Tuesday, 26 April 2022


A Tension value experiment in Attention 

Water pressure controls the flow. When we adapt the hose to split into two streams, with a junction, each stream has half the water pressure. 

Multitasking does not work for this reason. Our attention has tension. Which seems obvious when you regard phonetically it is the same word, the same concept applied to a different context. 

“Where attention goes, energy flows.” Eckhart Tolle

“The observer affects the observed.” Albert Einstein 

Attention is energy (simplified). Attention is conduit through which energy affects energy. 

The Attention-Energy is measurable by its impact. This is verifiable in physics at particle level. 

Methods for development of Second-Attention is instructed by Yaqui shaman Don Matus in the Carlos Casteneda analogy. 

Widening of the mind to encompass multiple focus of awareness simultaneously. While with effort it is possible to somewhat increase the ‘water-pressure’ of split Attention. 

Study of electric reveals Amplitude and Volume to be the two relevant factors of measurement of energy-flow. 

How fast it is moving (Amplitude). 

How much there is (volume). 

We can liken Amplitude (how fast it is moving) with Frequency (the speed of its vibration). 

This Second-Attention is within the remit of Volume (how much we can be aware of) rather than the remit of Amplitude (how fast / high the Attention energy is capable of; 1 emitting, 2 being aware of). 

NB: This should have been posited as a question for contemplation, not an assertion. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

New Pink-Purple

Sharing Experience is the new Pink-Purple

Sex is something which men and women can professionally train at to become excellent at pleasuring a partner, fulfilling their physical needs as well as the overlap into their emotional and mental needs.

Sexual health is not limited to lack of diseases, it’s about ongoing contentment in the same way that mental health is not limited to lack of diseases it’s about ongoing contentment in the same way that physical health is not limited to lack of diseases it’s about ongoing contentment.

This means regularly being satisfied.

I gender identifies as ‘A person’ and ‘happens to be male physically’ and ‘hetero-flexible mentally-emotionally’, switching between yin-submissive and yang-assertive, requiring both those needs to be fulfilled. 

It often surprises me how ‘repressed and repressive’ people can be, and how being repressed and being repressive often comes together despite them in theory being mutually exclusive. 

This means that when a person goes into the relative danger-zone of being outside of their previous sexual experience, they feel intimidated and uncomfortable. Not only that, they want to repress anybody who has assimilated sexual experiences outside of their own self-limitations. 

The extent of this is a very restrictive culture where somebody who you have not previously given sexual consent to, is automatically put into the risk factor category. 

There are 8 billion people on this planet, but the most promiscuous woman I’ve ever had discussed sex and sexuality reached her benchmark 100. I have never met a man who has had that nearly that many partners. 

Official statistics based on feedback of individuals asked about it, which is a very minority demographic, says the average is about 3 to 5 sexual partners in a lifetime. 

There are people out there who have had zero partners which hugely lowers the average. Most people I know I’ve had notably more than that. 

It does appear lying about your previous sex experience is the mainstream attitude, which is a terrible situation because dishonesty in any relationship is a terrible thing. It immediately prevents building wholesome strong foundations between people.

Overcoming repression individually and socially as cultural mainstream is imperative for human progress, for stability, comfort and evolution. 

When woman realises that she likes a penis inside of her, when a man realises that he likes his penis inside a woman, is one set of data for the brain to process.

When a person has emotional feelings towards another person, that is another set of data for the brain to process.

When people believe it is a good idea for them to get on, and they do get on, that is another set of data for the brains process.

These three areas of data for the brain to process overlap and our interlinked, but not necessarily so and not exclusively so.

“Neurons which fire together wire together.” 

“That is how addictions are made.”

The biological function to need regular healthy sex is perhaps the most compelling addiction. The scale of pornography use reveals this. In 2000ad (circa) official statistics showed pornography as 90% of all internet use. 

Psychology models following mental health trends reveals we replace repressed sexual desire with other forms of addiction for example substance abuse.

The core of our collective and individual detrimental, detremotional and detrobiological problems is ‘repression’. We observe this on a cultural scale. 

The rise of lgbt+ post-millennium has made bisexuality the new normal to such extent it is mainstream. Repressing open curiosity and experience of bisexual activities is now regarded as repressive and damaging. 

“There are two (or more) of us here. Let’s not slip into repeating the same routines we did with ex-partners. We are conscious-creators, we are not organic-robots.” 

“Some people want to be organic-robots.”

“The you will not complain of trying something new.” 

“Empty mind happy pet.” 

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Sunday, 6 February 2022


Inside a Narcissists Mind pt 3 : ZombieLand

Here is the community version of Narcissism Control Paradigm. Welcome to the power games. 

There are two comparable world views. 

Worldview One is called Outside Observer View.

Worldview Two is called Controlling The Vision

It is like Japanese No-theatre. People unquestioningly fulfil roles within manifestations of unfolding situations and behave accordingly. 

Person A (for accuser, allegation). 

Person B (for bad person).

