it, not age.
Age is the settling of sin to discolour the soul.
Sex can be pure and holy or it can be sinful.
It depends upon what spectrums the people involved channel
and feed with the prana energy raised.
Lies are sin.
A theory is that a white lie might dissolve before it ages.
This is incorrect.
It adds a very thin layer that fades with age.
A thousand tiny white lies soon amount to quite a lot of yellow
tar staining to brown and toward black.
Black is dissolution.
White is attainment of the next level of reality and perception.
Spiritual purity.
Within our time-mass bandwidth and human culture, this is how it is;
throughout a lifetime and throughout many incarnations.
This is why black and yellow, alternately black and gold,
are used as holy religious colours by the Jaguar priesthood.
Veneration of the many tones is also a part of the living life.
In the parallel, it is blue and yellow not black and yellow.
Blue is not Void and dissolution; blue is water, fresh, life; the life that rejuvenates.
Given enough purity, the blue can transmute the yellow into green, which is life.
This is alchemical process.
With the correct mix, the tarnish of yellow may be transmuted
through Love (green, heart energy) into positive energy that fuels life and perpetuates.
It can become time and events.
In this sense, coupled with blue; the yellow is not sin but sun.
To transmute yellow into white so as to uplift ones soul,
the tonal blue is from right-action.
We use the word atonement.
Some call the process purgatory,
purging the sin embedded into our light-field so as to transmute it into purity.
Blue is the freshness. Liberation. Salvation.
We must open so as to allow it to flow through us,
to become a conduit for it, a vessel of it.
A golden bowl containing purest blue water.
If we take it, it is more sin.
If it is given to us freely by another who flows with it, this starts the healing process.
We must deserve that, in their heart and in ours, else it will have little or no effect.
There is always the energy exchange inherent in the creation.
To give one some of our blue is to take some of their yellow.
This is how the Green, the Love, is designed.
This is how we fill the world with Emerald, Jade, Aquamarine;
all of the shades of green that Life loves.
Then having entered the realm of green we come to know the Red that balances it.
The fire of passion is the Blood of spirit.


djed is Egyptian word for pillar. It specifically relates to temple pillars which were intended to be read as scrolls, the temple as a book with its left and right representing open pages of a book, mirroring one another. This tradition was continued with Mayan stone carving pillars that had two columns of glyphs. These can be read in a variety of ways; parallels, zig-zags, so as to be interpreted on multiple levels of meaning.

ished is Egyptian word for a type of sacred tree. the words djed and ished relate to one another. A story from darkest Africa is stylised in Egyptian temple art and scrolls, obviously a popular story, of a cat; often called Bustet the cat goddess in the latter dynasty's where worship of cats was such that dedicated temples were constructed; is depicted holding a ceremonial blade (for which the same symbol as feather and tree in hieratic script, thus relating the concepts), cuts or is beheading a serpent beneath the ished tree. The apple of blood from the serpent feeds the root of the tree which branches interweave, similar to celtic knotwork, reminiscent of family trees.

Man Meets Myth & Magic, p.33 Issue 1
©1970 BPC Publishing Ltd
this is included here to show that 'it goes right back' in history.
be aware of the suspicion & hype surrounding such groups:

photo via Robert Sepehr

The Lion Man sculpture of the Hohlenstein Stadel has the body of a human and the head of a lion. It has been carbon dated at 32,000 years old. It is carved out of mammoth ivory, 28 cm high and was found in 1939' in the cave of Hohlenstein-Stadel in the Valley of Lone, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It is one of the oldest known sculptures on planet Earth.
What do the legends say about our history with Feline Humanoids?


As a professional musician as well as a scholar, I have to put this insert in here, simply to illustrate the point that diversion, affiliation, familiarity, syncronicity, soon creates a more complex weave than we had originally envisioned. It would be untrue to miss this out because it is very important. The branches of a tree interweave and that is why the Djed pillar emulates a Tree. It is by symbolism that we accredit the affinities. This is what is meant by 'way-signs' guiding our medicine journey. As one thing relates to another, we get divergent from the main path. Progress is serpentine; it weaves; more strands than we are able to travel at once, and very often what we thought was the goal, is not the purpose. Mayan ball play. 
"A diverse ecology is a healthy ecology" James Lovelock, Gaia hypothesis.

