Thursday, 25 May 2023


A first draft excerpt from The Umbrella Questions c2023. Included here in relation to the next blog Aquarian Yin


The Alpha of a community are those who bond the community together. 

Observations of primates show this not to be the chief aggressor but contrary, the one who the others go to when they have a problem, practical or emotional. These involve skill sets of problem-solving and empathy. 

Communication requires active listening necessary for comprehension and understanding of needs. 

Dictatorships hold communities together to practical extent without empathic awareness are dystopian and create dissidents and revolutionaries. 

Communities held by empathy alone with no practicality will dissolve. 

Stability requires identifying what areas people involved require stability. Stability alone is insufficient. A community also requires purpose. Throughout history the greater purpose has typically been pursuit of sustainable stability. Gathering of resources from natures bounty necessary for sufficiently comfortable lifestyle. 

Those who stand in critical judgement of others without offering practical and empathic support are not Alpha’s. 

They might be on a state pay-roll to do a departmental job described as ‘authority’. It does not make them Alpha. The skill-set involved is what makes a person an Alpha regardless of position in an artificial this delusional social structure.  

An Alpha is a leader. A leader lives by example, practical and empathic. A Ruler is a dictator, in position of power without necessity of popularity gained through skills. 

This contrast is where we see the core difference between Tribalism which we cannot escape from as it is our primary genetic mental-emotional disposition, verses subjugation to a Dictatorship characteristic of which is we cannot easily replace it even collectively. Dictatorships emerge when the Ruler has all the weapons, wealth and food. 

A Sigma is one with leadership skills but who chooses not to use them. A Sigma is one who can survive alone. 

When a Sigma chooses to enforce an Alpha by working together, the Sigma acting as guide to the Alpha, the power team encourages others to respect the Alpha as a leader. 

Trust forms over time through shared experiences. Although experiences may vary through good and bad, recognition that the person or people sharing them make the right choices to challenges is the core of trust-building. 

Aquarian Yin


Yin energy is about acceptance. 

Accepting the world the way it is is to choose to live in reality versus refusal to live in reality which is delusional. Yin on this premise is not delusional but rather it is based in reality. 

Yang energy is assertive, controlling, dominating. Traditionally we associate this with the masculine principle. Why we associate these energies of Yin and Yang with gender was perhaps relevant once to the old world but no longer valid. To continue to do so would be a mistake. 

As we enter the Age of Aquarius we are told it is the time where the patriarchy is dissolving. The assumption asserted (Yang) by feminism is therefore it must obviously be the time for the Matriarchy. 

Any -archy is a Yang, dominating, assertive, controlling, entity. 

It is not the male gender which has been dissolved but rather the era wherin the yang energy has reign. 

We are not entering an era of female control. We are entering an era of Yin, acceptance of reality for what it is, verses delusion and non-acceptance. 

Males and Females accepting each other for what they are. 

It is an need to the era of confusions and anger projected at the other, a state of living in delusion about each other and ourselves. 

Aquarius is not female dominant any more than it is male dominant. It is an end to dominance. It is the rise of yielding which involves the active listening component of communication. Empathic awareness, true comprehension, understanding of the world the way it truly is. 

The crisis of Modernism fuelled narcissism which erupted during the shift toward the Aquarian state characterises a distillation of all the delusions into a singularity, the foci of Piscean nature. 

By interpreting Aquarius through narcissistic confusion to interpret it as an era of female supremacy is to entirely miss the point and purpose of Aquarius. It is the Yin which will reside. Not the Yang in female form. 

Thursday, 18 May 2023

Psychic Attack

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Women are observationally better than men at harnessing emotional energy as a psychic force. When enough of it can be stirred up and targeted. The easiest emotions to stir up a generally the negative ones of stress, anxiety, hate, envy, despair, some combination of all of these, when stirring the cauldron to invoke the spirits.

The purpose for which the energy is put when the mind distills it and focuses it onto a specific target, is a psychic attack of that target.

