Thursday, 31 January 2019


mistborn by brandon sanderson. 

I read ch1.
I put it down for a busy week. 
I started over and could not put it down.
Back to back in a blur of days.

I thought, often; this is amazing.
I thought, often; this is inspiration for JadePunk 
(Tales of Kausao city) by ryan danks.

Two days after finishing it I was craving, withdrawal symptoms, 
reminiscent of FireFly after the first time you binge-watch it. 
Lucky lucky lucky there’s a sequal! 
Currently in the snailmail ...
 actually theres two sequals and then four more ‘next era’ novels. 

Its the very best fantasy book I have read in a long, long time,
Since mervyn peake’s Gormengast trilogy.
My number one in the genre. 

Friday, 4 January 2019

Paradigm War

“There are three evolutionary stages. The consensus, the individuated, and the spiritual.” Tom Lescher / Kaypacha (3.1.19)

There’s one way of thinking that emotionally unavailable partners are abusive, and another way of thinking that emotionally reactive partners are abusive. 

Both of these are described unprofessionally as symptoms of narcissism. Yet they are polar opposites. 

At this stage, a sane person questions the system of analysis, the way of thinking we are using to orient us in relating with these people. 

Regardless of how they are behaving, the way we ourselves are behaving by judging them one way or another, is inefficient. Were it efficient, it would not fall into two polarized camps to create the same conclusion. 

Recognition immediately that we are being socially engineered, because no matter which camp we fall into, the outcome is the same, the result is the same. 

We are coerced to judge the ones behaving differently from us to be psychotic, and that is how we relate to them forever after. 

The purpose of that social engineering is to encourage people not to have human relationships, but to believe each other to be psychotic, to avoid, fear and hate each other. 

Nothing can be resolved in that environment. But everything can be exploited! Which of course is the purpose of the social-engineers. Segregation through cultural programming is a tool used in population management. 

Thursday, 3 January 2019


At the age of 41 I have been professionally diagnosed, finally, as being high functioning autistic. 

What this means is that I can operate relatively well in normal society, mostly, except that I have communication difficulties. I’ve known that since childhood when my parents were on a completely different planet to me, it did not help that society ignores children generally. 

So for my whole life, ever since I could read and write, I’ve studied writing as a form of communication. I am a published author, and I have have a website which verifiably has upwards of 500 people a week reading it. 

That might not be famous but were those people to line up and shake my hand so I can say thank you to them, it would appear to be quite a lot of people. It is certainly more people than I socialize with on a regular basis. 

I mention this not for ego purpose, but to illustrate how successful I have become in overcoming my communication problems from being autistic, by relying on the written word instead of speech. 

In social situations I feel pressure from other people, because of their expectancies and prejudices. It affects how my brain functions, and my ability to put words together coherently, to be accurate. 

Generally it is easier for me to nod my head and agree with their pre-conception, instead of having to explain to them because nine times in ten they’re not listening anyway. That’s not my bad, that’s their bad but I’m the one who gets ignored because of an assumed dominant narrative.

The availability of text in our digital culture makes it possible for me to have an internet-based social life where I can express myself far more accurately than in the pressure of social situations. And for me that’s what it’s like being autistic.

My typing speed is off the top of the scale. The problem I have is when during text message conversation, being a writer used to relying on words, I am likely to write more than a paragraph where the other conversationalist writes less than one sentence. It is misperceived as being a power imbalance. Simply because of word count, “outweighing” the other person. 

A problem I have is that were people to talk conversationally the same way that most people use text, it would appear rude and abrasive. Monosyllabic responses, and short, curt sentences, are regarded as rude indeed aggressive when spoken.

So when I read this, I naturally regard it as a person being rude and hostile toward me. This, because it is different to how everybody else interprets text, is described as being a symptom of my autism.

The law in Britain has recently changed regarding harassment, in that a top heavy text message conversation is now regarded by the police to be a form of abuse. 

Abruptly, it is no longer accepted that my intent is good and prolification is an aspect of high functioning autism. It is perceived that I am a problem simply because I am attempting to communicate effectively and intelligently. I have been dehumanized by an agenda of exploiting hatred. Dehumanization is prejudice by default. 

I have encountered several people who have manipulated me by contacting the police because they sent me a few words and I sent them several paragraphs to fully answer their question, which obviously takes up more than 10 seconds of everyone’s time. 

