Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Narcissistic Empiricism

Narcissistic Empiricism : Inside a Narcissists Mind pt 1

Box 1 Action 
Box 2 Reaction 
Box 3 Build a world on this, 
           ignore box 1 pretend it doesn’t exist 
Box 4 Anyone revealing box 1 exists 
           is persecuted

A narcissistic strategy for domination and control. It involves framing people, denying accountability, creating a situation to exploit people to achieve empowerment. While it is abusive and childish it is also relatively effective. 

The downside is some people can see it for what it is (see box 4). It is relatively effective because many people do not see it for what it is or they accept it, which indicates a disrespect for accountability. 

There is an argument that once a powerbase has been established is easier to conform to that powerbase than to argue against it, especially when it is using offensive strategies to protect itself. 


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