Sunday, 6 February 2022

Demon Excuse Abuse

Dehumanise Excuses Abuses : Inside a Narcissists Mind pt 2

Narcissistic excuse to dehumanise their target justifies abuse. “This person (target) is not human therefore we can dump hate on it and feel good about that.” 

Dissolving the excuse does not dissolve the justification, it is simply replaced by an alternate excuse. 

1 Make Up Excuse

2 Dehumanise

3 Justify (“align to agenda”)

4 Abuse

It follows the same pattern as Narcissistic Positioning Strategy (see Inside a Narcissists Mind pt 1). 

1 action (by narcissist)

2 reaction (by target)

3 build world based on step 2 

4 deny step 1 and 

   persecute promotors of step 1 

We see a phonetic relationship between the words Dehumanise and Demonise. 

1 Excuse

2 Demonize (target is evil)

3 Justify (narcissist is superior)

4 Abuse (revenge punishment) 

Narcissism and Sado-Masochism within classical BDSM framework. 

The relationship between Narcissist and Empath is well explored in post-millennial public literature during the awakening of Western civilisation to how Modernism (petro-chemical / petro-plastic, industrial exploitation of consumer-capitalism) the 20th century has resulted in widespread Narcissism pandemic which has resulted in NCP (narcissistic control paradigm) wherein the lines are blurred between narcissist and target because of two factors. 

1 all of us have both traits to varying degrees largely because the NAS (narcissistic abuse syndrome) results in narcissism-like behaviour on the part of the PTSD sufferer.

2 Narcissists convince people the narcissist is the victim and their target is the abuser. 

The extremist black & white polarisation is the following cross-paradigm associations: 

Dominant. Narcissist. Sadist. Abuser. 

Submissive. Empath. Masochist. Victim. 

Yang (assertive) and Yin (yielding). 

The narcissist wears masks and can play both roles to suit their agenda. The victim does not necessarily have that skill. Where any person does have that skill is not itself an identifier that the person is by default a narcissist. 

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