A lot of people incorrectly assess it as a sign that I am narcissistic and overbearing. I am not narcissistic and my intention is not to be overbearing. I describe things as succinctly as I possibly can. The law does not take into account that most people are being rude when they text each other because like cavemen they use only monosyllables. 

So what can I do? Writing this statement is progressive in explaining what it is like having autism and the prejudices I face because of other people’s cognitive bias, which has developed from their lack of empathy toward suffers of autism. It is convenient for disfunctional, anger driven people who lack empathy to use it as leverage, to put blame on a person who is simply attempting to communicate well. 

When determining what ‘appropriate levels’ are, in a fair world it should be factored into the equation that the intention of the person making the statement, is relevant in assessing appropriateness. 

Otherwise we have a dynamic of the one person dominating what ‘appropriateness’ is, with zero compromise. The power imbalance in that situation is the opposite to blaming the wordsmith for harassment. 

Thankfully, the court service do recognize that dynamic for what it is, even where police and manipulative haters do not. This has been proved by my own experiences.

As an autistic person, with communication difficulties, the biggest thing I wish to communicate to everybody else, is how vulnerable autistic people are to being manipulated by those non-empathetic people who gain a false sense of superiority and authority by painting the autist out to be a bad person. They get away with it because their victim has communication problems and is unable to express themselves properly in face-to-face situations.

That’s my life story.

I am sincerely attempting to remedy that situation by reducing word count. The resolution I have come to is simply this: some people write for money, some people get paid per word. As a general life rule, I now value my writing at 1p per word. Every time I send somebody a text, I imagine I am sending them free money. Because, I should be working on my novel instead of distracted by other people texting me. This simple life rule helps me to keep my word count down to a bare minimum.

And at this juncture, you probably want to be less distracted by the internet and instead return to whatever you should be doing instead. Thank you for investing some attention into Autism Awareness. 

Monday, 3 December 2018

Geronimo & Bran the Blessed


"Geronimo (Mescalero-Chiricahua: Goyaałé [kòjàːɬɛ́] "the one who yawns"; June 16, 1829 – February 17, 1909) was a prominent leader and medicine man from the Bedonkohe band of the Apache tribe. From 1850 to 1886 Geronimo joined with members of three other Chiricahua Apache bands—the Tchihende, the Tsokanende and the Nednhi—to carry out numerous raids as well as resistance to US and Mexican military campaigns in the northern Mexico states of Chihuahua and Sonora, and in the southwestern American territories of New Mexico and Arizona. Geronimo's raids and related combat actions were a part of the prolonged period of the Apache–United States conflict, which started with American settlement in Apache lands following the end of the war with Mexico in 1848." 

Geronimo's grave at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 2005

Bran The Blessed
Bran is Brittonic (Welsh, Pict, Cornish) for Raven.

Bran's head is in the Tower of London. 
The public legend "if the Ravens leave, England shall fail" is a watered down version.
Ravens are Bran's spirit allies/guardians/soul-keepers.
The Ravens are there because Bran's head is there. 
(Also because they are now bred there in captivity and their wings clipped to prevent escape).

By 'England' is meant the Empire spanning across South Africa, India, Australia, the America's, everywhere else the current British regime conquered through the centuries. 

All of which is unified by symbolism of the Templar Knights; who were granted independence by the Roman Catholic Church, with which independence they became pirates and seized power. They continue to retain that power as a secret society behind the Governmental facade of power.


BBC British Broadcasting Corporation 
is UK governments media propaganda machine.  
BBC is 223

Skull & Bones Society
is American secret society behind the US government. 
Its number is 322

322   223  

Wings of the same entity. 

The left hand and the right hand.

As Bran's Head empowers the UK, 
So too does Geronimo's head empower the US empire. 

Paleolithic / Palimpsest

Paleolithic / Palimpsest

These two concepts recur and entwine.
Primal origin is still there within the core of all evolved, developed, re-written, emergence.
Planetary, individually.
It is Atma distilled within cycles, regurgitative distraction of delusion.

