In Assyrian the phonemes of their names, these labels, describe our personalities. It is not cognitive dissonance (mental health disorder) to be aware of this. The translations are accurate although to an extent we project this upon a person due to our interpretation of knowing them. It is equally as accurate as astrology where electromagnetic alignments (stars and planets) correlate to electromagnetic alignments (genetic encodement from what the em align was at time of conception).

These phonemes as prefix and suffix all have significant meaning and describe the personality and mental-emotional processing of that individuals nature. Because we align to, conform to, super ego conditioning of what resounding spell has been put onto us to conform us into that shape of being.

The ancients had naming ceremonies and gave individuals three names, a public or commonly known, a soul name from transmigrant continuity and a tribe name for the persons inner friendship circle.

My study of Egyptology led me through to the Assyrian Babylonian and therefore the original tablets regarding the language taught us by Enki and Enlil. The same surfaced during the pure civilization of the Mayans who use the same word-concepts as the aboriginal Australians because of the reality of dreamtime. Dreamtime lore explains how manifest reality is created by singing or seying it into existence, rather than naming of what was found already there.

Asyr az (a-z) as the pinnacle and flow,  syr sri - it starts and it flows from here the highest original start place. From which ohm the emanation and from which the generations of proximity to source regarded as purity to source.

Sri la ankh ka sri lanka within my lifetime the war of Tamil people vs invaders, ta ma el people, the way of manifestation of the flow, repressed by bigger regimes of Sril-Lanka and their British monarchy and government allies (arms dealers).

The transmigration of those original peoples into a specific bloodline designed for their incarnation at this time in history.

Is this fiction? The ancient temples have this information how to read the code engraved into stone. Cults which persecute knowledge of transmigration teach us not to listen to the ancient teachings carved into stone. We are living through a period where believing the ancient world view and accepting, assimilating that info as a real lived thing, not only brings raised awareness of why places are named what they are, the energy and history of those locations as their energy peak from the world helix crystal mer ka ba structures (which are Chaldean and are shifting now after thousands of years) but also gets us persecuted and described as insane by the ruling regime who repress this knowledge and kill its priests.

The oppressors are falling. The true illuminati, the original ones, are returning and unifying, are exposing the sickness of the dominators who stole the title illuminated ones and corrupted it.

NB I have not cited sourced here. Thankfully at this time the information is available for you to do your own research. This page is a catalyst to foster your interest in that.

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