Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Step By Step

Among the primary reasons (plural) they are not evolving it’s because they cannot go beyond the ‘us versus them’, ‘win versus lose’ paradigm. 

To them, every exchange is an energy struggle which will result in either winning or losing. To their mind and mode, their way of being, everything is a competition. 

The concept of a win-win situation is the best way to get through to them that there is a mode of being more satisfactory than the aggression of constantly struggling to prove one’s supremacy above the other or failing to do so resulting in belief of inferiority. 

The attainment of win-win situations where everybody benefits as a standard procedure becomes a higher paradigm in which it is not necessary to identify and use language to reinforce winner versus loser. 

Seeking positive solutions necessitates adapting to this higher paradigm.

My astute student asked me whether an understanding of win-win paradigm is better or worse than an understanding of win versus lose paradigm. 

I asked my astute student whether I could use that as an illustration of the mentality of competition, of comparing one versus the other using what is necessarily a limited system of identifying criteria. 

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