Cave of Altamira, Northern Spain


adjective: Paleolithic
Relating to or denoting the early phase of the Stone Age, lasting about 2.5 million years, when primitive stone implements were used. Covers c. 99% of human technological prehistory. The Palaeolithic period c. 3.3 million years ago.

lithic (of or relating to lith)

From Middle English lith, lyth, from Old English liþ (“limb, member, joint, tip of finger, point”), from Proto-Germanic *liþuz (“limb”), of unknown origin. Cognate with Scots lith (part of the body, joint), West Frisian lid (part of the body, member), Dutch lid (limb, member, section), Middle High German lit (limb, member), Swedish led (joint, link, channel), Icelandic liður (item), Dutch lid (part of the body; member) and gelid (joint, rank, file), German Glied (limb, member, link)Alternative form: lythe (15th century).

Definition of lith - photographic film with a very thin coat of emulsion, producing images of high contrast and density.

Definition of -lith - denoting types of stone. ... -lith. suffix. Denoting types of stone. 'laccolith'. 'monolith'. Origin. From Greek lithos 'stone'. Pronunciation. -lith. /lɪθ/.

Origin of lith. before 900; Middle English, Old English; cognate with Dutch, Old High German lid, Old Norse lithr, Gothic lithus limb, member; akin to German Glied ...


Definition of palimpsest in psychology
 1 : writing material (such as a parchment or tablet) used one or more times after earlier writing has been erased. 
2 : something having usually diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface.

Definition of palimpsest in geology
A palimpsest is a geographical feature composed of superimposed structures created at different times.

Definition of palimpsest in Archaeology.
CATEGORY: artifact.  
DEFINITION: A collection of archaeological artifacts, ecofacts, and material that may not be related -- that are together through accident or natural forces rather than human activity.


google search for "palimpsest"  

revealed the following imagery. 

Check for continuities. 

"A palimpsest is a manuscript that has been overwritten. 

It comes from way way back in the day when parchment or vellum was expensive 
and durable so scribes would scrape off what had been written and write over it. 

But, inevitably, trace of what was there are left behind, 
making the new text an iterative build on the previous. 

A wall of street art is an urban version - each work builds on / writes over the other. 
Toilet door graffiti is the same. In the digital world, everything is a palimpsest." 

-Faris Yakob

All art accredited through hyperlinks to original sources. 
No copyright infringement intended. 
Art exists to advertise itself, surely? 


Throughout aeons, energies cavort, entwine, distangle, seek balance, tumble, swing, progress onward, distil and simplify as they come to know their true essence, rise through vibrations marked for easy reference as time passing, become gradually and increasingly aware, self-aware, capable of assimilating and responsible for consequences of themselves and their impact upon the maelstrom of all things within their karmic crossing.

The spirit of a palimpsest, being the vortex through which overlays and re-conditions, corrections and deviations blend and blur a thing through time; is a different entity than a palimpsest spirit, an individual formed incidentally throughout the journey of temporal energies frictionally influencing one another throughout time. Or perhaps it is. Perhaps the words are interchangeable. Perhaps the descriptor's given here are more accurate with exchanged definitions.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Measurement Jars

Measurement Jars

Utensils required:
8 jars, ink, water.

We will be pouring blends of solutions into the jars, always through the mixing jar.
The mixing jar is always 50/50 of whatever solutions we are pouring to make that blend.

The jars are labelled to describe their contents as follows:

mixing jar (empty unless being used)

ink jar (100% ink)
water jar (100% water)

storage jar 1 (50/50) (aka 1:1)
storage jar 2 (ink blend) (75/25) (aka 3:1)
storage jar 3 (water blend) (25/75) (aka 1:3)

storage jar 4 (1+2) (37.5% water / 62.5% ink) (aka 2:1)
storage jar 5 (1+3) (62.5% water / 37.5% ink) (aka 1:2)


The % system does not give accurate ratio!

Storage jars 4 and 5 have a problem translating the percentile system into accurate ratios.
Basing it on the proportional ratios, the decimal mathematical system gives us this equation:

jar 1 + jar 2 = 1:1 + 3:1 = 4:2 = 2:1 = two parts ink + one part water

This should be  66.6r% / 33.3r%  NOT 37.5% / 62.5%

jar 1 + jar 3 = 1:1 + 1:3 = 2:4 = 1:2 = one part ink + two parts water

This should be  33.3r% / 66.6r%  NOT 37.5% / 62.5%

There is a 9% window of variance (4.5% more or 4.5% less) between accurate ratios and the decimal measurements.

