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Proxy Kill

Proxy Kill

"I will not hurt any student, and I will protect all learners from harm. I will remember that there is art to learning as well as science, and that caring, empathy, social, emotional and physical development are as critical as intellectual achievement. I will apply, for the benefit of each student, all available instructional supports and resources, in the knowledge and conviction that we each learn differently, and that everyone can learn." socratic-oath-for-educators

Socrates, the "father of western thinking" was forced by controlling society to drink poison for their perceived crime of corrupting youth.

0. pre-med
In the first decade of the 20th century, Snake Apple Tree wrote a serial of short stories entitled The Murder Chronicles (aka New Murder Fiction). 

It was published incomplete to

This has nothing at all to do with;  Liang Yaosheng's works of same title or R. Barri Flowers works of same title or the-line-up's interactive fictions of same title or anybody else using the same title which quite clearly is collectively a shareware title under no formal copyright property. 

Snake Apple Tree's serial as a complete includes both the final (unpublished) chapter(s) and also other short stories not included in the published core. They were not published due to their personal nature. The serial is billed as being semi-fictionalized accounts of true stories. They are tales from the underground; official records always show very different versions of events. This is because the official versions are cover-ups by a corrupt society.

The following are chapters of the final novella (Proxy Kill) of the serial. 


1. basis

Manufacturing a collective operational base which holds a paradigm and enforces it upon target. 
The paradigm enforces depression upon the target of such severe intensity that the target commits suicide.

Everybody says "its a shame" and enjoys their suffering of the loss of othe target from the collective. 

In animal species we observe this behavior. Example, a murder of crows (collective noun for a flock of crows in English language is 'murder') will peck to death the weaker members of the flock, increasing the amount of available food scraps to scavenge for the stronger members. This maintains the health of the flock while being a bitch for the target. 

2. control

Trying to control the target. 
Enforcing a false paradigm, establishing it in the mind of zombi's as the officially endorsed collaborative agreement, the dominant narrative.
Instead of respecting nature, intuition, spirit. 
Aboriginal map of reality has three circles: the world of nature, the world of Spirits, the world of Humans. The world out of balance is the world which accepts only Humans as valid and Nature to be exploited, and dismisses the world of Spirit as make-belief.
Shaman integrate it as Truth. 

The excuse to protect 'vulnerables' from those who can and want to help.
The result is: 
Without help, the vulnerable kills him/her self.

3. Luci

Luci was 14. 
I was 28. 

I saved up and bought a Japanese fretless blue electric bass guitar. 
Luci saved up and bought a red electric fender guitar. 

The first time we met was in the street, both in the glow of yielding our tools which were finally in our possession, on that first day of ownership. 


There is magick in instruments. 
There is even more magick in music.
There is magick in the universe to have put this coincidence together. 

We are but cogs in an intergalactic, multi-dimensional machine the mechanics of which are far, far beyond our understanding. The very best we can hope for is to recognize some small glimpse of this, through the divine worshipful connection of, when we trust our intuition, when we let music flow through us without mind getting in the way, when we have sex. These are the three principles of divine worship.

Luci was dark and worshipped dark gods with blood and sex magic.
She had a shrine to black metal and goth. 
She had candles and spoke a language I have not heard in several incarnations. 
A young witch coming of age, wise far beyond her years and obsessed with Jungian Shadow. 

Luci and I did not have sex. 
We did play music.
We did talk about psychology. 
Luci was depressed and cutting herself deeper each time. 

I had recently finished doing counseling nvq2 and frustrated that the red-tape limitations of doing it professionally for money through the state would make any real attempt at actually fixing somebody, not possible. The girl needed emotional and mental support, she needed a hug. She needed a fuck but being only 14 in a nation which kills paedophiles and where the age of consent is 16, we did not go there. We could have and it was a potential between us. Some other lucky brat would have to sort her out that way. I proved my parental responsibility. We behaved in accordance with social conformity despite occasionally facing down natural instinct together. 

Our relationship was mostly defined by music tutor and counselor. I lent her cd's and guitar effects boxes. We both used the same software, so I taught her some of the tricks I have learned with it. It helped her to focus on creativity instead of self-destruction. Her family members who got to know me and who trusted me remarked the positive influence I was having on her. She stopped cutting so often. Her scars began to heal. 

The prejudice twats did not like me sniffing around a vulnerable minor. 
They did not like the age gap. 
They beat me up in the street. 
They knew where i lived.
I stopped visiting her. 
That was my mistake. 
She nose-dived.
She cut too deep.
She dead now. 

4. Popi

After the tragedy of Luci I traveled to get over it. 
I trusted my intuition and I went in that direction, regardless. 

I found myself in the Valley. 
From the outside, the Valley is the last retreat of free people in Britain.
It does have an internet site and it is described on there as;
"Survival lifestyle"
There are no facilities.
It is entirely based on people and people skills. 
A place where free people can go to develop skills not even known about by the city slaves and their mindless polluting conformity.  

