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i don't do drugs

This is a repost from g+ of my focusing my thoughts on a great big problem in society, namely the use of strawman arguments by superiority complex type abusers. To help this process I only copied my own posts here which are excerpts from the conversation, you can read that if the thread hasn't been deleted by clicking the link.

"Drug abuse simply stands in as a temporary fix to a much deeper psychological complex. Had there not already been a problem, they wouldn't have turned to drugs to begin with." 

One day I will find the original source of that quoted opinion. 

My ba honours degree specialism is in primitivism in art and shamanic communities.
The earliest cave paintings on this planet show how by taking psychetropic drugs, humans developed art, hunting, fire, abstract thought, writing, well basically it began civilisation. Living shaman the world over share a common description of using these plants for communication with other dimensions, in many cases using the same words for the same concepts, even geographically unconnected tribes of different continents. This is well recorded historical fact by respected authorities and academic experts. In the west the attitude is either to deny it and label all such substances as criminal, or to discreetly explore them and see how far it gets us. 

When I woke up one day and decided to start taking drugs, and then sought relevant experts for my education in practical shamanism, this was why. Yes I do come from a far from perfect home background in many ways but take into account that this is western culture and I do not know anyone at all who does, it is normal and mainstream. I have to confess a potential bias though as a qualified counsellor I do perhaps know a disproportionate amount of abused people. Most of those who use cannabis agree that it helps, and most of those can function better with it than without. It is the ones who use only alcohol who are more problematic. Sadly the people who use pharmaceutical mental pills (which are mostly fluoride based) I find to be unreachable. 

It was one magic mushroom trip cured me overnight from over a decade of tobacco, cannabis and alcohol addiction. I have read reports from legit psychology experiments, apparently this is a common experience with mushrooms. 

Primitivism began when african shamanic tools called fetishes, used for communion with spirits and deity, were brought to the west by explorers and slavers and merchants as curios.

As they were wood carvings and often figurative the westerners put them in an art gallery and called them sculptures, since shamanisn had been destroyed in western culture the objects were not recognised as tools but as ornaments.

The next generation of artists in exploring this, got into perception and began seeing western tools as ornaments, hence duchamps urinals. This awareness developed into seeing the world in new ways to reveal how indoctrinated we are. Duchamps c'est nes pas un pipe (it is a painting of a pipe, a symbol, not an actual real pipe). Rousseaus noble savage concept. Art was no longer recording history - the emergance of photography stepped into that role and liberated the artists to explore through art psychology and perception, this coming toward the end of the western age of reason, a time of philosophical breakthrough and worship of the mind. The industrial revolution and the consequences of science was underway now the church no longer dominated, many believe that the church is why shamanism was repressed in the west, famous european catholic witch murders.

So into the twentieth century developed abstract expressionism, partly funded by communists seeking to covertly undermine patriotism but largely because art now expressed emotion as colour, and optical tricks such as bonnards white tiles (he used no white to paint them because he painted the colourful refraction of light which is what he actually saw).

The sixties and seventies psychedelia and liberation movements, a time of great social change toward equality as mass perception shifted and forced the laws to be changed. Picasso was the genius of the twentieth century with regards to this. Andy Warholes pop art where mass factory produced affordable art for the Bau Haus home.

Telefuckingvision propaganda brainwashing machine psychedelia in your living room unifying by distraction a generation in technicolour ...

and then... postmodernism internet its all been done before plastic retro clone drone zone ubiquitous, grafiti and concrete high art for political comedy from Banksy.

Next step is to address global poverty and inequality, the end of the social caste 1% elite rulers and usury based money system vs the 99% consumer slaves. Integration of science in this age of misinformation super road map star map map map muppet generation who are too afraid to pull off the necessary political coup because nobody knows or agrees what to replace the tyranny with yet.
My approach to primitivism is twofold, there is the necessary return to nature as lifestyle, permaculture so humans can survive instead of pollute. Americanadian plains indians, the mayan bloodlines, have much to teach us about this as well as spirituality and about shamanism.

The other aspect is to study first hand shamanism, by exploring these fetish items the way their original creators had intended them to be used, and by communicating with spirit allies also known as organic drugs. For twenty years, what I have been doing, how I have been living, as a shaman, a spiritist, has isolated me from both the mainstream western media fed consumer society that does not believe shamanism to be real, and persecutes it when it gets too real for them to cope with; and at odds with the academic shamen who publish books about dressing up as an animal to woo your inner spirit animal, and to meditate. I do meditate it is probably the only necessary if you cut all else away. Perfect ypur breathing skills, after all you wouldnt last long without breathing. Slowly and deeply. The published shaman guides do not ever seem to scratch the surface, with exception of Carlos Casteneda which has a twist at the end.

There is a lot to be said for art, investing of creative energy into visionary, to increase access into that visionary world; it is why computer games, second life and opensim type platforms are so important. Celtic shaman speak of the Otherworlds, real yet vague places, whose acute nature is defined by the take on it that the respective observer projects; and we do this communally. Mushrooms are used to access the otherworlds.

Then there are the recent aquarian new age white light healers who we need because society is sick, but who also up until 2013 at least collectively deny primal shamanism as relevant, and like the christians they call it the black arts.

Exopolitics is closer to the mark. And it is not easy. Shamanism is not an easy path.

There is a reason that decades of drug use is necessary to destroy the ego and the holy revered programmable, rationalist mind of western dogma. You have to kill yourself and go insane to cope with regular out of body experiences. You have to kill the mind and the ego self to see reality purely without filtering it through programmed symbols or distracted by desires.

I am a useless shaman or I wouldnt be here, but I am also a teacher which is necessary part of the 'archaic revivalism' movement.

That is a little insight into my dedication to primitivism. We were more advanced before ... by exploration we went through into a wider reality, and our species was invaded by aliens, reptilians, operating from outside our normal perceptions, hostile aliens who altered us so we become host bodies for them to occupy in their schemes for conquest. We pollute this world because they thrive in that pollution energy spectrum. Yummy radioactive swamp. We have a fragmented, divided, hostile society which is easy to conquer; people look for a leader during crisis so the conquerers engineer crisis after crisis. 9-11, fukishima, banking collapse etc. At this point, the tool of the invaders is to label the connection between the dots as a conspiracy theory and those who know what is happening are labelled as crazy in attempt to get rid of them. Forget the crazy talk, work to pay your tv internet entertainment distraction bills or go to jail.

Meanwhile the shaman deal with a much wider universe in which humans have limited senses most of the time, and the enemies of our species, for example one mind made of many bodies is called a hive mind. Shamanic science from the stone age tells that operating from outside of time, one such mind can simultaneously occupy different bodies located in different eras in time. Thats how the invasion.
We are lucky, because we can shift up above their vibrational range, into the light healers spectrum. The invaders also have limited senses but of a different type, different limits.

This is part of what I have been experiencing and observing and coping with, and many others.

The main part of primitivism as shamanism is voodoo culture, from west africa, haiti and a religious form of it in america; this is mostly spiritism and ancestor worship.

Also popular in the west is the constructing and worship deities (when concepts become autonomous gods, by investing them with sufficient life force energy, one major form of which is belief) used by magicians using sigils and the like (from austin o spare to mtv), christians would call them demons; these entities affect what we call the lower fourth dimension, by programming into the higher fifth dimension, so it is ego based powers for the material realm but not spiritual in the ascension of the soul meaning of the word.

Why we use the one word spirit to mean so many different things in this langauge shows how repressed these studies are by english speaking nations.

Primitivism is about keeping it simple and obvious. Translating the ancients temple teachings carved in stone, one remembers that they also were aware the common sense need for this. 

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