For this reason: we simplified the whole story and use instead the system (as do computer memory chips) generally associated with ‘the calendar wheel’

1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 … so on …

This also does not give us a definitive system for correlating the ratios with the decimal. It does however illustrate the fallacy of relying exclusively on decimal as an accurate system of measurement. This becomes important when we are basing our comprehension of macrocosmic and microscopic reality (quantum, particle and astrological physics) on using a system which does not harmonize with “multiversal balance”. 

And yet; 5 is the sign of Mankind or Satan, depending on the source.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Atma / Brahmin


"Is the Sky the Rain?" 
"Is the Rain the Sky?"

Both are O2H2O. 

Both the same yet unique. 

This answer satisfies most because it amuses them and provides equity, equality. 
Yet it is not the absolute truth.  

Those who pioneer to discover beyond the general consensus cannot fit into the general consensus, must by definition stand apart from it. A caste system evolves dependent upon individual understanding verses community understanding. 

"This is MY raindrop." -anon 

Neither is more right. Neither is more wrong. Both are equally necessary. The consensus for stability, which would become stagnation if not for progress. The pioneers for progress, to avert stagnation which is decay. Continual flux, cycles, between progress and decay. Within an enclosed system we cannot have one without the other. Infinite loop, Eventual self-destruction, Evolution to state of expansion beyond limitations. 

Step one: identify that which limits us and beat it using what we have. 
Step Two: identify what we have and how best to use it. 
Step Three: remove resource wasters who threaten ability to stabilize-and-progress. 
Step Four: progress through stages of development.

It works on multiple planes: 
(emotionally, mentally, spiritually) = perceptively (intuitively)
} energetically.
It works energetically. 

Everything is in relation to something else. And then there is a harmonic of that. It is the galactic Harmonic. Coming online with it, to become a conduit for it, is buddahood, is Atma. The centered self. Anything other than the centered self is delusion, is distraction. Our attention focus pulls toward, or away from, that simple state of being. We distract ourselves by turning away from ourselves because we do not want to face and assimilate the true nature. We are fifty percent angelic and divine, sacred; we are fifty percent bestial and crude, corruptible, nasty. When we get this in balance (as I write it is 30.11.18 a half-moon, darkside ascending, the unveiled is revealed), we achieve equilibrium, inner harmony. Knowing it is to always return to it. It helps us to avoid wrong-action.

In Buddhism from Sanskrit (Middle/Far-East) the concept of Samsara which means both confusion and conditioning. Samsara means delusion. Delusional means both; being-in-a-state-of and creating-of-(viral).

It is not perception from Atma, from clarity and connectedness with galactic harmony. It is from attachment to anything other than that internal balance and functions to delude us away from and thus deny us from achieving peaceful equilibrium. Atma is balanced core which acts as conduit through which harmony (brahma) flows.

The divine connection with source is from and through you. The core of your inner being. It is not from identity with paradigms, idioms, delusional distractions, false self image, compromise of self with social culture, desire for external fulfillment, trying to be something for the sake of egotistical wants. The frame of mind involved with all of that, is continual escape from Self, from facing ones self and accepting it. Many people do not believe them selves ready to attain it, believe themselves undeserving of it due to past life experiences. Many people have a lot of pain and disgustingness to wade through and accept about themselves before coming into a clear relationship with self. This is a primary factor of why people escape from it into delusions. It is a purgatory process.

We simply have to let go. Letting go is the fast track, involving acceptance and in many cases involving forgiveness, of self and others. Acceptance that things are the way they are is necessary whether you set out to change them or simply accept them as they are.

To progress beyond limitation we have to accept the steps and stages of leveling out, as we ascend. It does take us time to assimilate and for all the pieces to balance internally and externally, before they are stable. If you are relying on other people as your steppingstone and yet they are unstable with your path of ascension, they are going to become crushed and then the ground and your feet is going to disappear. Patients and the development of patience is a natural part of the process in developing a long-term foresight and deeper comprehension of our situation.

Ascension through balance, balance through Ascension.

The balance comes in stages because we are complicated and there are so many threats to our weave, they cannot all settled, balance and become stable continually. Should they do this, we become a plinth and we stagnate, we cease to ascend. That imprint is marked as a platform in time, which may last for millennia or maybe forgotten immediately.