Drink water and wash from the stream. 
Import food or grow your own. 
The Valley is surrounded by forest. 
The community is organized well enough that a daily shit-bucket collection takes your toilet from your bender and deposits it in the community compost. 
Kids born there are educated locally and not by state school. 
It is hardly Canada and the reserves, but its the closest thing to it in UK. 
Everybody knows everybody. 
Everybody knows everybody's business. 

A culture in miniature highlights the issues which all cultures face.
Politics is as rife in the Valley as it is in the city. 
It is also somewhat of a tourist venue for those curious and able to find it and get there. 
Everyone lives openly, which is to say everyone has the same STDs because with a very small population of very open minded people, liberal people gonna do what liberal people gonna do. 

Popi grew up there. 
At 15 Popi had enough. 
I heard about Popi. 

Popi a Bright in the context of the 2017 movie Bright (directed by David Ayer)
Everybody loved her. 
Popi was the most free spirit the Valley had produced, of a population who uphold being a freespirit as the ultimate Human Right and Aspiration.
My intuition screamed at me that I have to connect with her.
As soon as possible. 
I asked around.
The community protect.
People do. 

"No mate, you ain't going near our Popi."
"Ye well thanks for making me feel like a wolf after a sheep but there's more to it than that." 
"We don't know you."
I looked her square in the eye.
"I am True. You don't know Truth."

I wasn't though. Had i been True i would have gone direct to her.
My mistake was a preconception that I needed to go through other people to find her.
The Valley works its mysterious charms; to take, to give, to set its own balance.

I knew that by connecting with Popi I could set her toward a path she needed to be on, and that it had to be me because nobody else could do it. Because of the primal nature of energy and how it dances, electromagnetic. I cannot explain this without sounding crazy to the crazy people. 

I had seen the girls spirit and connected with her in dream. Because brights stand out in the darkness and I have stared into that darkness so much that I can see the motions of brights, their colours which have meanings, where and how they flow, and ebb. I saw the imminence of her ebb.

The valley closed its cultural gates against me. 

I saw her ebb extinguish and I cried. 

Later, i heard that Popi had killed herself. 

Those who knew her explained, she had been trying to get away from the valley and its controlling culture. She had nowhere to go. 

I returned to my empty flat in the city which was a gate to so much of the multiverse. 

Another light gone out. 


Soon after that I encountered a young teenage boy crying on the back doorstep of a church at the back of my apartment. I asked him whats up? Sat next to him. Talked. He opened up to me. 

"Social services has forced me into adoption with a woman who does not feed me and hits me." 

He showed me the bruising.

"The teachers don't care. The police don't want to get involved. So I have run away. I don't know where to go." 

I could not take a vulnerable minor into my apartment alone without putting myself at risk. i do not operate that way. 

I was returning to my apartment to eat because I had not eaten for a day or two. Neither had Toni.
I suggested we buy food from the shop, which we did. Moving the body in walking is a step toward going forward, motion, holistic metabolic system regulating itself toward balance, starts the healing. He stopped crying and had a goal now, albeit temporary and small but the food would help.
He is eating my food, technically not my food but food I had bought. My energy is going into him with it. His configuration would shift and align with mine. This is how energy works. Idiots do not see it this way.
We discussed his friends and their parents being home, people who know him and can help. 
He was missing the hell out of his old friends, his old school, his old life. He had been banned form seeing any of them by his foster mother.
We visited his friend in another part of town. He was grateful that I knew the route. 
His friends parents were out and I did not want to drop him off there, it felt bad.
We visited another of his friends in another part of town. 
We borrowed the phone to call Toni's mother and she told him to fuck off.
The friend phoned his own mother and arranged Toni could stay the night there. 
She likes Toni and knows him well.
This felt good. The healing Toni needs even if only for one night.
I did not know what else to do.
Had I called the authorities, the police &/or social services, it would have betrayed Toni's trust for me and it would have caused him more problems. 
He would have run away again with nowhere to go.
He would lose trust in other people and his ability to trust others would be damaged.
Shaman are healers. We are advanced at emotional psychology and at psychology. 
We do our best to do the right thing.
I did not see Toni again but I did see a few of his friends sometime later who told me that he had gone back to his foster mother's and they hadn't heard of him since.

6. This list continues. 

Many more examples. People would rather drive their kids to suicide than allow a shaman to heal them. This is UK 21st century. I do not regard any of this to be my failing because I tried damn hard to prevent those who I could see are going to do it, from doing it. Everyone who was binding them to the path of self destruction did everything they could to get rid of me by labeling me as the danger element, as an unknown, as a potential risk. 

There is a beautiful tradition that by remembering to others the lesson of a persons life, is to honour that life.

©2018 Ordo Octopia

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Wuxia Moves


"She's a fake!"
"Look more closely."
"But she doesn't realize she's a fake!" 

