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Science On Google Plus

This is a repost from g+ of my focusing my thoughts on a great big problem in society, namely the use of strawman arguments by superiority complex type abusers. To help this process I only copied my own posts here which are excerpts from the conversation, you can read that if the thread hasn't been deleted by clicking the link. This is part two; part one was deleted from G+ before i could copypaste it due to breakdown in communications between conversationalists.

DJ Spin posted :

No, Stephen Hawking Did Not Say Black Holes Don't ExistProbably started with the group of people that support who he "quoted" lol ... Can you guess who?

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I have had multiple out of body experiences, I am clairaudient, and none of that is easily provable with science. I have recorded my dialogue with ghosts onto audio format in a random public place that could not have been rigged, and with witnesses. However to present the evidence now - it would be easy to countefeit the same evidence, only those who lived through and understood the shared experience know for a fact that it is real.

I agree wholly with your rationale; i have not done experiments to prove the reality of australia, therefore it might be a conspiracy. The same applies for most experiments, for most science. It is a religion. Its devotees go on faith that their priests are honorable and accurate.

I have also been trained in scientific methodology which has not changed since franciscan friar roger bacon invented it in the thirteenth century, according to the history books.

When quantum science experiments tell us that one of the most fundamental particles reacts to human intention and belief, it underminds the absolutists, who of course refute it.

Like it or not, we are involved in paradigm warfare. The zombi herds eat fluoride and radiate dogma waves into the electrosphere while facebook like button indicates which pop stars behaviour therefore belief structure holds dominion.

The affect of that on eg; higgs bosons, remains unexplored despite academic theoretical physics telling us that it is related.

At that point we fail to accept the limitations of science as a tool for dealing with or explaining a much more complex reality, as equally as we fail to accept our own ineptitude in comprehending what sicience is telling us is going on. Yet it still soaks up most of the planetary budget through secret black box projects but that also is labeled conspiracy theory by fundamentalists.

The dead end model of science promoted to the masses is purposefully inaccurate and contradictory, as a smokescreen to the real situation.

I'm too busy watching ufo with my own eyes that look like the ones on youtube home footage, and figuring out how to build them, to pursue this further.

on and for the record I am not a science denier. Prove to me that it is real science, teach me how it works in a language I can comprehend, and I will accept. But ask me to believe a theory is a fact, show me forgable evidence instead of proof, and I will prove you to be a fool. Do not misquote me without at least this disclaimer. 

What I keep coming back to is; what is the qualifier of accepting belief? Our judgement relies on it, and it is different for different people, from which result different reality versions of how the cause and the effect are connected.

Tesla: rotation of planetary body generates energy field, a sphere which pushes matter toward the center. Hence planet hence gravity as propulsion.

Newton: mass of planetary body pulls less dense items toward it, hence gravity as attraction.

The cause in these two paradigms varies but the effect is the same.

What is the qualifier by which we choose one paradigm and not the other? This yes, that no, the mechanism by which we guage likelihood and accept as fact.

What is it?
We can see that it is not an absolute although we generally regard it to be one even when people change their mind about it.

Is reality entirely built on probabilities? Is it probable that there is always an exception that proves the rule?

Shroedingers cat experiment. Some scientists now claim they can see both states at the same time. 

it is good to meet others who can see the difference between working theory and religious assumption of superiority. Only open minds can see the farthest horizons. 

with respect, i never ever said that i dispute the existence of black holes. The only two times i mentioned them at all is to ask someone if they had seen photographs of black holes eating stars, and to ask openly if black holes eat dark matter.

While i do appreciate your reply, i would appreciate it more if people did not put words into my mouth, this is called a strawman argument and that itself is the very problem at hand; people lack the clarity to be real scientists because of reliance on strawman arguments as a reflex response. People seem to judge me as being an idiot for this.

People also judge me as being an idiot for asking questions which they themselves cannot answer. This is the culture, well at least this is the social media networking culture, of variable-intelligensia discussing popular scientific issues.

Very few seem to have any awareness that my purpose for asking such questions might be other than my own lack of knowledge about the topic at hand.

I did not mean to offend you by suggesting the non existence of your homeland. I used that as an example, to deconstruct methods of thinking that are used by the variable-intelligensia and yet which upon analysis are revealed to be far from a scientific approach. How someone can ever hope to achieve lucid and exact results from crooked thinking, quite often when one is unaware that one is even thinking crookedly - it has worried me sufficiently that I put the time into raising awareness of this issue.

This agenda will achieve more than these groups will ever achieve scientifically as 99% of what is discussed is regurgitated from other sources and fought over like temple dogs.

I believe that people who are interested in science should at least understand and use scientific mindset in their discussions. Science sets itself as a benchmark for clarity in determining what reality is, it is a pity that its fans so often fall short of that mark in their community relations.

Only when we achieve that level can we discuss these matters with integrity.

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