"I remember having spiritual visions as a child. As a little girl, I saw angel lights in multihued greens and blues. As an adolescent and young adult, the angel lights appeared as large flashes of white, like a strobe. These days, I know when an angel is near when I see small starlike white bursts of sparkling light." page 2-3 The Light Workers Way by Doreen Virtue

Today (16.3.17) is the first time I read this. In 2006 I explained to my mother that I was studying to be a spiritualist. I had traveled to study with several different mediums at varying levels and comprehension.

I already had many supernatural experiences and a government funded field trip to Egypt to learn more about the Light Culture. Carved inside a granite sarcophagus in the Valley of Kings is a depiction of a human energy circuit, describing that the heart is the center of the manifest world, that our personal energy is recycled through it. The term Kaleidescopic Multiverse is accurate and a core of the Priesthood's teachings. The system developed a lot when the priesthood took the teachings to South America and influenced the culture there, from which we get the word Kundalini to describe the flow. From India we have established the seven lower chakras located up the spine and the crown, the lotus pillar. All of these are syncretic within the same teaching. It is an ancient spiritual tradition, and a living one. Light is measurable in terms of tonality and spectrum. Two people might have different vibrational harmonic within the basic colour-label associated with each chakra. A heart with its four valves is able to beat at many different rhythms.

My study into radio spectroscopy and the colour-codes of stars: each is unique, helped me develop an understanding of 'resonance physics'. We are attuned to and connected with anything that vibrates to the same harmonic as our self. In human terms this enables reiki deep healing methods. In cosmic terms it enables communication through use of the body and soul as radio beacon, with entities located in other parts of mass-time.

Many people when I attempt to outline this study, say "woah you lost me there" and for a long time I felt I was inadequate at explaining it. It took me a long time to reconcile that most people have not experienced sufficient scientific training to integrate this awareness as a real thing. Many people think it is nonsense. And yet the ancients from cultures all over the world did not think it to be nonsense. They carved stone temples which have lasted thousands of years to teach this knowledge to future generations.

It actually frightens me sometimes that we are living during an era where, despite the advancement of our ancestors, most people simply do not give a shit about spiritual development. The soap opera's are more interesting to them. Being programmed by state mind control, to the purpose of division amongst us, is more appealing to most people. We live in a terribly sick society.

Many people are prejudice against those of us who can perceive with sufficient clarity to study the ancient wisdoms and attain some level of mastery of it. Historically the ignorant have always persecuted the enlightened ones.

My mother described my symptoms to a mental health team. "My son is hallucinating, he hears voices, I think he is schizophrenic."

I have audio recordings of ghosts which clearly show a direct conversation between myself and entities which I could hear, and the witnesses could not - until I replayed the recording.

Question: Did my mind project the vibration onto the tape through a magnetic microphone sensitive enough to do that? Given that the brain emits radiowaves, this is a possibility.

The Answer came during a deep-session with a Polish clairvoyant, who taught me a great deal. I spent New Year studying with her. On one occasion I could hear spirits moving through the room from right to left while her eyes followed the same source, she was looking at the exact same place which I was hearing a spirit in motion. She described it as Orbs. Powerful was she, she attuned my perception so I too could see them (clairvoyance). My ability is clair-audience (hearing) and clair-sentience (feeling). That was when I knew for absolute certain that I was not generating the spirits - they exist independently of and outside the Human observer.

To some people this is all very obvious because they believe and have experience of it. To others this is attacked as making it up for attention and ego. I can state with sincerity I am simply reporting my experiences and insights back to 'the others' of my contemporaries. I invested a huge amount of my life to the pursuit of understanding 'all of this stuff' a lot better. There is no academic qualification, no paperwork, in shamanism. The syllabus of the Western mystery schools also does not hand out certificates of accomplishment. Real Life does not work that way.

When you understand that Real Life does not work that way, you understand also that the parts of life which do work that way, are attempting to authenticate themselves with certification. It is a comedy sketch because the infrastructure of a society is reliant on bureaucracy to such extent that its believers cannot recognize that it is a religion and they cannot recognize that Real Life exists outside of that religion. It is unquestionable to them that they do not have dominance on this earth.

I studied Thanateros since pre-puberty. For a few years i was lucky enough to experience and achieve high level with the Eros component through Victa Penfold's Order of the Morning Star methods. For vastly most of my life it has been the Thanos component. As a White Lightning Gate by the Tzolkiin Mayan calendar my associations are with the North and Death. It is quite natural that the symbolism (a modern translation redefines it as "electro-magnetic world-bridger") involved should be that of a spiritualist.

I would like to teach people about the facets of this knowledge base which are not commonly available even amongst existing spiritual schools. And that frightens a lot of people. Doreen Virtue's wonderful book is a best seller. I am grateful to the person who gave me her copy of it to enjoy and study from. I am not the only person who associates "flashes of white light" with the presence of high-vibrational entities. In discovering this, I believe that I can present further evidence that I am not schizophrenic, that I have been manipulated by the ignorant for their own political agenda.

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