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Sex Check List

Checklist For Sexual Compatibility


 Have you/they had an STD check 
since the last time you/they had a sexual encounter? 


First three simple questions.

1. Do you want sex ?  y / n

2. Could you fancy this person ?  y / n

3. Would you have sex with this person ?  y / n

Three “yes” ’s = do it
Two or less “yes” ‘s = do not do it

1 If No: there is something wrong with this person, they are disconnected from their Humanity.
2 If No: no problems, biological instinct is what it is.
3 If No: (when 1 & 2 are “yes”) this person is inhibited by a psychosis.

That’s it for keeping things simple.


The ‘three yes vs less-than-three-yes’ guide (section one) does not apply to the following (section two) because it gets more complicated.

The following questions are what happens when you start compromising what you want sexually with who you want to be known as in the community. Balancing your internal desire with your external image. Manipulation ‘by you of’ and ‘of you by’ community.

The counterpoise to this situation is the rhetorical question:

X. ’Who is it I am in bed with / closest to / should mean the most to me ?’

This question has not been numbered because it is too personal to include as data for this manuscript, although it is imperative the individual should ask it of themselves regularly. All other questions are simple y / n responses.

4. Would my friends accept me having sex with this person ? y / n

The answer to this is ALWAYS ‘no’ unless you have real friends who do not mix ‘sex and slavery’.

The next two questions are about hypergamy. They balance self-worth with social-status, clinically basing decision-making only on the artifice of social structure while ignoring the complexity of Human needs, personality compatibility, physical preference. Hypergamy reinforces the delusion of class system maintained by active belief in it. Typically this is financial or perceived power thus such relationships are about power and wealth, not about emotional and individual value. That includes yours. Hypergamy elevates manipulation and does not accept emotion as a relevant factor, resulting in strategic yet emotionless or at best shallow sexual relations. That does not result in happiness, it usually results in divorce. This underlaying trust issue categorically defines such relationships.

5. Would sex with this person improve my position in society (is it prestigious) ? y / n
If Yes do it.

6. Would sex with this person decrease my position in society (is it detrimental) ? y / n
If Yes do not do it.

The next question is the main one you need to answer.
It affects every aspect of relationships.

7. Does this person mix up sex with slavery ? y / n

If Yes, either ‘fuck&chuck’ or simply do not have sex with them at all.
If No, keep it going as a long-term relationship.
Hold onto it because true equity/equality is precious and rare, to be treasured.

8. What Slavery Is and is Not

Is slavery: expectancy of undisclosed behaviour ?
Is slavery: expectancy of routine behaviour ? 

If you can not answer these questions (8A and 8B), you are not ready for a long-term relationship.
That does not mean you are not ready to have sex.
Fully answering these two questions SHOULD be an ongoing topic of conversation between yourself and partner/s.
Develop a mutual understanding of what exactly is meant by ‘undisclosed and routine behaviour’.
Discuss and communicate what is meant by ‘communication’.


Tribal Attitudes May Vary.

HUMANITY asks these questions:  1 3 7 8

CULTURE asks these questions:  2 4 7 8

SOCIETY asks these questions:  3 4 5 6

Society represses these questions:  7 8


This manuscript is in no way a complete thesis or is it to be taken as one.
It does not necessarily represent the beliefs of its author.
It is not to be regarded as relationship or life advice.
It is intended for amusement purposes only. 
Self-responsibility is respectability.

©2018    The author is an academically qualified relationship counselor and sex therapist.

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