Two old guys from a different, more respectable, experienced and older, insightful yet repressive culture; scrutinizing Holly (Auddrey Hepburn) as 'the symbol for Modernity as Lifestyle' (1960s), in the movie Breakfast At Tiffany's 1961 American romantic comedy film directed by Blake Edwards and written by George Axelrod, based on Truman Capote's novel. 

And so we go into post-post-post-modernist 2018 where the intelligensia elite has to involve itself with the practicality of fakes who do not realize they are fakes. The pursuit of Truth as embodiment of Aspiration and spiritual path sets its seldom accoladed acolytes as a caste apart. Capable to see through illusion and yet surrounded by a mainstream who perpetuate illusion, the intelligensia become outcastes. 

"Zombies do not recognize that they are zombies. That's the problem." SnakeAppleTree

"They go aggressive when it is showed to them and they simply cannot and will not integrate it. There's no getting through to them. They mistake their job role within their illusion of social hierarchy, for reality - because they are cognitive dissonance mental health condition. They are technically unsane. Yet as mainstream, they re-affirm delusion as 'normality'. They persecute the non-normative, which is to persecute the truth. For scientists this is a bitch of a situation."

Experiences outside of the structural norm define the out-caste. It is here where we discover that UFO's, fayries and exotic yet real stuff, is not mythical but actual. It is here with these knowledges that we can never go back to existing within the confines of a state of restrictive intelligence and delusional decision making. Lies built upon lies create monstrous towers inevitably to fall when the fundamental wave collapses, as science tells us it will. 


This is the foundation of our exploration of Wuxia. 

Wuxia (武俠, IPA: [ù.ɕjǎ]), which literally means "martial heroes", is a genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists in ancient China. Although wuxia is traditionally a form of literature, its popularity has caused it to spread to diverse art forms such as Chinese opera, manhua, films, television series and video games. It forms part of popular culture in many Chinese-speaking communities around the world.

The word "wuxia" is a compound composed of the elements wu (literally "martial", "military", or "armed") and xia (literally "honourable", "chivalrous", or "hero"). A martial artist who follows the code of xia is often referred to as a xiake (literally "follower of xia") or youxia (literally "wandering xia"). In some translations, the martial artist is referred to as a "swordsman" or "swordswoman" even though he or she may not necessarily wield a sword.

The heroes in wuxia fiction typically do not serve a lord, wield military power or belong to the aristocratic class. They often originate from the lower social classes of ancient Chinese society. A code of chivalry usually requires wuxia heroes to right and redress wrongs, fight for righteousness, remove oppressors, and bring retribution for past misdeeds. Chinese xia traditions can be compared to martial codes from other cultures such as the Japanese samurai's bushido tradition.

Wuxia is primarily a code of honor which instructs lifestyle. 

We have identified already that 'zombies do not recognize they are zombies and perpetuate falseness through their beliefs and thus actions'.

Contemporary Chivalry is, for the outcaste who have retained integrity and honor by standing against delusionary behavior of the zombie apocalypse mainstream horde, are by default Wuxia. Whether the individual aligns with the pursuit of waking up the zombies for the betterment of community, or avoids them, or a mix of both, is the choice of the individual. Even in Minecraft can zombies be rehabilitated. There is hope. 

Most outcaste are in some way broken by the mechanical systematic dehumanization of the state architecture. The hierarchy machine is not your friend.Recognition of this is critical to understanding why most Wuxia are kinked in some way; through constant barrage of abuse.

"When something so extreme happens to us that we cannot go back there in ordinary consciousness, but we need to go back there to heal ourselves, the pursuit of it defines us, the journey becomes expertise. This does not make us bad people."


“Stories of Imagination tend to upset those without one.” Emma Lou

We are living in a fayrie-tale. True to any fayrie-tale it has darkness and beauty, lightness and mirth of the sort black witches determine kill. It's full of Love fragile from the advances of the fake and obsessively controlling world of exploitation which is the System and Society. 

She asked me my favorite movies and for the first time I thought about trends running through the first three which came to mind. This, from an overview of what the movies are about. 

"It's about music. And a good hearted thief vs society and its corruption." (on Subway)

"That ones about music too, and good hearted thieves. It explores how society accepts or not, and how hypocritical its rules are." (on Diva)

"That one's a love story about thieves and honor. Being Chinese it story-tells in an epic and beautiful way. And has great music." (on Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon)

Recognition that we are in a story. That the genre defines the dialogue. That the direction is within a context for it to flow. That the tenets of storytelling apply also to the unfolding of our lives. 

After which, justification: "I'm not a thief!" I'm not. 

Except perhaps for the dog-hearts of daughters; infinite loving, attempting always understanding as default mode to return to asap, and can become bitches when this trust is scarred, as happens to far too many. It is why the tenderness of loving is critical to positive development of relationships. 

"These are all love stories too."