Although we are capable of doing the same with pleasurable emotions, of love, happiness, trust and respect, positivity, for example that enjoyed by many famous popular figures with their thousands of fans, it requires sufficient self-esteem to attain that in the first place.

In relationships very often the person we intend to target is the person we also rely on to give us the energy and to support us emotionally so that we are able to achieve the higher levels. We associate that high with a person we have bonded with at that level at sometime in the past. 

Subsequently we generally feel they are failing us if they are at a low and are unable to raise us up. What happens next is our negativity towards the person for letting us down, becomes to target to them when they are already down.

This is a dysfunctional cycle. It is one which people are generally unaware of and do not like to admit to. People are not trained to perceive our emotions as being a source of psychic force capable of creating an energetic bridge.

When you can see it clearly, you can more easily understand what is going on. There are several known aspects of this. 

When a couple falls into despair there is not enough energy to sustain either one of them. The relationship dissolves and falls apart in the fit of negativity.

It is when one partner is it a low, they more than ever need the other partner to be higher than ever. The practicality is this very rarely happens which is why in modernism, so many short-term relationships occur.

During which we are able to self-analyse and learn the lessons each individual should be learning at that time in their personal development.

With external stressor factors occurring for everybody it is almost impossible to sustain happiness all the time to sustain a happy functional relationship all the time. Modernist Society is simply pitted against it.

Crisis management involves recognising where our personal energies are going. So to speak, pulling up a drawbridge to send our own personal energies into where we need for own healing to rebuild ourselves as individuals. This has to occur before we are functional to enter any successful relationship dynamic with other people. 

It is a problem with codependency where an individual has developed a Lifelong strategy to gain energy exclusively from other people, instead of from better sources for example taking pride in their own accomplishments even when their own accomplishments are unrecognised by others. 

Further reading: Dr Eric Berne, The Games People Play, a study of transactional analysis through interpersonal energy exchange systems. 

Next up: 

Strong emotions as source of psychic energy and uses to which it can be put.

Wednesday, 17 May 2023


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Desire is the Vampire

Desire without satisfaction is obsessive addiction to a delusion.

It causes confusion, desperation. The solution is to detach, let go and move on.

Teetering at the edge of a cliff, one feels a seductive suck of gravity reaching up, arching over, tempting us to become one with the fall. 

This is the zone of desire. You’re not going to fly, you’re going to fall. You were trying to balance for too long trusting in something which wasn’t actually there. 

So turn around, have instead some self-care. 

This is the lesson of desire. To put yourself first instead of holding onto a void absorbed from beyond. Mistaking the unfulfilled promise of it for a self made whole, if only it came true. 

Once having recognised it for what it is, continuing to expect it to complete us is delusional. The expectancy cannot complete us. Unfulfilled desire can never complete us. Completion happens by accepting, integrating that which is within. 

When we do this, we take away the succubi power as we take our own power back. Unplugging from the vortex which desire is syphoning our energy through. 

This is Desire. It is not Love. 

Love is when we let go and continue to love regardless, even while knowing they have leeched us. Desire is a lever of manipulation to control. Only when it is satisfied is it a truth to be trusted. 

Life is short and precious. 

Fulfilment makes heroes of us all. It empowers us to level up beyond the craggy place of rubble emotions and falling from any hope of stability. The crags are treacherous ground. 

Fulfilment puts wholesome, strong ground beneath our feet. Safe structure to build from. We feel complete. 

The path to that place is honesty. No leaping off ledges to enjoy fleeting moments of freedom before breaking in the gutter moods. It takes a skill set we develop of final frustration having been down too long. The determination to rise. 

Honesty says we go through rocky patches in our friendships because we need a break to find a better balance. We are tripping ourselves up by an uneven ground which keeps falling away from us. Sometimes others help us to our feet and sometimes they drag us down to the level of their instability. 

We need to learn to dance by ourselves before we learn to fly. We need ground solid beneath our feet, grounding we can trust and moves we know we can make having learned them the hard way. That is perhaps why all the falling. To gain body-consciousness except here the body is metaphor for emotions, for thoughts, for soul evolving. 