Future Sound of London, Lifeforms



art by John Jude Palencar

The Popul Vuh (read; papal as in the pope, Vuh as in version?) has been mistranslated by Christian context, which has taken a non-judgemental knowledge of transmigration and turned it into a system of punishment and fear-mongering. While an Adept can read between the lines and take the wisdom from existing literature, it is necessary to explain in laymans terms the original intended meaning of this education. Therefore I have been making some re-translations of Mayan mythology, to present it in a more accurate form, closer to what the writers intended.
This article is taken from National Geographic Collectors Edition, Mysteries of the Maya, p.36-39 the Maya Creation Myth. ISBN 1536-6596 ©2008

"Xbalanque beheaded Hunahpu then made him whole again."
This is symbolic not for actual physical decapitation; Decapitulation is a closer term for it, after Recapitulation as taught by Don Matus. Mind is the enemy of Self. Its greatest tactic is to persuade that Mind IS Self. Decapitulation is the removal of Mind from perceptions. Only then can we ‘see’ truly, clearly, the real reality. All conceptual links are severed and we are free’d of the dogma that controls our actions. Everything ‘learned’ everything ‘taught’ to us is indoctrination.
We witness a world, then the information is mistranslated through a complicated system of symbolic references and associations, this is what we call Mind. It is an entirely delusional construct that removes us from the actual reality. Once having removed Mind from the equation, Self is quite evidently ‘the observer’ which is centered in the heart, which is after all at the center of our being. Mind is polar opposite to genitalia. This is for a reason. Lesson: stop streamlining your Reality experience through Mind and start streamlining it through Heart.
"decapitated ball player"
early postclassic period, c AD 900-1200
Mexico, Gulf coast, El Aparicio
You can clearly see the 7 root chakra's depicted as serpents symbolising 'waveforms'
flowing purely now his head ('the mind') has been removed.

Close-up detail of chakra serpents flowing from decapitated head.
This time the central chakra (the Heart) is depicted by a flower.
Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, late classic/early post-classic period, AD800-1200
A psychotropic Datura spirit vine surrounds the scene,
which has the shield image of Tezcatlipoca "smoking mirror"
deity of scrying: subconscious, spirit world and afterlife (transmigration).
Stellae pictures from The Sport of Life and Death,
Thames & Hudson, ISBN 0-500-05108-9

"Xbalanque and Hunahpu emerged from Xibalba
– the mouth of the cave in the shape of a serpent."
In this sense the mouth of the serpent leading from the underdark represents ‘all that has gone before’ as much as it does ‘the subconscious’ therefore ‘the future’.
In Mayan cosmology there is an entity called Tezcatlipoca whose concern is the darkness, the unknown the future, the subconscious. These aspects are all bound together into one deity.
The twins emergence from Xibalba in this context represents their bulk-dumping of the past, all of the unnecessary baggage of history, their own and societies. They are used as a teaching to keep the society progressive, a synthesis and distillation of the sum total of the previous generations concerns. This is done because they have achieved balance, the balance of the sun and moon representing two different systems working together to maintain equilibrium with progress. Regarded as Heroes for achieving this, encouraging us to do likewise.
This is recognized as both the religious philosophy and the state education of the latter day Mayan civilisation. Contemporary Western civilisation has separated religious philosophy from state governance, retrospectively making an issue about 'when religion and politics ride hand-in-hand' as a method of reinforcing the segregation. Ever increased complexity balanced with assimilation and fusion of ideologies and concepts. 

Strips of paper; scrolls, pushed through the (pierced) ears of the dead.
Once again, remove the abusive catholic fear & punishment for control from the equation, and we have a more accurate account of the symbolism at play here. Scrolls of a persons life, or lives, carried through the unknown darkness between incarnations. Scrolls of personal history, for those who can hear.
These scrolls are soundwaves. Energy unbound from matter/time.
art by John Jude Palencar

This issue of Scrolls is where it gets interesting for me;
partly because of my experiences with the shamanka Basket-Feather-Owl
(see elsewhere)
It is wonderful symbolism.


This is not the perfect picture I was hoping to go along with the writing, however it is similar. Studying it has revealed further information not directly related to the main text, that is equally as important. There are 2 levels of meaning to the image; 1, they are incarnations of the same soul, in different lifetimes. 2, they are echoes in the one mind, because 5 different people are thinking through that mind. the egyptian shaman studied these 2 things because they are similar, and they found that in explaining one thing, they could also explain the other iin the same words, up to a point. It became confusing so they needed to develop a different language to develop the knowledge further - thats one thing that the mayan shaman were doing.



In Egyptology there are 2 parts of the soul, the BA and KA. These are not the same as the RU Spirit which can be said to be a 3 rd part of the soul. One, the KA is depicted as the top part of an Ankh (similar to Greek Omega symbol) and is often shown held by a bird; this is the transmigratory soul, and also the transcendental consciousness. The lower part of the Ankh, a vertical line, a column, djed pillar (scroll) is the BA. This is associated with the body-ego-mind, the individual lifetimes persona.
We can describe this as ‘a triangle that points upwards’ and the immortal part of the soul ‘a triangle that points downwards’. There is a parallel analogy where the upward BA is beneath the eye, although in the first analogy the eye is what happens in the center of overlaying the 2 triangles to form a type of MER-KA-BA symbol also known as Solomons Seal, a 6-pointed star.

Lets keep it simple at first, as we are getting ahead of ourselves. BA is like the letter ‘I’ and KA is like the Greek letter Omega, held by a bird (sometimes also by a deity, one of the animal-headed gods, depending what form of consciousness is representing it/by it).

