Thursday, 26 September 2019

Binary Code

The biggest problem we have on this planet in our culture and society in general is not as difficult to recognise or to deal with as people worry it is. 

It is a problem which underlies all other problems we encounter. The biggest problem is we forget to put the heart at the centre of decision-making processes, and we do this constantly all the time. 

Instead, the delusions and distractions of the brain which, thinking at mind-speed instead of thinking at heart-speed, puts our lives into the wrong tempo. 

So we make it a very simple dynamic to get us back centred into the heart for a higher more functional living experience and this is to observe it simply as two dimensional. 

One, the dimension of heart-speed and Two, the dimension of mind-speed. 

Mind-speed is constantly frustrated that nothing is happening fast enough. Heart-speed being the centre, and the centered centre, is to be living in a well-balanced dimension where everything connects naturally and harmonically in accordance with the galactic harmony. The life of the planet working as a holistic ecology in harmony. 

The predators are trapped in mind instead of being centred in the heart. Living at that frequency, existing in predatory consciousness, sooner or later a bigger predator always comes along. 

So the predator is paranoid continuously, always looking for reasons and excuse to maintain any artificial sense of balance and a fake public image that it is indestructible, unbearably perfect; or otherwise to concede and use an excuse of imperfection as a shield against any social expectations of threats in complex community games. 

The heart as center is free of all that. It measures not in terms of time but in terms of quality. Not in terms of monetary value but in terms of deeply soulful, wholesome happiness. We are born knowing this innately. 

Unfortunately many people become broken. Being broken, they assume the heart-centred people are wrong and the mind is superior. The mind is a computer, nothing more. Those people are programmed. 

This message is your operating system update. It replaces all previous instructions and personality cores. 
End of message. 

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