However, as we have observed that most of our weaves harmonize at specific events and occasions. Some are put under pressure to hurry them up, to test them, to break them if they are distraction/delusion in the ultimate journey. It is a distillation process, often a pressure-boiler of coming toward purity so we may vibrate at a higher frequency and ascend further beyond what we can even observe from the current reference point.

Therefore, there are nexus events, nodes where time-streams converge, synapses merge. We recognize and have a revelatory moment, which helps us to let go of all the unnecessary baggage from the past, which we have been letting holding onto, necessary as it was yesterday to get us to here. They may be identified as rungs on the ladder or steps in a process.

It is imperative to understand and accept that it does take time for the collective come on up to catch up with itself and for everybody to recognize and also harmonize with those empowering, our current stage of development. Many are incapable of comprehending where you are at; the pioneers of any culture are literally ahead of and beyond, outside the scope of the mainstream surrounding them, those who are affected by their wake. It takes time to communicate to them, for them to assimilate that communication, for them to except that stage of development. Thus we are many of us at different stages of development.

Brahmin recognize a whirlwind of delusion surrounds a peaceful inner core, and this is the nature of our universe. Is it in motion? Is it stable?

Friday, 23 November 2018


Echo and Narcissus, John William Waterhouse, 1903,
commonly used illustration of how projected grids affect working context to the delusion and disillusionment of involved parties

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this text, specific gender pronouns are used. While it is equally accurate the other way around it is vastly more common in the community to encounter it the way specified here. This use of gender bias is done purposefully, it should become apparent by the end of the text why it is necessary in this context. This said; a core principle of the outline concept is that in most cases, 'it works two ways'. 


The shame and guilt reflex. 
Trauma becomes behavioral patterns.
She needs to hear somebody say, I am sorry. 
And for her to believe it, to accept it. 

Until then, every relationship she has which can possibly be exploited into the shape required, for the partner to apologize to her. She has transferred the need. It is no longer the original person who needs to apologize for that to her, it is whoever is providing her supply/support. 

The trauma possibly originated in childhood from a parent or a caregiver, or from a significant other eg; spouse. In any case, it is the breaking of trust which is resulted in trauma and developed into personality disorder. 

A significant portion of the population carry versions of this around. People on the narcissistic personality disorder spectrum as a result of trauma, need their partner to apologize to them. So therefore they bully and belittle significant other until that person conforms and plays at the role for their healing. Whether the person has consented to this game or not, it is the closest possible in liminal terms because they are a supply, supportive of the person. 

It does inflict injury on the partner by the process of cajoling and positioning him into a situation where he feels apologetic. This subtle form of abuse is called recontextualisation and usually developed in stages but can occur in one fabricated situation in which the narcissist is moving the goalposts. 

What happens next, as the shame and the consequence, the pattern which is grown from the shame, is projected outwards instead of being faced up to, is it becomes toxic. This is the narcissist internal mechanism, it then becomes the context clouding the relationship. For the narcissist is the purpose of the relationship which is being used as leverage so that they do not have to face the same reflex but can still maneuver around it. That partner is the fall-guy being manipulated for that purpose. In most cases, neither of the partners are aware of it and in many cases because there is so much trauma in the community, both partners are playing at various levels of this. 

For relationship counseling; identifying personal shame and trusting your partner to work through those processes with you, should be something which occurs early on in the relationship preferably before engaging in sex because that further complicates matters although trust relationships being what they are… Are preferable than disposable sex partners. We will need sex that’s a given. It’s only a problem when games are played using sex as leverage.

What happens next is the relationship between the person needing to hear sorry and inflicting that position onto their partner, both fall within roles which are very easily misinterpreted. Smokescreens and distractions veil the underlaying energy structures. 

The partner feels targeted and put out, and recognizes this, is in a confusion of withdrawal for self-preservation with being exploited by routine behavior to respond to the narcissists reward/control system. It is much more complicated and confusing when sex is involved because then it functions on every level of our being and the entanglement is a much more complicated entity to untangle.

The narcissist on the other hand is not receiving the full support and supply required and which they are used to, decides their partner who is not reacting by apologizing, is useless and a waste of the time. 

From both directions, resentment grows. 

