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Philosophy, Socialism, Spirituality 

Regards the accumulation of accolade as a game played by knobs seeking Affirmation in the form of social prestige. As opposed internal integrity.  As such, a philosophy based on eastern disciplines rather than an Ayn Rands’ Objectivism. In objectivism, the external universe is the focus whereas mastery of internal harmony is far more important to the spiritual adept. It is a philosophy which draws sources also from the mystery schools of Europe which were influenced by those of Celtic Europe and middle eastern cultures of history.

Spiritually, snakeappletree follows the three worlds model of aboriginal cultures; the world of nature which exists independently of man, the world of spirit which exists independently of man, the world of human concerns; these overlap although  we must learn to balance them in our lives  for us to survive (the others will continue with or without us) instead of ignoring and exploiting those others. This should guide our lifestyle. Following on from this the Budo creeds which gives into Zen and the minimalist aesthetic.

To live this way, as an ascetic and as a shaman, is to open one to ridicule and persecution from the western world, most especially those supporting the Departmentalised, compartmentalised, static system. Within its worldview, shamen are by default schizophrenic, mentally ill rather than the healers and spiritual wisdom keepers all other cultures recognise them for. This is a cultural schism. As an independent archeo-historic researcher, the wall of ‘the official version’ is a problem both for integration and for progress. 

At University in the Midlands (“a place to be at the turn of the millennium”) introduced to the works of Carlos Casteneda and Yaqui Indian methods of perception training. At the same time, the medicine teachings of Estcheemah through hyemyohsts storm. Academic lessons in psychology, philosophy and primitivism in art which developed into the post-industrial cultural Renaissance of the 20th and early 21st centuries. Study integrating internal harmony of these concepts with external events; so as to explore the nature of the reality construct, in accordance with the Hermetic European mystery philosophies. Working with several study groups using whichever method is applicable to comprehend ‘the Manifestation principle.” The culmination of explorations of many mystery schools for examples the order of the Golden Dawn and it’s many derivatives, into Chaos magick and beyond.

Moved for several years to Somerset where studied intensely the Eros factor of the European cult of Thanateros, advancing the methods of founder and high priest, Victa Corva Penfold of the Order of the Morning Star (which is not the same organisation as the one you will find on the internet, due to internal conflicts and reformation heavily inspired by feminist doctrine).

Return to live in south Wales where continued to study Shamanism and following Carlos Casteneda’s guidance, the Thanos aspect. Assimilating its multicultural roots, specifically Vodou and Candomble methods. During this time, funded by British government to travel to Egypt and as an academic researcher, independently discovered many cultural associations through etymology and symbolism between Assyria – Babylonia – Egypt – Mesoamerican – North American forms of spiritualism all rooted from the same source teaching. Travelled to Southeast, south and south-west of England to study with spiritists from diverse backgrounds. These travels,  persued under the guise of a folk player carrying an Irish style buzuki. 

Living in south Wales, ran an open-door policy underground recording studio for street musicians, discretely funded by the Welsh government. This resulted in a number of house parties and gigs at official state funded and unofficial secret free festivals. 

Founded a number of small budget animation companies including stop frame, video puppetry and digital. Of these, Ordo Octopia has become the central focus for releasing multimedia products and information through.

The moniker SnakeAppleTree evolved from its origin as the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols for the name of a person, into a characterised fictional entity used for purposes of marketing Ordo Octopia products which is a standard practice in successful business enterprises. 

It’s alter-alias xeno-heart-feather / xeno-heart-blade Is used to release directly to the internet science fiction short stories from a series of novels; Sounds Of Space and Tales of the SpaceWays, also featuring SnakeAppleTree as a protagonist. These have a small and growing cult following. They explore issues of self identity and schizophrenia, ancient spiritual wisdom, the impact of real and fictional technology on culture and community, psychology, shamanism,, spiritism and myth, the suspension of disbelief and the power of imagination in terms of human evolution. 

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