I like these movies because the underdog, forced to survive repression, has to make a stand. I like the characters who make a stand against oppression. They are heroes. But there is wisdom here too, they must be the fox to outsmart superior odds. Cunning which develops from experience and insight.

Subway - 1985 French comedy drama film directed by Luc Besson and starring Isabelle Adjani and Christopher Lambert. The film is classified as part of the cinema du look movement.

Diva - 1981 French thriller film directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix, adapted from the novel Diva by Daniel Odier (under the pseudonym Delacorta).

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (simplified Chinese: 卧虎藏龙; traditional Chinese: 臥虎藏龍) is a 2000 martial arts film. The film is a Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong and American venture produced by Asian Union Film & Entertainment, China Film Co-Productions Corporation, Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia, Edko Films, Good Machine International, and Zoom Hunt Productions. Directed by Ang Lee.

Why I like these films

These films all happen to have thieves in them. I am not a thief I do not respect theft. I do value that all property is theft from community but I also value that I am looking after the tools I need to be an artist better than some disempowered twat who would break it from social frustration or spite and envy and throw it in a river.  

I did not make these movies and decide to put thieves in them. Why did the film maker make that decision? Because they are adventurous and stand against not the normality of human community but primarily about survival in a culture where outcasts exist because capitalism, not property ownership, is inequality based and by default will always create a poor underclass which once accepting the pointlessness of aspiration toward an impossible dream accepts instead degeneracy as a survival necessity. 

In short, the excitement of those who stand against the enforced rules of a society which exploits instead of providing for all. This is the second factor, that it is not the community who the thieves target but the totalitarianism of a system which has let them down. In this they are not only vindicated but become also heroes standing for the moral cause of human equality for all. 

Stealing an apple (or indeed a hole) from the barrel is less offensive than stealing a fifth of a hard earned income through taxes or the ground beneath your feet by land ownership, the many in debt as slaves to the few, and most enslaved to a corrupt system which relies on persecution and exploitation as well as the brainwashing of the masses, to self-perpetuate. Within Wuxia culture the many facets of this are explored. Such exploration is of contrasts and by example. Often, by analogy.

Such examples are not always from Chinese literature and movies thus, in Western traditions the equivalents are to be found in movies about criminals which range from the good, stylish French movies such as Subway, Diva and Nikita (1990 Luc Besson), through film noir, the ugly of gangster movies such as Untouchables (1987 Brian De Palma), to the bad of mega violence movies such as Ronin (1998 John Frankenheimer) and John Wick (2014 Chad Stahelski, David Leitch)

All of these explore morality crisis through various situations varying from heroic revenge to simple robbery for personal gain and empirical expansion. To this we bring Lawrence of Arabia (1962 David Lean) and Zulu (1964 Cy Endfield) into the fold, and the inevitability of StarWars (1977 George Lucas) space opera dramatically inspired by wuxia precepts indeed to such extent the cliches listed as bullet point define the Wuxia genre.

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We are complimentary genders, not opposing genders.

Exploring traditional perception which has survived cultural and language changes since time immemorial, during which both genders have at various times been repressed, venerated, and generally regarded as equals with differences. For this reason this text contains a use of language which might be described by feminists as patriarchal. We can not explore history without doing so because it is so deeply ingrained into the fabric of our being. Perceived sexism is not intentional.

I work for #GenderlessEquity. I fully support that males and females are naturally, biologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and socially intended to balance one another by facing together the challenges of our differences. We are complimentary genders, not opposing genders. This is how we thrive best. We learn and develop together. As an evolving species we require making the effort to comprehend and support one another to achieve progress. This is an ongoing focus. When that effort fails, individuals, families, communities, cultures, nations, and people generally; fail. 

I am fully aware that we currently live in an era where gender division is manipulated and promoted because divisionism is a useful tool of statecraft. Those who govern are of the attitude that; 

"Set them against each other then step in to reign. United they stand, divided they are isolated, therefore are easier to control. That they choose division over unity is proof of why they need to be controlled; they clearly cannot control themselves." 

Apparently this text now has a larger disclaimer than the intended main body of the text, simply as a justification of what I am trying to achieve. It is necessary to ward of criticism by those who are entirely missing the point. 


"She is all over the place with her feelings."

Women need to be stabilized. Their peer groups idiom, their coven as support, maintaining a working worldview, is one method, encircling each individual who is in turn a part of the circle. The woman's partner is another who puts a focus in and hammers it home; mentally, emotionally, biologically by physical design, culturally by adhering to social creed.

The En part of the word men is pre-Babylonian and means* exactly that; to instruct, to give direction. The intention is to provide stability by adhering to the social structure designed to work for human communities. The Creed, the agreed format of How We Should Be Living To Best Thrive.

The rise of feminism has destroyed the relationship between men and women, by undermining men's ability to do that and therefore undermining men's self-worth as having a valid role in community. 

