Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Freudian & Jungian Paychology model

                                ID     EGO     Super-Ego

Id = idiom. Self-identity with thematic context by which we define ourselves. 

Ego = juggles and balances all aspects of self.

NOT what is usually meant by use of the same word in modern society (where ‘ego’ is incorrectly used to describe ‘self-centered and arrogant’).

Super-Ego. Social conditioning and learning from experiences. Routine reactions and behavioural patterns. Programs. Generally subconscious. 

Left brain= logical processes. Maths. Assertive. Draws from system grids (mental constructs). Subject to rigid dogma if dominant (it’s nature). 

Right brain = creative processes. Yielding/Flowing. Draws from intuition. 

Intuition = ‘second brain’ gut reaction. The sixth sense. 

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