Monday, 20 January 2014

getting a girl

My social experiment of 20 years has drawn to its conclusion.

METHOD 1: aim for marriage.

This does not get you a steady girlfriend.
Women regard this as 'desperate to be married' and that you to have mother issues.
This does not get you laid.
This probably could easily get you a fat, ugly and/or abusive steady partner but that is no guarantee of happiness.

METHOD 2: aim for one night stand.

This does not get you a steady girlfriend.
It does get you laid. Not every time but often.
50% of them are difficult to get rid of afterward.
If you let it drag on longer than a week they start talking about marriage. 
The ones who walk away would probably be awesome steady girlfriends except they would stray.
Enjoy it for what it is and don't look back. You're allowed to its the 21st century after all.

METHOD 3: let her choose you.

This will get you into an abusive relationship faster than you can blink.

METHOD 4: aim for 'I don't want anybody right now'.

This makes no difference whatsoever to anybody except yourself.
Women whose advances you reject will tell their friends that you are gay and tell the police that you raped them.

METHOD 5: aim for 'you can't have me, I'm already taken'.

This gets you laid by several of the wrong people, most of whom are already in steady relationships they don't plan on ending.
They will be totally understanding if/as/when you end it,
but they might also tell everyone you're gay and tell the police or their husband that you tried to rape them.

METHOD 6: physically take someone whether they are single or in a relationship already.

This gets you a steady long term partner.
It does depend on who you take;
if she agreed to meet you for a second time then it's safe.
if she agreed to meet you for a third or fourth time before you make a move, either she will lose interest or see Method 2 and 3.

Seems crazy but that's how it works.

People might choose to complain about the results of this experiment but in practicality, it is how it works. This is based on repeated experiences with all of the above categories.

So I showed this to my platonic older woman friend and she asked "what are you trying to prove?"

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