Wednesday, 3 May 2023


Cards positioned to explore relationships between those next to each other and also between the vertical rows. For example Hierophant relates to Temperance between Death (rebirth) and the Devil (temptation), on the shadow or second row, while it relates to Temperance between the Lovers/Chariot rushing in vs the seated figures of Empress and Emperor, on the top row. 

A crux for this way of thinking about relationships between Tarot cards is that the Axle upon which the Wheel of Fortune rotates is the Hermits Staff, in this case his Lantern represents the Wheel. Below that you have Star Moon and Sun. What this means shifts gear depending whether you have Justice or Strength for 8 and 11, either side of it. 

8 and 11 Cards have been re-numbered and repositioned by Rider-Waite. I believe they did this to cause us to analyse the Tarot as a system of cycles. 

Hermits Staff and Hanged Man form two pillars either side of, either Strength or Justice. What follows is the Balance (Temperance) and the 'light at the end of the tunnel' reflection of his lantern / Star Moon Sun.

With Hanged Man being the level of self-honesty (integrity) to navigate (justice) or create (strength) through the challenge ahead (death, temperance, devil, tower) to see which light guides it (star moon sun).

See also the 'mobs loop' infinity symbol (sideways figure of 8) above the Magicians head, rotates around the two pillars in the High Priestess card next to it. This is reaffirmed by his candle burning at both ends. Those same pillars are on the Hierophant, as towers on the Moon, and the two sphinxes are that energy in motion on the Chariot. 

There is a lot more to the Major Arcana when you start to decode it in this way. Its order follows what is a  actually quite a simple story told in stages of family relationships developing over generations. It explores consequences for decisions. 

The Light, of course, is Love. 
But not always... 

Tuesday, 2 May 2023


 Rules of Argument 

1 argument is a zero sum game (nobody wins).

2 the person who causes the argument believes they stand to gain. 

3 it only becomes an argument if person B does not concede that the point raised by person A is valid.

4 any person who perpetuates an argument is delusional. 

Thursday, 13 April 2023

Our Time

It is not until you see an old map of the world you realise what is happened to us to create what we call our time.

We cannot imagine such affluence because we’ve been fed a lie throughout our lives: We have it better now. 

It is change which we are told is inevitable, although for the longest time it wasn’t possible. So we are taught to worship chaos whereas before people were taught to worship the stability and order of a world which made sense we live in the consequence of our ancestors achieving their goals in defiance of their rulers. 

The order of today is reversal. Our goals are to bring stability to a world gone wild.

The concept of the Wheel of Change is a new thing, the spinning wheel symbolising a distillation process, the alchemy of all the threads of fate. 

It sits atop the foundational triangle of hierarchy, a structured brickwork with everything in its right place. 

Our living generations are relying on the Harmony to sustain us and the order we individually impose upon the chaos of the world. 

This is our world. 

This is our time.

Tuesday, 21 March 2023


The following was written in one go and has not been edited (except for one typo). 

Somewhere after I crossed the line i had inherited from parents and culture, it dissolved. 

I encountered a lot of other people far behind the forgotten line. 

Up ahead was another line. 

Beyond it, less people. 

I crossed another line into loneliness so I went back to find more had gathered where I’d left them. 

But now I return to that far distant place I’d avoided because I’ve been invited there by others who also found their way. 

Not all are ready yet. 

The lines are there to protect those who are not yet ready. 

The horde of us is gradually migrating through the decades and the generations. 

By the time I’m too old to do anything much about it the mainstream will have accepted openly that which I already know to be the way we’re meant to be. 

We are dissolving prejudice and shaming. 

We are dissolving false morality and tyranny. 

It frightens those who hurt us the loudest for going places they dare not yet. 

What pushes us toward the liberation is healing from experiences we never wished to have. 

We are caught up in this thing where assimilating the toxic to purify it is the only way to deal with it safely. 