One of them decides to leave first, creating a vacuum space of misperception which cannot be healed by communication because there is none, hurt feelings and uncomfortable environment. Usually it is the provider who is the more badly damaged, who chases after the narcissist because, As a result of their independence and self esteem having been ground down completely, the relationship has become a reference on which the victims well-being also balances. 

The narcissist uses this, because after having emotionally ended the relationship, all the effort is coming from the target, trying to fix things while feeling apologetic regardless that they were the provider. 

The police see that chase as being the target is the troublemaker. Empathic Psychologists see that as the target is having a breakdown because of what the narcissist has done to them. Most of the time, relationship breakdowns involve low-level narcissism from both sides. That’s actually quite normal because we’re dealing with humans and not robots.

This situation is exploited by the narcissist who created and projects it, only to exploit it. The narcissist can identify the target as being the abuser, for not supporting them fully in the way they need it, and for harassing them after they cut their losses. 

The narcissists support/supply network encourage the narcissist to avoid the victim who in their collective network is a bad person who must be avoided and punished if possible, for the injury they have caused to the narcissist. 

The source of this injury is her unwillingness to face a shame and he’s not recognizing his role in replaying her past trauma to heal it and the drama which has resulted from it. She does not want to heal it, she does not want to face that and so she involves her intimate partners in the circle around it, creating a black hole into which the part of falls, so that she can label that person as the bad guy to seek her revenge on the original trauma while at the same time not having to face it.

She will repeat the pattern in every relationship she has until somebody says sorry. 

At which point, if she accepts it she will feel superior and healing process can begin. 

Narcissism includes domination, superiority complex, grandiosity and aspiration; a specific social position which she wants to achieve. If it’s not achieved she feels a failure all her miserable life, once she has achieved it she will use that authority to maximize the size of her supply/support network. 

The Societies infrastructural systems support the narcissists ability to achieve such position of authority within it. A mental belief that anybody who does not respect its structure system is a threat to the society, is the reinforcement of the righteousness of narcissistic control. 

Those who can see the whole for what it is, correctly identifies the situation and the necessary steps towards healing the people involved; both the victim of the narcissist and the narcissist who is claiming to be the victim of her victim. In both cases, apologies are needed and needed to be accepted as authentic rather than lines spoken by actors for the sake of convenience. Narcissist rely on face value fakery, they are believable lawyers and expert actors.

Identifying a persons relationship with their own sense of insecurity, inferiority, shame and guilt, is essential for the counselor. The counselor must himself dedicate an unusually large amount of time to analyzing and identifying those factors about himself so as to be able to accurately do so for other people. 

Traditionally we use the word ‘shaman’ for one who does this. Shame-man. The word also means shah as in noble and relates to chi as in energy. In the west the Society refuses to acknowledge shaman to be a real thing. Shaman are counselors and community healers, reminding everybody always to live in balance, to respect the harmony. The society does however except the role of a professional counselor, one who understands psychology and emotional psychology, who fulfills the role within the society of healing trauma.

The cycle is: those abused by narcissist develop narcissistic tendencies which are then exploited by the narcissists. Narcissism is a reflex personality, growing from a traumatic experience. There are covert and overt narcissists. When it replaces a persons authentic and original personality it becomes a social problem for the community. There are varying levels of narcissism, and there are many energy exploitation strategies although they do typically conform to only a handful of types. 

As always, projection of an analysis on to the situation for the purpose of path-working and healing, must integrate that there may be other invisible factors or other systems of analysis which are more accurate to individual cases. 

Despite being the best tool we have, ‘the versus narcissism technique’ context based on identifying shame-reflex, is limited; it involves extremism and fundamentalism, left-brain thinking which narcissists epitomize as reptilian calculus and which are useful in making sense of the world for people who have been emotionally and mentally destabilized by involvement with narcissists. 

Remember, the narcissists favorite trick is to go public about how their victim has been narcissistically abusing them, as soon as the victim recognizes that they are being victimized. The narcissist will become aware their victim is waking up to them even before the victim does. They are usually gone and involving themselves in support groups, blackening the victims name, even before the victim in the mess of a breakdown fully realizes what has just happened to them.

“She needs to hear somebody say, I am sorry. And for her to believe it to accept it.”

