Saturday, 19 November 2016

Apple and Heart

Apple and Heart

are the same symbol in Egyptology

the Heart is elastic
muscles hurt when stretched
needs to open wider
to support the amount of Love
We need to Flow
Self and Others
to Grow
the Withering option is poison
one bad apple (spoils the urn)

"the pain which we feel is the Love we with-hold" Vasseius

We have a twist at the center of our heart

Americanadian Indian Medicine Wheel

Buddhist Dharma Wheel of Life

Terence McKenna's Food of the Gods posits Psilocybic mushrooms as evolutionary Soma, Tree of life

awesome movie

anubis the guide weighing of heart and feather ceremony to determine best trajectory for transmigration

cat slays serpent with blade/feather to feed roots of sacred ished tree with apple/blood

Seti I under the sacred ished tree, Temple at Thebes

Ankhor Zen

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