Person C (for conformist).

Person D (for discriminate). 

Person E (evidence based reality).

WorldView One: Outside Observer

In this world view the Outside Observer is person E. 

Person A makes an allegation against Person B that person B has abused person A

Person C and person D react by hating on person B without seeing any evidence 

Person E asks for evidence to support the allegation made by person A

Person A C and D hate on person E meanwhile no evidence is presented

Person A C and D put person E in the same box as person B, box labelled ‘abuser’ 

It is not recognised by person A C D that person E was thinking clearly about the situation of wanting to see actual evidence before hating on person B. 

Evidence is empirical and will determine one way or another the appropriate and correct course of conduct of all parties. 

WorldView Two: Controlling the Vision

In this world view there is no call for evidence to back allegation therefore person E does not appear. 

Person A makes an allegation against Person B that person B has abused person A

Person C and person D react by hating on person B without seeing any evidence 

Person B is chased out of town / publicly humiliated and shamed / crucified / etc, meanwhile no evidence has been presented. 

Demon Excuse Abuse

Dehumanise Excuses Abuses : Inside a Narcissists Mind pt 2

Narcissistic excuse to dehumanise their target justifies abuse. “This person (target) is not human therefore we can dump hate on it and feel good about that.” 

Dissolving the excuse does not dissolve the justification, it is simply replaced by an alternate excuse. 

1 Make Up Excuse

2 Dehumanise

3 Justify (“align to agenda”)

4 Abuse

It follows the same pattern as Narcissistic Positioning Strategy (see Inside a Narcissists Mind pt 1). 

1 action (by narcissist)

2 reaction (by target)

3 build world based on step 2 

4 deny step 1 and 

   persecute promotors of step 1 

We see a phonetic relationship between the words Dehumanise and Demonise. 

1 Excuse

2 Demonize (target is evil)

3 Justify (narcissist is superior)

4 Abuse (revenge punishment) 

Narcissism and Sado-Masochism within classical BDSM framework. 

The relationship between Narcissist and Empath is well explored in post-millennial public literature during the awakening of Western civilisation to how Modernism (petro-chemical / petro-plastic, industrial exploitation of consumer-capitalism) the 20th century has resulted in widespread Narcissism pandemic which has resulted in NCP (narcissistic control paradigm) wherein the lines are blurred between narcissist and target because of two factors. 

1 all of us have both traits to varying degrees largely because the NAS (narcissistic abuse syndrome) results in narcissism-like behaviour on the part of the PTSD sufferer.

2 Narcissists convince people the narcissist is the victim and their target is the abuser. 

The extremist black & white polarisation is the following cross-paradigm associations: 

Dominant. Narcissist. Sadist. Abuser. 

Submissive. Empath. Masochist. Victim. 

Yang (assertive) and Yin (yielding). 

The narcissist wears masks and can play both roles to suit their agenda. The victim does not necessarily have that skill. Where any person does have that skill is not itself an identifier that the person is by default a narcissist. 

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Narcissistic Empiricism

Narcissistic Empiricism : Inside a Narcissists Mind pt 1

Box 1 Action 
Box 2 Reaction 
Box 3 Build a world on this, 
           ignore box 1 pretend it doesn’t exist 
Box 4 Anyone revealing box 1 exists 
           is persecuted

A narcissistic strategy for domination and control. It involves framing people, denying accountability, creating a situation to exploit people to achieve empowerment. While it is abusive and childish it is also relatively effective. 

The downside is some people can see it for what it is (see box 4). It is relatively effective because many people do not see it for what it is or they accept it, which indicates a disrespect for accountability. 

There is an argument that once a powerbase has been established is easier to conform to that powerbase than to argue against it, especially when it is using offensive strategies to protect itself. 


Monday, 17 January 2022


For over a decade I asked, handing my authority away to them, for them to consider my perspective, which they never did. 

I finally to use a phrase ‘manned up’, went to see them and stated my solicitor believes I have a strong case for their libel on the premise there is no evidence to support their allegation. 

Over a decade of being fobbed off, I was finally taken seriously. 

Within two weeks, the time it takes for phone calls to be made and decisions to be made, I was invited at 10 o’clock in the morning on the 1st of January 2019 to the senior head of the County department for a meeting. The highest authority in the matter I have met so far. His words, and I quote;

“You’re not schizophrenic. I can see that right away. I work with those people every day and you are nothing like them. I have read your paperwork and I do suggest it is possible that you are high functioning autism.” 

To which I replied, in a great sense of relief; “I agree with you, it is possible that I am on the autistic spectrum.” 

Ed explained there is an 18 month waiting list for assessment. Shortly afterward in  March of 2019 we went into global lockdown because of coronavirus outbreak. By autumn of 2021 I was told the autism assessment were currently processing the applications from 2018, there is literally a five year waiting list to be assessed.

The assessment criteria questions are easily available on the Internet. I did the assessment. There are 25 questions. The first question, do you have a problem with communication. 