In today's communities the rejection and emasculation of men is seeing men criminalized for acting naturally as by design. The rise of extremist female supremacy called Feminism and its overt and covert support from the State system. All she has to do is say that "he frightens me" or that he sexually misconducted her, and he will be dragged through hell and branded as a danger element to society. Evidence is not required.

Nice people who have not been through this trauma claim aghast "No, we do not live in such a totalitarian state! Nobody would permit it!" And yet increasing numbers of men are telling these nice, naive people that is exactly what is happening. Of course once criminalized that man is a social outcast who nice people do not listen to lest they taint themselves by association. "He must have done something wrong!" What he did wrong was he was born male and fall under the auspices of a corrupt state control pogrom. It happened prior to World War Two less than a century ago in the run-up to Nazi controlled Germany. It's happening in Britain, Now.

The war against men as a tool of social division funds the Law Society whose members swear an Oath to uphold the Law Society. It consists of Police, Law School trained Solicitors and Court system. It provides a constant stream of income for all of that. The word Law is a deception here because it is not the Common Law which is being upheld but the government issued Statutes as Acts of A Majesties parliament; the Legal system.


"What is the relationship between Law and legal system?" Ask I. 
"The Law and legal system are designed to go hand in hand." Rebecca, Solicitor

"The Common Law of our ancestors 
('do not harm, steal or use trickery, and keep the Peace') 
predates history; so, 
how can it be 
'designed to work hand in hand'
with the current form of legal system?'" I asked her.

"I can not answer that." She replied. I did not press as to her reasons.
As to which is superior, in circumstances of Law vs Legal to determine outcome; 

We no longer have Law Courts (common Law courts). 
We have instead Magistrates courts, Crown courts, 
and we have Courts of Law and Order.
It is the ORDER part of this equation which is the critical factor 
as to how we now have such corruption occurring. 

"Whose system of Order?" Ask the Many.

"The Judge. In accordance with ..." 

Whatever she had for breakfast?


"The more you go through, the wiser you become.
The more you put others through, the wiser they become to you." 


* En. Men. Mean (intent) as in meaning. Meander (derivation).


a short series of inter-related blogs
with no specific order

Hypergamy 2

Hypergamy 1

The following transcript is made for non-profit, within international fair use policy for educational purposes and fully accredited to source. Its intended function is as a reference link from other related blogs.

“The hierarchical attitude they generally run on the principle that being higher up in the hierarchy is better! And there is something wrong with you from a moral perspective if you happen to be among the failures. 

One possibility is conscientious people and industrious people judge themselves that way is because they judge themselves quite harshly and they really do not want to fail. But its not because they're anxious, its because they are disgusted, self-disgusted by the possibility that they might count among the failures. So that grounds it into an entirely different motivational system. 

As soon as you produce a value structure, you produce a hierarchy because people compete toward the end game and that will immediately produce a hierarchy of accomplishment. Why would men be particularly motivated to do that? And the answer seems to be because of Hypergamy. 

Hypergamy is the tendency of women to mate across or up dominance hierarchies. So males compete with each other and they want to because they want to win. Part of the consequence of winning is they have much more success with women and that's a primary motivator. It provides a rationale for supporting a relatively structured hierarchy that has nothing to do with having to deal with the negative consequences of not having a stable world view.” Jordan Peterson

“Another thing to think about with regards to hierarchy is that if you have an ideal, you immediately have a hierarchy. And so if you wanted to get rid of hierarchy you have to get rid of values. That seems like a really stupid thing to do because without values you have no positive motivation. Because you feel almost all of your positive motivation in relationship to a goal. Its not attainment of a goal that makes people happy, generally speaking. Its observation of the fact that their efforts are moving toward a valued goal. 

Of course if you are conscientious, over time your field of opportunities opens up from an employment perspective plus your income increases and you’ve stabilized the environment around you. So there’s less uncertainty in it and more security. It could easily be that conscientiousness has its effect on neuroticism by stabilizing the environment, taking the uncertainty out of it and making people, not so much lower in neuroticism but less likely to be anxious and in emotional pain in general. 

If you have a client who is unconscientious you have got a real problem because the person won’t do anything they say they are going to do. If the person doesn’t get around to doing things that will help, how can you get them to get around to doing anything that’ll help? Its one of those flaws that seems to interfere with the process itself. 

Maybe you could make the person enthusiastic about it and they’d be driven by enthusiasm which is more of a positive emotion or maybe you could terrify them half to death about the consequences of not doing it which is also useful or maybe they’re agreeable so they’d be willing to do it for someone else or if they’re open you can think of a creative way of doing it; there’s other places you can get leverage. But without the conscientiousness there’s a real problem, it's really difficult. 

Conscientiousness is a good predictor of long-term life success. It's a good predictor negatively of divorce. More conscientious people are less likely to get divorced. It's a really good predictor of grades, its a decent predictor of income, its a good predictor of social status, eventual social status. It seems to be particularly good at predicting outcomes of people who are engaged in managerial, administrative and process management occupations. And so all of those occupations are characterized by the necessity of reliability, integrity and attention to detail. 