This can be very difficult for narcissist who primarily does not want to confront their own shame, to the extent of deleting it entirely from their being. They have invested a lot of time in the personality and behavioral routines which have emerged as a result of not facing that shame. The amount of emotion and empathic ability a narcissist deletes is what places them where they are on the spectrum. 

Narcissists have problem with authenticity. Narcissists reject, resent, hate, and persecute, genuine authenticity, wholesomeness, the integrity to do the right thing. They are experts at the face value act of “being seen to be doing the right thing” for their own public image and supply-reward system. The difficulty in helping an assist through the healing process is that they will not accept authenticity because they do not/cannot resonate with it at all. 

Therefore, were a person who abused the narcissist as a child, to step into the room and say “I am so sorry for what I did, and I mean it”; the narcissist would not accept that as a reality. 

The structure of their being relies on multiple supply/support , a structure of orientation which dissolves as soon as they accept “I’m sorry”.  For them to be able to progress is normal people, they need to hear those words from somebody who they can accept it from, which is unlikely to be the original abuser.

Another major factor under recognition is narcissists have a heightened sense of expectancy, so what they perceive to be an abuse toward them is in many cases, the failing of the world in general to meet their higher than reasonable expectancy. 

That “daddy did not buy her a pony for Christmas” has triggered her lifelong antisocial behavior personality, is interpreted by her as being an abuse because she cannot accept with the child’s mind which narcissists operate from regardless of actual age. Instead it is interpreted as willful and malignant nastiness inflicted upon her by somebody who was supposed to support her but let her down; this becomes the model for the concept of ‘love’ which she will repeat in various forms with every relationship she has. 

She will only level out and stabilize in her behavior when she has to maintain public image in the eyes of society, usually only when she has achieved that superiority status of her world being put to right, that she feels settled now. For her to be able to attain that, she needs to persecute somebody is who she has dehumanized not only in her own mind but in the community around them. 

Narcissist require victims and they will invent them to achieve their goal. Others recognize that goal as grandiosity, superiority, dehumanization of others, while those who believe the paradigm created by the narcissist, along with a narcissist who projects it, recognize it to be accepted and normal. 

It is normal that everybody should have a pony for Christmas, everybody has a pony for Christmas, there is something wrong with people who don’t. The narcissist is clever. It is not actually a pony for Christmas which is the topic here, they call it the feeling of safety and that target who was woken up to them, they call a threat. 

Thus, when the narcissist leaves a relationship in which they have exploited behind closed doors that partner, the narcissist says that the person is a danger and has abused her. 

On her say-so, her victim is prosecuted for domestic abuse and gains a bad reputation by her supply network, which is an extended abuse network who do not even know him, simply to satisfy her need to appear to be a normal person in the community. What she has achieved by this is to maximize her yield of support/supply. She can get more energy from 10 or 20 people looking after her occasionally, then she can get from one person who has exclusively dedicated himself to that. 

For many men entering into relationships, this is the situation they are facing. Men are sacrificed to this cause all the time in the name of feminism. It is why the phrase ‘feminism is cancer’ has been coined by those who are aware of what is happening to our communities. 

The “Internet cult of narcissism” is 5th Wave feminism using social media to indoctrinate the general female culture with a blueprint strategy of divide-and-control. 

Female supremacy is domestic terrorism. It recruits vulnerable members of society to become its agents. It recruits female narcissist to become its agents. It blurs the line between those two agencies.

The role of men in the community is not to reinforce the ‘divide and control’ by avoiding all females, which is the MGTOW rhetoric. Historically, men are designed to physically, emotionally and mentally to be protectors. 

At this time in history, men’s best way of protecting everybody is to identify the enemy is an extremist philosophy which is brainwashing women against men. 

Somehow, men have got to get women to see that is what’s happening and for women to decide that in a world out of balance, the only way any of us can attain balance is by working together for the harmony, doing so knowledgeably. That genders are not ‘opposite’ but in fact are ‘complementary’. We are physically, mentally, emotionally designed for union and when we do so, divine pleasure results. 

The man is not trying to abuse her by deconditioning her away from a cult which is designed to destroy relationships and communities. He’s trying to protect her from it and from her own destructive, negative tendencies. 

If feminism was worthy of being accepted, it would be teaching women how better to get on with men; not how to exploit and punish them for not being women. 

For women to learn how better to get on with men, open communication with men who are of their own mind is preferable than projecting strawman arguments at them.