My immediate response is recognition that it is too broad-based a question to give a clear answer for therefore these questions will give inaccurate diagnostic.

I would at this point request the reader to assess whether I have been able in this manuscript to explain where I’m coming from sufficiently. Ergo, I am highly successful at communicating.

I would at this point request the reader to assess whether it having taken me over 10 years for the state departments to listen to my point of view regarding my case and to take it seriously, reveals that I do in fact have quite a large problem with communication. In which case, the answer is the absolute opposite; I am useless at communicating. 

There is evidence for both things. 

How can they both simultaneously be true?

The diagnostic criteria is black-and-white yes or no. I have failed to be able to fill this form in because it does not make sense to me.

I do not understand this form. That is my answer.

On this basis, any interviewer is going to tick the box for yes, this person does have a problem in communicating. Although, for the record, I have given a detailed reply and have clearly communicated the whole picture better than were I to robotically answer in black-and-white.

At this stage I identified, this is a questionnaire for robots and I am not a robot.

Does that make me autistic?

Autistic is when it is either yes or no. Autistic is sometimes yes and sometimes no. This is why everybody is on the autistic spectrum. Autistic is a grey area we cannot be precise about.

The difference between low functioning-autism and high-functioning autism is that a high-functioning autism person is able to express themselves with far more lucidity than an average person. Hello functioning autistic person is in able to express themselves with even an average level of ability.

Does that make sense? In which case, it is a trick question. The answer being sought is outside of the bounds of the question. You have been led to believe you are answering one question when you are indeed answering a different question. It is all within the context of analysing whether a person is autistic although a sticking point occurs wherever trickery is endorsed as methodology. 

The rejection of non-truth, of anything which smells ever so faintly of trickery, is now identified as a factor of what autism is. Anything which feels of bullshit, is rejected. Those who accept the bullshit perception label those who do not as being mentally deviant.

It is an assessment of autism, not an assessment of truth-integrated mental-processing and behaviour. 

What even is autism? Certainly people with low functioning autism are very different to people with high functioning autism. So much that one wonders if they are the same disorder after all. Whether this so-called spectrum of which is spoken in mental health circles, even exists or is accurate in diagnosing people. We have however confirmed that the one is doing the diagnosis endorsed crooked thinking as normalised mainstream.

All this has come as a response to question one, do you have a problem with communicating? 

I have identified my problem is not with communicating. Anyone reading this and following my logic can see that. The problem is with other people interpreting and re-interpreting, the problem is with other people misleading in their communications, the use of deceit. Those other people are full of that. 

My problem with communicating does not come from an internal mechanism having gone awry within my own being. 

My problem with communicating comes entirely from the listener. Specifically, from the listeners use of rigged goalposts and acceptance of their own cognitive bias as being a superior frame of reference than my own integrity. 

That is close to a definition of prejudice.

Those specific seats of office, positions of social responsibility, that level of authority, generally attracts the type of people who are operating from their own cognitive bias. The case studies are written by them. The literature based upon those case studies is written by them. They do not recognise their own minority group way of thinking for what it is. Yet, they dictate to the masses on what sanity is. 

At this point, I again asked for evidence of my own mental difference to the majority way of thinking. 

Most of us if I asked would prefer somebody who can think straight than somebody who is identified as having cognitive bias to do the decision-making.

Am I making any sense to you?

Friday, 17 December 2021

100 Years

100 year overview

A weave of evolving themes. 

The 50s was about progress and stability after the upheaval and poverty and industry of the first and second World Wars and the Great Depression (1920-1940s). Industrial-scale mass-production of consumer-market ‘white-goods’ electronic household items. Invention of “teenage”. 

The 60s and 70s was about freedom and civil rights movements, which went through entitlement (first plastic generation) and hedonism (second plastic generation). 

Modernity and Counter-Culture characterised by Mods and Rockers (60s) and Hippies (70s). 

The 80s was a lesson in accountability by repression and discipline (first digital generation) characterised by Suits and Punks. Cyberpunk 

The 90s was breathing space as things settled out before the Millennium. Characterised by ‘Grunge-Crusty-Traveller-EcoWarriors’ and Supermarket Styles (the Muds and the Moolah’s). Emergence of internet (second digital generation). Apathy and Ecology. 

First decade of 2000s was breathing space after the Millennium and emergence of mobile phones (digital tech). Combination of distraction and communication, which is to say ‘delusion’ - the age of Maya. The Emo generation. Apathy and Ecology. Western consciousness breaking away from corporate-government-media-control through cross-community-communication. 

2010s was internet phones. Digital tech. Steampunk and LGBT+ movement. Accelerated awareness of breaking away from corporate-government-media-control through cross-community-communication. 

2020s began with Coronavirus pandemic just as 1920s was Spanish flu pandemic. Reassertion of corporate-government-media-control on global scale, New World Order regime disguised as healthcare technology through Gates Foundation Empiricism. Censorship and legal restrictions easily comparable to Fascism in Europe a century ago.