Saturday, 10 January 2009

planet of ghosts

(put some gravel in your voice and sing it aloud)

I woke up the smorning
(ba dada ba dum)
I saw in my head
some spooky scenes
of a world of the dead

I checked on my cellphone;
nobody had called
am I all alone
in this cold forsaken world?

oh yeah
I'm on the planet of the dead

and it ain't red


is a new project inspired by a darkling dream
the world stripped clean
of all life leaves only ghosts
its just like the mahdi gras without the hosts
except rocks & a stagnant swamp
in which new creatures might form, given a billion years.
time is meaningless when you don't
wear a body that binds you to the material plane

so the ghosts go mad in their patience if they kick about here.

easier to leap forward to the new forms
and speed up evolution by sending will into matter
when it is soft & sensitive & barely formed;

ameobas that are all the same original entity
from which we all emerged,
mutated & evolved toward the hive~mind
we now are
isolated until we reach such inner balance
as to accept what we are, overcome the ego blindness,
divorce from the mind & perceive cleanly

that our ocean amplifies our electric soul;
& though caught in different raindrops, each of us is still a part
of the same ocean, essean, & this sea speaks
with itself through us.
everyone a synapse between the core white light instant now of the rainbow,
& the slow material dimension we swim within...

or better yet
these ghosts of a dead world to leap
to some other world where hosts await,
each species accelerating to a different rate
designed unique to live in each place
designed outcome for a different fate
yet all capable of reaching the same conclusions about what form is for

we have purpose here, always remember this
and so I look out at the city through its night time black and neon glow
the sounds & vibes ripple up echoed through concrete steel & glass
all black and shiny in the darkness
I realise that all of this is going on anyway
& how lucky we are here on earth to be a part of the process
I wonder how many other wise ones are out there
who realise and know of such things?
so now am given my oblique strategy;

now to make some music with it!

I am not entirely sure why I am on this path
certain parts of my brain have been shut off and others amplified,
I can feel this as physical sensations and it steers my eyes

no doubt I am possessed again by some creative spirit,
since I cannot seem to clear my head for focus;
I need to be calm as I like & to see for my own self.
the ghosts use us in this way to achieve their own agendas
& when I go on work strike they punish me.
think of the glory! they say,
the effect you will have on popular culture!

we need this! we do this for you!
sure thing, thats as maybe
but what about my own free will?
choice to make my own decisions?
at least I am awake & aware of what is happening,
clairaudience is useful to a point.
most humans aren't there yet & consider this gift to be either

schizophrenia or demonic.
they are afraid of the whole truth because they are ego bound.

And so I let go the ego and return to my studio
to put some sounds together; each sound containing a vibe.
in a universe where energetic waveform is

the art of attunement
to different spectrum, these spirits use our arts
to vibrate the particles of the material world
to a specific grid, that they may strengthen their domain here.

I knew I shouldn't have eaten those eggs,
they have bound me to this streamline


egyptian halls
stop whitelighting my phone
shed a silver tear
amoebaby hydra gonpoly
this is what happens when they lock you in a box
popular belief is rubbish
ivy sky
to make him have a happy heart

spit em up & chew em out
down inside her mind
a thousand writhing snakes
herschel spectroscopy
they can pick up on it
the Dragons watching over her
we are change
some of them just slip (she said)

dark dolphins
the future just bit back
I slept last night

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