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Changing The Goalposts

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Dictionary definition of the word delusional. It means two things. It means confused and it also means purposefully being manipulative. In general in society we all use it to mean the first of these. It is equally as valid to knowingly use the other meaning. A person who is a trickster, is delusional. A person who has been tricked and operating on a false premise, is delusional. The both are delusional, although the incentive is different in each case.

From my experience with this, it has become apparent that people with a cognitive disability or other form of mental impairment react in one of two ways when accused of being delusional. There are two stages in both cases. In both cases, the first stage is to react with hostility. If a person is consciously tricking other people, they will then attack as their second stage. A confident and adept manipulator will often use another person who they have deluded already, to do the attack. This is called proxy. In the case of the delusional person not realising they have been tricked, their second stage is to re-evaluate the situation. Both of these must be compared to a person who if accused of being delusional, does not attack because they are not delusional.

In modern jargon, the second type; the tricked (as opposed to trickster) is known as a flying monkey, from the movie the Wizard of Oz.

The attack of a trickster is likely, within the framework of contemporary culture, to be an allegation that the person exposing their manipulation, is bullying them.

The narcissist will play the victim role in attempt to convince and recruit onlookers (flying monkeys) that they are innocent and that their narrative is the accurate version of events. It creates a smokescreen, disempowering the person exposing them from being able to do so.

The only successful way of dealing with the situation is to detach and take neither side. Although there is no need for sides because this division plays into the hands of the trickster and their paradigm instead of maintaining objective clarity to see the situation as a whole for what it is. Only by stepping back from the situation to analyse it from both points of view can the observer remain positive and non-biased. An objective person hears all sides and questions all, to positively determine equity.

So we have here a problem that the trickster is either recruiting new flying monkeys to protect them and to persecute those who would expose them, or that nobody wants to get involved, has the effect of isolating whoever is exposing the trickster. In either case, the trickster has won their game. This is not to say the exposer wants to play any games.

For the purpose of being able to step back and analyse a situation for what it is, without being drawn into taking sides, it has become necessary to develop a simple framework to help with analysis.

For the purpose of being able to step back and analyse a situation for what it is, without being drawn into taking sides, it has become necessary to develop a simple framework to help with analysis.

The following blueprint has only six steps, which outlines a strategy. Many variants exist. We are calling this The Llanelli Strategy although it is also called “Changing the Goalposts”

1 Establish situation.
2 Agreement. An accord.
3 Second party acts on that accord.
4 First party removes and/or changes the accord. This has the effect of changing the context of 3 the actions.
5 Second party has a human reaction of the ground being whisked out from under their feet and is destabilised.
6 Having been manipulated, second party is now socially persecuted both for having been duped ergo inferior and/or for behaving (see 3) in the wrong way in accordance with the framework of the new context. That the second party has not agreed to the new accord is irrelevant to those who are in agreement with it (flying monkeys).

I have personally witnessed this occur in all levels of society from and including but not exhaustively: single mothers, social workers, school teachers, family counselors, job centre, private enterprise, police, solicitors, mental health functionaries, GPs, nurses, &etc; in all cases the strategy is employed for the purposes of manipulating individuals so as to take from them.

Dealing with this situation has only two possibilities. The winning strategy is not to play it at all, which is impossible. The game is about ‘being played by’ narcissists and their support/abuse network.

There are three aspects of this, correlating to stages of the 6 step strategy;
2 Do not agree. Solipsism in the community is impossible. Aloofness is.
5 Distangle.
6 Expose. This requires indisputable proof (actual evidence which is actual evidence).

Remember: onlookers will enter the situation at step 4 and will be using the new dominant narrative as their operating framework, which is pitched against the target. The flying monkeys rarely know that they are being manipulated. They believe they are the good guys, although by their actions (they are step 2 and 3 in a game while the target is at 5 and 6 in a different game) they are in effect persecuting somebody who has been selected by an abuser who they believe to be a hero. They are also targets being manipulated as part of a larger game.

The defence is to open their eyes to that they are deluded and to objectivity (to change their minds thus recruit them to persecute the abuser instead of the abuse victim). It is all about Context Control.

Unfortunately, the targets context is the one perceived as being abusive; so nobody wants to see things that way. The target is calling for people to question their own actions, which nobody likes to do because it is too close to feeling destabilized for comfort. Spiritual disciples do that by default, which is in part why they are targets by those seeking to dominate others through context control.

The fundamentalist and dogmatic part of the mind which we rely on for stability, is commonly called the Ego (not what Freud and Jung used the word to mean). Narcissists rely on that.


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