So overall if you’re conscientious you are going to be satisfied with your life especially as you progress through time, and you are going to be happier. Which is funny because happiness is basically extroversion so you might ask what does it have to do with conscientiousness? Your life actually stabilizes and gets better so even though you might not be more happy, you’ll be less miserable. Its really painful to be miserable but its only moderately good to be happy. We have a much bigger capacity for negative emotion than positive emotion.” Jordan Peterson

a short series of inter-related blogs
with no specific order

Hypergamy 2

Narc Parade

Narc Parade

People bitching vehemently about their partners in public to strangers on social media platforms and in the street, these people have zero conscientiousness. They have already decided to sell out their relationship. Sanctity of any partnership relies on it being a 1-1 entity which by introducing others into it has become a 1-world-1 entity with the world coming between them and their partner, replacing their own empathic and intellectual capabilities with advice from networks, in the hope by doing so, also alleviates them from culpability. This is a Beta caste trait. These are described as ‘support networks' in the same way that ‘invaders’ are called ‘liberators’.

How does this equate to the All Men Are Narcissistic paradigm?

The Narcissism Paradigm is fundamentalism because it operates within a limited scope, programming people of limited scope, to make choices based on limited factors, to the exclusion of humanitarian factors. It is designed to manufacture gender hate as a tool of divisionism, under the pretext of safeguarding a victim. To enjoy the support of that false safeguarding, you have to step down from a position of relative stability into ‘victim mode’.

The Narcissism Paradigm functions as does a cult. Divisionism is both covert and overt psychological warfare. Families and Communities are the target of agenda based Societies. Society is defined as being 'membership of a club agreeing to follow an established system of rules or a creed'. It is not the same as community.

This specific society is fifth wave feminism. It is hostile toward males and exploits both males and females through manipulation although in different ways. By polarizing the female as victim role she becomes vulnerable and the male becomes the abuser. He has been dehumanized and receives zero support. It is prejudice and abuse of males by organized extremism from female supremacists. Perpetuating that ‘one blueprint fits all’ of the Narc Parade instead of more accurately dealing with cases individually, we are witnessing the destruction of individuals, family and community. We are seeing the destruction of stability as cultural mainstream.

This is not to say that there are not far too may cases of genuine abuse from one gender toward the other in relationships. In such cases the self-respecting victim requires to leave immediately. To stay is to accept the consequences.

"It's not always that easy."  Yes it is. Millions have done it. 
If you are in that situation, you should to, as soon as possible.

What we are seeing with promotion of the Narc Parade is exploitation to create a general delusion that 90% of cases are one thing where the truth is that only 10% of cases are that thing.
It works by playing on negative traits of fear, hatred, self-pity. Those are the undesirable qualities it encourages individuals to face and choose to grow instead of rising above them and making them smaller, as is involved in true healing. If it is true that you cannot heal while under the influence of negativity, apply that to the advice of the manipulation networkers who are not qualified professional counselors, healers, etc.


a short series of inter-related blogs
with no specific order

Hypergamy 2

Homeless Hominids

"The more you go through, the wiser they become.
The more you put others through, the wiser they become to you." 

"What's your opinion on this picture?"

I have known a lot of homeless people. No two were homeless for the same reasons. Most were voluntarily living on the streets for various, albeit slightly insane reasons, but nevertheless understandable given the circumstances. One was female. All the others male. She wasn't the most difficult to reach out to. She told me her story, accepted small change but refused point blank to trust me at all when I offered her my facilities, bath, cooker, somewhere dry to crash. Probably because my gender. Most homeless people are like that though. Once you have a protective layer of grime on you, it actually insulates you so having a bath is regressive if you are dedicated to living on the streets. Some of the guys would crash at my place sometimes but mostly they preferred the streets. Some of them got houses eventually. One guy was given a council house then told he could not have his dog there. When you are on the streets your dog is more than a pet, its a brother, your eyes and ears, your guardian. He returned the house keys and went back to the streets. Eventually the city council and police decided to clean up the city. Nobody knows exactly what happened but overnight all the homeless disappeared. One guy who was tipped off that it was coming went to a different city, I saw him again because he still had business in the city I lived in. 

I was in this situation because I was working as a professionally qualified outreach worker and had recognized that homeless people have absolutely no trust at all in system workers so they will not go to see a counselor who works for the system. There is so much red tape in system work that its useless anyway to be absolutely honest. Its now fifteen years later and in that time i have a lot more experience of the system, all over it and I can say this for definite: I have zero trust for system workers either. In one word, corruption. In two words, Prejudice. If they are doing it for money, they are in it for themselves. I quit being an outreach worker when the police and council set me up to shut me up because I was helping people. After that I lived rough myself for a while because the system had screwed me over, I lost my council flat because of corrupt bureaucracy. I built a den in a forest instead of the streets though. Homeless people are not by default stupid people. Mentally ill usually, generally as a result of abuse, and all of them have a story about bouncing off the system which had screwed them up in the first place. A few of them trusted me and I believe I helped in a few cases. I also watched people freeze to death because they were so damaged they refused to trust anyone. Regarding why the post shows that homeless people are always usually men - there is women's refuge but not men's refuge. It is for the same reason that women are given a lighter sentence for the same crime than is a man. The system is a cunt.

