Monday, 31 October 2016


I did the MENSA IQ test and I am in the spectrum described as "genius". It is something which I am not showing off about, it is simply statistical data. I told a few people but so far nobody has asked me what I believe myself to be a genius at. Most people think genius means mathematician because they clearly are not themselves great thinkers. My genius is fucking esoteric to most people. This post should give you a clue. It is not a topic which people like to believe exists, until they have no choice but to accept that of course it does. Most of the time it alienates me from society and is a problem rather than a benefit.

Age 16 I slaved and saved for a Korg G3 multi-effects processor. It is soft gothic and beautiful and people told me it was crap but when I played with it I thought it was better than the alternatives and recognized that they were wrong. Kids being jealous. I got seriously into it. One night I was in headphones - these devices sound different through headphones - clearer sound than a guitar amp. I discovered if I leaned the guitar up and hit the strings with a pencil, with the settings set just right, it made 4:4 techno music but the texture, the tones, so fruity it was like eating chocolate raisins with cinnamon, fire coloured shapes and a deep indigo blue tone, I started seeing sound as colour, well it made me aware that is how I see sound. I learned about synaesthesia after that, and Kandinsky. 

As I was enjoying this sound and wondering how to record it to show others, I went deeper into the trance and I had a telepathic experience. I saw a face and felt his heart come through into the same heart space as myself. We saw that we needed more complicated machines for changing the sound in different ways and together we visualized that machine. I did not know what it meant only that the music had somehow connected us. It was about ten years later before I connected with the very same guy and we started making trance techno music together on Korg electribes. That was about ten years ago. 

This is why Korg are the best machines - because they have a telepathic element which reaches through time to set in motion events and meetings through which creative development occurs. When we shamen explain this to the money people the money people call us insane. When we tell the money people that we are making goods to the value of they recognize that we are not insane. That creativity which can be commercialized occurs on more levels of reality than they can see, but that we know how to see into it - they get creeped out and reject us from their society. So our music is tribal and is not released commercially. Some people listen to it and say it is crap. But then we know - they are the sixteen year old jealous kids. 

So we play our music in the right places and to the right people and what happens as a result is those colours, that telepathic code, enters those people, through the music, whatever we have tapped into through our music which is something so much more powerful than we are. The best way to describe how to access this thing is that it happens when our hearts are happy. The question is - what or who prevents all our hearts from being happy and how can we remedy it? Everything which has happened in the space between this, all the different stories and experiences, only a few times have I seen those colours in other places. Most of the world is dry and dead and has no living music connected to evolution powerful enough to affect developing societies. Plugged into the matrix, the organic wild weave of timespace, our soul level awakenings. 

Now is the time to heal the world which means now is the time to start making this sort of music again and playing it in the right places. A lot of people are not connected to Life and they get frightened by it, attempt to repress it or control it or at least commercialize it for their own gain. Somehow every time third parties attempt to capitalize on it, the whole thing falls apart and the band splits, or the music goes crap and loses its connection to that deep pulse. We are still studying these phenomena. 

A lot of people simply are not yet ready to be awakened to the levels this shit works on. And for the record no drugs were involved with these revelations. When you mix drugs into the equation it becomes something else. We are not creating zombies hooked on rhythms, it is the opposite, we are releasing people from that - which is why the controllers have problems with this sort of music. Different brand instruments do not seem to open through in the same way as Korg. 

I am not on the Korg payroll.

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