Tuesday, 6 November 2018

narcissism cult

narcissism cult

Internet cult of narcissism is the 5th Wave feminism designed to segregate and control by persecuting males. It relies on triggering and embedding paranoid fear responses in females towards males. Remember, humanity and evolution is about communication, comprehension and integration!

Less than basic qualification level psychology training is imprinted onto the masses who re-affirm the paradigm by finding common frame of reference through it. A system to analyze behaviors which so few people question is corrupt and designed to create the results intended by an agenda.
A pattern is presented. Analyze the behavior of the people who you are closest with. Identify whether it conforms to the pattern.
The pattern in it self is inaccurate. Therefore it’s analysis is not correct. People behaving accordingly, are enacting routines of destruction, both their own and the closest ones.
Leverage. Where peoples behaviour does not conform to the pattern, to fake it as excuse to react as if it does, creates ongoing cognitive bias, is symptomatic of narcissism [in this context], is manipulation and fabrication. Re-interpretation the observed to conform it to pattern instead of accepting the original intent which does not conform to pattern.
The outcome is used to justify the abusive behaviour. The justification of non-accountability is relied on as it to excuse the perpetrators behavior. By imposing a non-accurate pattern into a situation, just to instil a sensation of control and describe it as empowerment, where the same behaviour outside of the filter of the cults pattern, is abuse.

Females are being targeted, men are being alienated. A part of the corruption embedded into the pattern is any male who attempts to explain all of this to a female, is through the eyes of the pattern, perceived as an abuser. How are males supposed to protect their loved ones when the form that protection takes in their manipulated and brainwashed perceptions, is interpreted as an act of abuse?

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