Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A preoccupation with TIME


Speak both words and imagine that the concepts have diverged due to colloquial accents for the past several hundred years, from a common root idea. 

In western astrology, planetary influence of Saturn is associated with TIME. 
It is often depicted as an aged man with a long beard. 

In practical terms it has more to do with the gridding effect of sequences into a linear structure. (Apopholyte is a gemstone that does this to the electromagnetic particle energy of its surroundings and to the numeric pulse rhythms of any other gemstones in the proximity also, it has some similar properties to Christite - take note how these words both seem in fitting with the language of the christian religions, revealing hidden depths of meaning in its jargon from before the religious aspect took over, markedly during the Gregorian reformation of the 17th century). 

I am sure you are familiar with Revelations message of the number of the Beast 666, which "during the end times shall be imprinted on all things". 

Relax, it is talking about the end of the Piscean era for which Christianity was originally envisaged as a guide before the dark forces of slavery systematically perverted it. The phrase 'End Times' refers to the religion having served its purpose and being no longer relevant because a better and more relevant approach to spiritual insight will replace it during the Aquarian era - which we are now into. 

I mention about 666 being imprinted on everything for this reason:

24 hour clock
60 minutes per hour
60 seconds per minute

This is called 12:60 timescale, it is only one of many possible grid systems for measuring time, one that we are taught is 'satanic' in the 'devil' sense of the word. Indeed it is a far shout from organic natural 13:20 that everything else in the galaxy resonates with. 

2+4 = 6
6+0 = 6
6+0 = 6
tonal= 666

Now 'check the time' on your digital watch, computer, cellphone, if you want to grid yourself to a slavery system. An artificial structure designed to cause stress to your biological, emotional and mental functions. That is why it is regarded as 'the devils work'.

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