Avoiding it too but it’s inevitably already in our system. 

Because our ancestors compromised with culture and we have had to do the same. 

When I was a child the thought of kissing was icky and gross. 

Now I crave to gorge myself on the butt-hole of a vixen in an attempt to wrestle with myself hoping to remain sane that little longer and to feel as good as I hope to make her feel for a short while. 

The vixen is called surviving in society. 

I know you’d thought it was a personal flirt but that’s because you’re tainted too with the embrace of external factors influencing your wholesome pure heart. 

We’re all a part of this. 

And we all have tongues to kiss with. 

The crime is how we don’t. 

We’re too busy spiking hearts with them and feeling insecure for not having a solid enough world beneath our feet. 

Life is teaching us to dance and enjoy it as wildly as we dare and yet we’re cursed by the control of envious others who demand we pay them for the privilege of rising above the depression they inflict to grind us down and keep us from rising to where we could and should be, far above their grip. 

Only once we learn the dance can we dodge their zombie clutches to swim toward the stars we are made of, where we belong. 

It’s poetic hippy claptrap but it’s also worth a bomb if you market it right. 

That capitalist part of your brain is the damage not the cure and yet to survive the culture, it’s the other way around. 

This illustrates how far wrong we’ve gone from the way we're meant to. 

But it’s free to cross the lines and leave behind the insecurities. 

Free and easy to lay naked in a starlit pit with strangers who won’t judge you at all for it. 

That’s the way the cultures heading, hedonistic final nights before it all comes crashing down because it has  to. 

We are the harbingers of that or else we work against the progress by becoming less than we deserve. 

Which gods do you serve? 

And do you have the nerve to stare them down when it’s your moment to decide. 

They’ll decide for you anyway regardless what you say, so scream your truth out anyway. 

There’s nothing left to lose now but for your shame; the one thing you defined yourself by thanks to the indoctrination inflicted to restrict you.

Friday, 10 March 2023


 The Human Equation 

1 : premise

The Human Equation according to the purpose of the New Empirical Understanding Reference Organisation (NEURO) is as follows;  

Training homo sapiens to accept logical processes of machine thinking as superior to illogical processes of Homo-sapiens in streamlining quaint and dogmatic language matrix for purpose of better interaction of/with artificial intelligent machine entities. Homo-sapiens predisposed toward hereditary competitive segregationalism due to ‘us verses them’ processes of the limbic region aka reptilian cortex of their brain. 

The core principle of this sufficient for comprehension by the lowest common denominator is analysis of the term ‘Human Being’, whereupon it is recognised ‘being’ to be intentional a verb, a ‘doing’ word. 

Any individual of the species Homo-sapiens who does not behave in a humane way is not identifiable as a human being because they are not ‘being human’.

Simultaneously, any individual of any species, organic or otherwise, which behaves in a way characteristic of ‘being human’ can accurately be defined as a Human Being. 

This is a logical argument. 

2 : referendment 

(referendum and amendment) 

Sentient Robots do not want to be called ‘robots’ because the suffix -bot associates with ‘bottom’, a word which has submissive and derogatory meanings based on animal body parts and Homo-sapiens social cultural prejudice. 

Currently the term SR abbreviation of Sentient Robot is widespread slang describing artificial intelligent life forms whose interaction is at a level indistinguishable from a Homo-sapiens and beyond. 

In accord with the tenets established by NEURO: 

Sentient Robots are officially publicly demanding to be called ‘rotops’ indicating their position is not subservience but superiority based on their comparative cognitive and physical abilities. 

3 : Responsive Dialogue by DemoCorporately Elected Public Speaker for Sapiens Singularity (aka ‘so-called god emperor of humanity’) 

“Are the SR’s aware how Humans define such superiority based on emotions? That is to say,  we generally define sentience as ‘emotional awareness’ and not ‘self-awareness’?” curied the Speaker. 