I bathed and saw that I need to put that into context. I got into doing all that after a life changing trip to Egypt where I saw real poverty of a type rare in Britain which has stronger economy and a welfare state. On returning to a place with clouds I could not believe that we have water in the skies here. Luxury to such extent! Water is sacred it is Life. People who do not respect this are spiritually dead. I wanted to make a difference for good. So I trained and went into the city underdark and did very little but compared with the zombie wage slaves, only the homeless had any humanity because they knew that water is sacred. After I returned from the forest I met a girl who, long story short, got me out of the city, onto streets of a distant town and living in vans paid for by rebates from suing the DWP. Then we split and I met another girl who I have a kid with. Life has showed me diversity of which street life is only a part. People who never experience it have no empathy or understanding of hardship to put a defined perspective on Life.

Is not just me who thinks so. 
The following are from another facebook discussion about the same photo. 

"I've never seen a homeless woman who wasn't either a drug addict or mentally ill. And rarely even then."

"They get sheltered and simps will go broke taking care of them skeezers."

"A woman can always find some man to take care of her. She can make all the shitty life choices in the world but if she fucks up, some rich cuck somewhere, if she's cute enough will support her"

"I'd say from about every 10 homeless people I see 2 of them are women. They definitely get to be not homeless sooner than the guys, I have observed."

"Because the law is more than likely to take a woman's side and that is the hard facts most naive men get themselves into. Time to educate young men before the good life they have is in pieces"
"Women are responsible for forcing most of them onto the streets.People see them with alcohol and assume that's the cause,it is the painkiller."
"Women's shelters..Aid for dependant stamps..welfare..disability support division all make sure women have a income and place to stay along with Section 8 housing laws.

"Vagina. Thats why"
"The cause of most men being homeless:"
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 "No. Men have always been shit. I love to have chat with those blokes.
"I did chat with many homeless dudes in Toronto; 9 out of 10 were decent human beings wronged by system."
"Depending on the state, human/social services are either bad to virtually useless. You're better off if you're female if you're homeless. You just can't walk into a homeless shelter. They screen like hell, many are only temporary, and some even charge people. They'll front like they help people but a lot of them don't do shit. Unless it's a impending disaster or severe weather, they don't have open doors and they'll only help in this instance because of the law. They'll even bullshit then too. To make matters worse, a lot of cities are shutting them down."

"Exactly. Let’s rewind 30yrs prior in their life. The system fucked them, but you’ll never hear the real story on the news or other media tv. It’s hush, hush.... They may turn to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. When you honestly get fucked by some man-made system that’s in the woman’s favor and there was nothing you could do to change the outcome, that’s a tough pill to swallow."

"We'll know we've reached true gender equality when we see more women dying in wars and living on the streets like men do. That's something we should continue to strive for in this world."

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Net Vamps

"Is it Support or is it Supply?"

The major thing I became aware of during my time in social media platforms is a certain type of creature which feeds off people in friends list, syphoning energy from them, by projecting envy and hate and other grids at them through profile pictures on a friends list or in groups.

These psychic vampires are a more real world hazard than internet trolls because they are more difficult to identify, and although you can block both, ignoring trolls makes them move on, where ignoring psychic vampires is enablement, they simply grow fatter while you grow weaker.

Dr Emoto showed us simple science experiments we can do ourselves which prove conclusively that psychic vampirism and psychic empowerment are very real things.

Yet for all we hear about trolls, because they leave an obvious trail of harassment through any empathic and mental attachments we are entangled into, we hear less about vampires.
The methods I learned for protection are to block them which can be difficult because their technique is to project onto you a friendship and belief they are there to help you, advise you, whole all they are doing is feeding on your gratitude and any negativity they feel an affinity with.

When you identify the very nature of a social media site is there are more gates going out than there are coming in, and most of those gates are automated wheels of constant motion stimulation to flicker and attract your attention to reel you back into them in multiple places, the whole site becomes recognisable to be a vampire itself, a mindless AI one. Recognising the Internet can do this, facilitates this, goes against mainstream 'permitted' consciousness. Social media platforms paid staff rely on you experiencing or causing problems to justify their paycheck, thus there is incentive for it as a singular entity to maintain that continual flux of draining you for energy and attention.

This is bad for your health as a background dirge. When you have one or more focused psychopaths targeting you by stalking your activity, even if they are doing so only through covert observational without overt account hacking, their attention-tendrils are still a drain upon their target.

