Saturday, 1 December 2018

Atma / Brahmin


"Is the Sky the Rain?" 
"Is the Rain the Sky?"

Both are O2H2O. 

Both the same yet unique. 

This answer satisfies most because it amuses them and provides equity, equality. 
Yet it is not the absolute truth.  

Those who pioneer to discover beyond the general consensus cannot fit into the general consensus, must by definition stand apart from it. A caste system evolves dependent upon individual understanding verses community understanding. 

"This is MY raindrop." -anon 

Neither is more right. Neither is more wrong. Both are equally necessary. The consensus for stability, which would become stagnation if not for progress. The pioneers for progress, to avert stagnation which is decay. Continual flux, cycles, between progress and decay. Within an enclosed system we cannot have one without the other. Infinite loop, Eventual self-destruction, Evolution to state of expansion beyond limitations. 

Step one: identify that which limits us and beat it using what we have. 
Step Two: identify what we have and how best to use it. 
Step Three: remove resource wasters who threaten ability to stabilize-and-progress. 
Step Four: progress through stages of development.

It works on multiple planes: 
(emotionally, mentally, spiritually) = perceptively (intuitively)
} energetically.
It works energetically. 

Everything is in relation to something else. And then there is a harmonic of that. It is the galactic Harmonic. Coming online with it, to become a conduit for it, is buddahood, is Atma. The centered self. Anything other than the centered self is delusion, is distraction. Our attention focus pulls toward, or away from, that simple state of being. We distract ourselves by turning away from ourselves because we do not want to face and assimilate the true nature. We are fifty percent angelic and divine, sacred; we are fifty percent bestial and crude, corruptible, nasty. When we get this in balance (as I write it is 30.11.18 a half-moon, darkside ascending, the unveiled is revealed), we achieve equilibrium, inner harmony. Knowing it is to always return to it. It helps us to avoid wrong-action.

In Buddhism from Sanskrit (Middle/Far-East) the concept of Samsara which means both confusion and conditioning. Samsara means delusion. Delusional means both; being-in-a-state-of and creating-of-(viral).

It is not perception from Atma, from clarity and connectedness with galactic harmony. It is from attachment to anything other than that internal balance and functions to delude us away from and thus deny us from achieving peaceful equilibrium. Atma is balanced core which acts as conduit through which harmony (brahma) flows.

The divine connection with source is from and through you. The core of your inner being. It is not from identity with paradigms, idioms, delusional distractions, false self image, compromise of self with social culture, desire for external fulfillment, trying to be something for the sake of egotistical wants. The frame of mind involved with all of that, is continual escape from Self, from facing ones self and accepting it. Many people do not believe them selves ready to attain it, believe themselves undeserving of it due to past life experiences. Many people have a lot of pain and disgustingness to wade through and accept about themselves before coming into a clear relationship with self. This is a primary factor of why people escape from it into delusions. It is a purgatory process.

We simply have to let go. Letting go is the fast track, involving acceptance and in many cases involving forgiveness, of self and others. Acceptance that things are the way they are is necessary whether you set out to change them or simply accept them as they are.

To progress beyond limitation we have to accept the steps and stages of leveling out, as we ascend. It does take us time to assimilate and for all the pieces to balance internally and externally, before they are stable. If you are relying on other people as your steppingstone and yet they are unstable with your path of ascension, they are going to become crushed and then the ground and your feet is going to disappear. Patients and the development of patience is a natural part of the process in developing a long-term foresight and deeper comprehension of our situation.

Ascension through balance, balance through Ascension.

The balance comes in stages because we are complicated and there are so many threats to our weave, they cannot all settled, balance and become stable continually. Should they do this, we become a plinth and we stagnate, we cease to ascend. That imprint is marked as a platform in time, which may last for millennia or maybe forgotten immediately.

However, as we have observed that most of our weaves harmonize at specific events and occasions. Some are put under pressure to hurry them up, to test them, to break them if they are distraction/delusion in the ultimate journey. It is a distillation process, often a pressure-boiler of coming toward purity so we may vibrate at a higher frequency and ascend further beyond what we can even observe from the current reference point.

Therefore, there are nexus events, nodes where time-streams converge, synapses merge. We recognize and have a revelatory moment, which helps us to let go of all the unnecessary baggage from the past, which we have been letting holding onto, necessary as it was yesterday to get us to here. They may be identified as rungs on the ladder or steps in a process.

It is imperative to understand and accept that it does take time for the collective come on up to catch up with itself and for everybody to recognize and also harmonize with those empowering, our current stage of development. Many are incapable of comprehending where you are at; the pioneers of any culture are literally ahead of and beyond, outside the scope of the mainstream surrounding them, those who are affected by their wake. It takes time to communicate to them, for them to assimilate that communication, for them to except that stage of development. Thus we are many of us at different stages of development.

Brahmin recognize a whirlwind of delusion surrounds a peaceful inner core, and this is the nature of our universe. Is it in motion? Is it stable?

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