Point & Fern

A Point To Judge From

Judgement involves as a necessity a frame of reference, a reference point. A point to judge from. A point to judge from is a cognitive bias. A judgement can not be made unless there is a cognitive bias. 

Shamen get around this by not having any point to judge from. They observe without judgement. A shaman studies the art of observation without judgement. This is an exclusive task which the shaman dedicates 100% conscious effort to achieving. 

Once having achieved it, the state is not permanent however it is known by the individual to be a real thing, from which a comparison can be made regarding any point of bias behind any judgement. It can take literally decades to achieve this form of No-mind. Only once having attained non-judgemental observation can one truly see the universe for what it actually is, without any filter deluding us about what we are seeing. 

We do not see labels. We do not see the relationship between cause and effect. We overcome the minds pattern-recognition and projection of preconceptions onto chaos. We begin to see reality for the first time. It is certainly not the same thing as Western consciousness. 

A result of exploring observation without judgement is the recognition of things which are real, and yet when explained in language to the western mindset, seem to be ridiculous, nonsensical and insane. The realm of chaos magick does not make sense to anyone indoctrinated by Western mindset. 

When I was ready, a teacher came. 
She was ten years younger than myself but her spirit as ancient.
We had been together many times before this life. 

The Buddhists recognize the reborn Deli Llama by his birth mark, and as a child, the awakened Deli Llama recognizes his own possessions in a testing ceremony, a ritual of proving himself to be real to the other Llama's. This is a famous example but not the only one - the other Llama recognize each other by similar means. 


When I met Fern we saw that we both have the same birthmark in the same place on our bodies. Immediately we recognized one another, brother and sister. 

As a child my birth mother had two sons and a daughter who miscarried. While she was pregnant, myself and Fern would play together at a place local to where I was growing up, a place of power through which a fucking pipe line was being built. It was damaging the balance of nature and it was damaging her spirit because she was connected with the tree's and vegetation of that area. 

We played there and one day my brother followed me there and found out about her. He was envious, of my attention toward her, of our mothers attention toward her, of a future in which he would have less attention-energy because of having to share it. He already resented me angrily for this. He began to damage the area, and tried to persuade me to damage the area also. Then he blamed me for damaging the area. All of this was before he could speak at all, I was four or five. Our mother miscarried. Although it was never fully explained to me until years later, I remembered that the lucid dreams and their interconnectivity with the material world, was a real thing.

It was not until twenty-five years later did I meet Fern in flesh. Both of us remembered the same recurring dream events. She had come through different parents. Her father said to me, cryptically:  "Ten years is a long time to wait."

When she was sixteen we wed. We literally went into an old building in Bristol with Tudor walls, through one door marked by her birth families surname and came out through another door marked by my birth families surname, by plaques above the doors. 

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