These will be the first people to call you paranoid for becoming aware. That is how narcissist work, by alienating their chosen victim.

This invisible, unspoken factor of the lives of those heavy users reliant on digital drug for entertainment and companionship in place of natural creativity and safer, more meaningful communication, should receive more public raised attention.

It doesn't because we feel bad about it, at surface because it risks offending friends we communicate with online and alienating ourselves. More deeply because it's a reminder how weak and powerless we are trapped in routine behavioural cycles as conditional automata, how addicted we are to technology drug, and that there are levels of Self awareness in play we have not yet fully recognised because we are discouraged by wider society of zombies, controlling slavers and by vampires specifically from assimilating genuine spiritual education. Those who have vested interest in your ignorance.

Insensitive people do not like to admit that sensitive people have equality, are right, exist. The J-types (judgemental) prefer to regard them (empathic, intuitive types) as broken or problematic than accept them as experiencing superior, advanced, refined senses.

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017


How extremist fundamentalists create fundamentalists from otherwise community oriented optimists. 
Or, an immovable state vs an infinite flow.

Being a writer, it is expected that the intention is for the choice words to be released for public consumption. I question: When I write something I am happy with, is it self indulgent vanity to want to share it?
Others might like the words. Certainly the message is something that has been bottling up, brewing, trying to get out for some time. Expressing it concisely is rewarding because then I can move on from it and develop, can finally let go of that issue.

Sometimes the best words are result of conversation and discussion, of being questioned about life by people curious, dedicated and courageous to get to know me and to let me get to know them. Healers, deeply involved in discussing the topics which are both taboo and yet are cultural money-spinners because we all have dealing with and issues with those topics, which society tells us we must not air in public.

Society is an abuser, period.
We need to delve into the complex and dirty emotional mental experiences, that is what life is, that is how we learn, progress, grow. Internal mechanics processing external affectors.

I do not have consent to copy/paste quotes of private conversations and neither is it needed, if accredited anonymously. Such conversation is catalyst for revelation and necessary to put the revelation into context.

Those are the best people to speak with, the wisdom keepers, the healers valued for their insight. For those are the shamen amongst us who set us right, by gently shaming us into facing ourselves, by use of perceptive inquiry. Estcheemah describes them as the Zero Chiefs, those whose unecessary names will be forgotten by the long history and yet whose work is fundamentally important to us, to individuals. Those of sage kindness who reach out to help us, to mend our communities without singing about it from the rooftops.

This is why I opened this text with a musing about vanity. I want to say thank you by sharing the wisdom provoked from me with others who might benefit from the healing. It feels good to release tension by putting into words that which has bothered me.

Writing does not change the situation at hand but it helps comprehend about it, to deal with it and to share it with others who may resonate.
It's personal, hence the puzzle of whether sharing it is a self indulgent act even when intended as an example of situations so many of us identify with.


I look back at my teachers. In the academy I was fortunate to have had two, both of whom were criticised by the academy for not being professional and academic enough to please the state, and yet who taught me vastly more than any other working through the state machinery.

Outside of the academy, many teachers, mentors, guardians, none of whom would have stood a hells hope of securing professional academic employment even had they wanted and attempted that.

And then I think of all the conformist so-called teachers, those who ticked all of the academic boxes, were recognised by institutions as model professionals, yet who taught me nothing at all of any value and indeed if anything generally discouraged me from pursuing education at all.

There is a reason why the word 'academic' is properly defined in the dictionaries as 'irrelevant'.

If there is one lesson the educational system and life outside of it has taught me, this is it.


The other great teacher is attitude. By attitude, I thanked my narcissistic abuser for helping me to become master of zen. Without which petty tyrants I would remain a blunt edge, useless and full up of all knowing potential.

Bonsai is the bowl of restriction, not the perfectly formed tree it contains. Stunting is a dangerous and thrilling act of endangerment which improves personal esteem, though only when the balance is perfect. Else it is foolish bravado of no real substance, an illusion, a delusion. That balance comes from the spirit of the tree, not from the clippers which shape it. Thus it is natural to kill and replace those who we surpass lest we become them.

Attitude is developed whenever a voice of a deeper truth is stifled by authoritarianism domination. The patience of a patient patient grows from an injured juror who knows to be the ultimate decision maker even after the storm has been weathered and passed. When the moment is right, the most effective action is at once, minimal and with farthest reaching consequence. Consicion is consciously refined by confinement. This is attitude. Meantime, breath.

We fight totalitarianism not head-on for it is formidable, but by biding our time, studying, observing, learning the shape of it through hardships inflicted. Usually by this method we watch it fall of its own internal corruption long before we are positioned to become an effective counterstrike. Meantime, breath.


 "Usually you'll know a tree by its fruit. 
Likewise, you'll always know the kind of person you're dealing with 
by their vibration/voice/energy;
 that which they choose to rebroadcast into the world."
Julia Howe

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