Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Leaving A Cult

Leaving A Cult

You grew up in a religious cult except they did not call it a religious cult. The whole of your society was and still is. There are exceptions although they generally tend to be outcasts from the society/cult. The mainstream is designed to persecute anybody who sees through and beyond the mainstream and into reality outside of the cults tenets.

Principal among these tenants, and that which keeps people trapped inside the cult is a mind control technique of encouraging people to think a specific, particular way. This is reinforced both positively and negatively in most aspects of life. To describe it succinctly, we use the terminology: left brain dominant.

This is an imbalance of mind and an imbalance of a functional human organism. Nevertheless it is strategically reinforced by mainstream culture to be the only correct perception permitted. Those adhering to it are defined as sane and those outside of it are defined as unsanitary. 

“A problem cannot be solved with the same type of thinking which created it.” Albert Einstein. 

The nature of left brain dominance is that it does not recognize itself to be a problem. It recognizes itself to be superior. 

Left brain regards those things supporting it to be so obvious as not to need mention,  much less contemplation. Then upon critical analysis it cannot accept those things supporting it as being equally or more important than itself.


-The importance of right brained thinking as equally valid to left brained thought.

-Harmony of spheres between both hemispheres of the brain.

-Intuition and instinct as being senses subconsciously connected with macrocosmic nature. 

-The heart as the center of self. 

-That materialist laws explore only materialism.*

*So far as materialist laws define the conscious observer; materialist law states ‘no form of energy ceases, it transmutes’. On analysis to assimilate this is to accept the conscious observer is a form of energy which does not cease upon physical death of the body, but transmutes. Ergo, experience of death does not negate consciousness. Despite this, the vast majority of left brain dominant individuals collectively deny transmigration as scientifically valid. This is a reason why the mainstream ‘normality’ is defined as a cult. 

That spiritual laws exist and are valid within human experience. That it is valid to base cognitive decisions upon them to experience more cohesive, fulfilling and wholistic understandings of the macrocosmic natural world of living being. 

Becoming aware of this situation helps enable and empower individuals and communities to function in a harmonious and balanced way, to leave the mainstream cult and begin experience reality for what it actually is, as opposed to witnessing a limited, delusional version projected upon it by socially reinforced programmed perception filters. 

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