Thursday, 17 May 2018

Concrete Castles

This blog features very low poly WIP (work in progress)
not representative of the quality of the final product.

Concrete and Indigo work like a dream. 

This project sprawls from original inception to what it becomes with bolt-on extra features.

A castle is not constructed in a day, not even a cyber one. 

In some ways this project is an upgrade utilizing lessons learned from the SAT-ART Gallery in SecondLife (no longer available). It follows the same Japanese design aesthetic combined with Brutalism.

This thing is modular.  "The quickest way to do a big project is one step at a time."  
It helps much to keep everything very simple. Increments of 5 and 10.

Each module / room is to be built -as much as possible- in one session. This gets the basics in. The project is a learning curve and earlier modules will be revisited/revised to apply whatever emerges during its progression.

[more pics to follow]

Mushtamel (The Water Garden) - Fremen word, Dune, Frank Herbert

session one

session 5

The Galleries

session 2

The Bath House

session 3

The Sex Torture Dungeon

session 4

floating bed

aptly named 'the chain room'

every sex torture dungeon needs a blackout room

The Kitchen

session 6

The Bedrooms

The Dojo

session 5

The Creche

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