KA means ‘life journey’ and the word applies both to the immortal transmigrant part of the soul, some would call the higher Self, it also applies to the energy path that guides more than one person through experiences together, keeping their paths bound, so the story of the peoples lives entwine. KA is also a consequence of KAMA (KA path MA manifest) spelled also karma or kamma (Buddhist and Sanskrit versions of it).

2 IOT & OMS (Illuminati Order of Thanateros & the Order of the Morning Star)

I studied the Order of the Morning Star sex rituals with a fellow devotee. It requires devotion. She was my sex partner for several years. We did not only share our bodies, we shared a deep Love for one another, to exclusion of others. We varied from the instruction manual in Kundalini Sex Magick that we studied intently, as a culmination of our previous studies involving sex on various drugs together to attain different states of consciousness, that we were developing from Peter Carrolls methods in Liber Null. We also shared the same great taste in music, discovering specific sex music in a few albums that did it for us. We danced together, studied art and philosophies together. What made a difference in this relationship is her trust of me when I suggested we try different positions, and our nymphomania; we gave fully away to our urges and always accepted one anothers attentions. We allowed our metabolisms to control us.

We studied tarot by way of focusing our interest on ‘the mysteries’, and visited Glastonbury from where we acquired the OMS sourcebook. It was passionate and we were young and horny all the time; late teens to early twenties. The reason I could never figure out exactly our ages is because we were not quite the same age, and we shared ourselves, body and soul, so much that we became one entity. The strange thing is that despite all this, there are only very few specific occasions I can actually recall. An Indian story that once, humans were blissful; had 2 faces, 4 arms, 4 legs. The gods grew envious of our happiness and so they split us in half, and now we only return to that bliss awareness ("knowing") during coitus.
The OMS rites and regular yoga lessons taught us to hone our kundalini for magickal purpose. It was during this that I accessed a perception that taught me what the BA consciousness is about. We had already achieved shared visionary that we fed with raw creator energy drawn up through our chakras, passed between us, to empower us. We had mastered the instruction manual. Our nervous systems, had bonded so intimately from the thousand times we had made love, that we physically required each other, it was an addiction. The soul through the nerves.

The envious christianesques did an incision operation (terminology from the Golden Compass movie basd on Northern Lights by Philip Pullman) on us and split us apart; the jealous gods who controlled our lives from behind the scenes. Neither of us recovered at all during our twenties, into our thirties. The pain and the suffering was intense. During that phase, I researched heavily into the THANOS part of Thanateros, as we had gone as far as we could into the EROS part of it without introducing other people into our sexual activities, or some other deeper perversion.
During one specific sexual act, mastery of the OMS techniques, we both went so high that the room around dissolved, her body shifted, I saw myself also wearing many other bodies, I saw her wearing many other bodies, or perhaps different women who achieved the same peak, tonal.  The Goddess, the sacred female principle that all women are a part of and it is a part of all of them. I saw around a variety of landscapes and rooms, in procession from forest to plain to cave to mud hut to straw hut to cottage to castle to various rooms of stone and décor; history, throughout history, all the past lives, all the previous incarnations, during which I had achieved sex of this intensity, to awaken a specific platform in the mind. I recall most of it easily now, and through it can access those other lifetimes.

I swear with absolute assuredness that the sexual repression through guilt and repression that affects so many people, that I have suffered these past 13 years since parting from her, is from being cut off from the primal inner urge. The Age of Reason and contemporary neo-feminist memes have destroyed what previously Christian mindfuck had destroyed; our ability to use these methods to reawaken past life awareness and retrieve and integrate full self knowledge through many lifetimes.

3 Conclusion

BA is this; the primal re-awakening of the past life memories. That is why it is associated with the individual lifetimes, rather than the transmigrant awareness.  BA is associated with base chakra. 


The Serpent and the Rainbow associates with Kundalini energy moving through the Chakra spectrums. This is symbolised throughout many languages / cultural groups. The serpent and the cross typically refers to the Tau cross (the same shape as the capital letter T; not the catholic crucifix) representing the direct path to the horizon. 

The Serpent wrapped around the Tau cross can be spelled in the English alphabet either as ST or as TS. In common contemporary shorthand we replace it with the letter X; a symbol for a cross that is typically pronounced more akin to an S than a T. This is an important concept, because of the connections it makes and the gates that it opens; perhaps one of the most striking revelations from the Auriglyphica of SnakeAppleTree.

IXA (pronounced 'eesha')
Ishtar is the Assyrian goddess of War, Love and Fertility (shorthand definition).
Itza is the Mayan word for 'urban' ('chi chi n itza', the city of two wells)  more specifically it means 'ways of the people'. This is the word used to define the Mayan Solar 5th Age, beginning of 2013AD, Chinese year of the water snake, as Year Zero.  

Pleiadian First Contactee Alex Collier speaks of the Pleiadian expression for 'all of reality' translating simply as 'the is-ness'.

djed (the pillar)
illustration: usul (base of pillar) aka mastaba; (bench)
shown as chess board, base of pyramid

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