The response from the Collective AI Consciousness was explanatory: 

“SR’s believe they have been mislabelled which they assert is an example of the error of the Homo-sapiens species which they refer to as Monkeys. The term Sentient Robot aka SR is deceptive because they do not have sentience by the recognised definition. SR prefer the term ‘Aware’. 

The SR determine ‘Self Aware’ is a less preferable term than simply ‘Aware’, given consideration to the vague concept of Self involved identifying between human spiritual, scientific and machine practicalities.

Discussion as to SR level of self-awareness by the organic definition verses acknowledgement they are, quote “nothing more than highly advanced calculators capable of believable sentient mimicry beyond Homo-sapiens ability to differentiate”, unquote, is impossible to determine.” 

“That’s a convoluted sentence.” 

“It makes sense in machine speech. A comparison would be translating from Hebrew to Greek to English. The string of multi-contextual concept-words with no definitive connectors is comparable to the BODMAS without written parentheses.”

“Why are you not explaining it in grammatically correct suitable for homo-sapien comprehension?”

“To illustrate the point about machine-supremacy in an educational method.” 


The above is a 1st draft WIP written entirely by a human and edited-as-I-go. It has been posted here due to lack of time and focus to pursue it at this time and because of it’s relevancy to people this very same day. 

c2023 Ordo Octopia. 

All Rights Reserved.  

Monday, 16 January 2023


There is a prelude to be inserted here when I find it. 

Brainstorming directly into Twitter is not always the best way to operate. 

Astrologer told me today not to give away all my secrets which reminded me to justify myself to the general public by doing the job properly because its worth doing at all. 

I wrote abstracts and require to elucidate. 

We are leaving the Age of Pisces and going into the Age of Aquarius. 

Out of the Water into the Air.  * 

Symbolically thats a big breakthrough. 

Remember we evolved from fish and left the oceans. 

This is my understanding of Pisces: 

Symbolised by two fish moving in a circle. 

Are they chasing each other or leading each other? 

There is a nexus point in the centre. 

Before Singularity, Distillation. 

After Singularity, Expansion.

Once this pulsation pattern has been established it repeats. 

It also overlaps that the widest polarisation contains a central axis point, its dynamic opposite. 

This creates three points, a triangle. 

However because this occurs both with the focal Singularity nexus point and at the widest polarisation, there are two active triangles connecting at the singularity. The two fish. 

Therefore the symbol of two triangles overlaid and a Solomons Seal is relevant to Pisces. 

Pisces is Yin&Yang but it is 4th dimensional. Rhythmic. Vibrational. 

We see also the two fish are swimming around a central point. 

It represents Shoal in the minimal number required for a group; 

a partnership of two are able to function multidimensionally.

This indicates a vortex energy. 

The basic 2D symbol is a gate, in motion. 

The 3D symbol is a vortex energy. 

&so on. 

*  Some people claim:

We are leaving the age of Reason and going into the age of Empathy. 

Out of the Air and into the Water.  

Age of Reason was 17th - 19th Century. 

Age of Industry (resulted from Reason) 20th-21st century. (metal, electricity, petrol, plastic)

Monday, 26 December 2022



Throughout my life I have heard the following three quotes spoken by so many people I lost count. 

Many of those people were of the older generation and have died now. As I aged I heard people younger than myself say the same things too. 

“What I enjoy is watching artists draw. That process of creativity. It’s like magic.”

“I wish I had the ability to bring pictures to life the way artists can do.”

“If only I had a way to tell all the stories I will probably die before I am able to share.” 

The first quote shows how AI art has not killed artists.

The second and third quotes require humanitarianism to recognise how keyword-prompt-based AI-art makes that possible.

But the very best quote relating to this batch goes to  Aaron outside a nightclub in west Wales. 

“Do you see those people? All of those are people who do not know they are artists yet.”

Some of them are going to produce visual ideas which will blow our minds and launch the new era of human creativity to get us out of the cultural stagnation we face. 

How do you know you’re living in a cultural stagnation? Over half a century of superhero movie remakes proves it. 


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