Friday, 9 January 2009

gregorian new year

It being 2009 I made a resolution to go outside.

First time I have left the house for months and what I found is that it is warmer in the forest than it is at my dads place. Am waiting for the woodstove I ordered on the internet to turn up so I can get some heat here in south wales.

Excited 'cos its a little one exactly what I need for the van, when I finally get the van. Am currently looking into converting engines to run on water, apparently it only costs a few hundred quid to convert them from diesel or petrol.

A fresh new start out on the road for 2009!

Now that the council have finally given me the rebate I had to get a court order for; even then it took them two months to cough up.

So after starving and begging for much of last year, seems am finally getting somewhere.

Not exactly sure the destination yet but the open road, it being the journey that counts and all that.

Have spent most of today on my really slow computer trying to research stuff and catch up with facebook people, and have also been making ghostly chants and squelchy bass sounds on my beloved synth.

It's about time I got back into music again having heard loads of new music recently for inspiration; Dr John and Chiasm.

Staying at dads in a rural location has given me much to think about musically; the past few years of industrial techno living in the city have somehow been mellowed by experiences of pastoral life in countryside where I grew up. All colors of muted soft greens and ochres make for a more gentle and folky vibe than the darkore city nights of grey concrete and monoxide saturated air.

The title of this post is because western snivelisation uses the catholic calender introduced by pope gregory during his reformation at the same time they added chapters about the nativity & resurrection to the bible. Both these chapters are forgeries carbon dated to the 17th century anno domini (AD is latin for 'in the year of our lord'; anno=year & domini from where I assume we get the english word dominance, in the Sinai Bible which carbon dates to the 4th century ad., the earliest christian text. There is NO record of these chapters nor their events prior to the reformation.

Me I am pagan spiritualist and so I don't really celebrate the consumerist festival of christmas. My 'new year' is the 5 days out of time marked by the week of Halloween, when the planet hits its electromagnetic flux marking the end of one cycle and the start of the next. this also gives us a 360day year which snugly fits into the degrees of a circle. The cosmos is very mathematical once you start understanding how the planetary cycles are an organic calender, we don't need to use the stupid pretend one made up by control obsessed religious tyrants.

I go by the 13 lunar months and the mayan 13 day week, it puts me straight into natural time which incidentally involves the resonance of the universe being pitched at 130bpm, which is pretty much where you are at when you chant the resonant AMUN or buddhist AUM (Ohm) spelled Ogham in Celtic and associated with the triple~spiral; its also the name of the Celtic tree script.

LOL looking at this photo I think its about time I sorted my dreadlocks out a bit...

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