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from Cutesy to Zombi

illustration from Return of the Living Dead III

This blog has been inspired by This blog:
Sankarea: Undying Love by Mitsuru Hattori.

Growing up the Western Way

Sankarea: Japanese Cover
The huge social war against pedofilia has not accepted the culture summarized by now (finally) ex-pope’s commentary “pedofilia was normal when I was a boy”. Jim fixed it for some and (allegedly) the BBC conveniently covered it up for a few decades until after he’d died. I am reminded of my school pal’s joke about Paul Daniels; “For my next trick I’ll put my finger up your bum, can you feel my finger up your bum?” my pal, pretending to be the stage magician raises both his hands and shakes them about in front of his head, saying; “now that’s magic!”

Today have been discussing the development of English Language in Britain and America, as it is 200 years since the Declaration of Independence yet only 150 years since the very first English Dictionary was published in Britain, which relates to the divergence of the language into two separate languages. It is crucially important here because the American terminology Arse and Fanny refers to the reverse of what the British mean by the same terms.

Growing up the Western Way is a cultural reference to the Eastern opinion of Westernisation Process that is affecting their culture, in relation to how we do not even have terminology such as Easternisation Process nor is the Eastern Way spoken of, despite for example the Budo philosophies being of great influence to the West in spiritual interest groups, particularly the philosophy of a Animism, ‘everything is alive, part of one great living whole; rocks, the wind, rivers, the elements themselves, have spirit’.

Sankarea: American Cover
This leads us nicely onto the second theme in this blog; the Zombi component. Zombi are originally humans that have had their capacity for thought and emotion greatly reduced if not stopped altogether. There seems some confusion as to whether a zombi is a physically dead walking corpse that for some reason will not lay to rest, or whether it is a normally biologically functioning body with the brain in the state of a vegetable. My own personal take on the matter comes from a study of voodoo culture in which anyone who is brainwashed, is a zombi. In Buddhism there is a concept ‘Sansara’ which translates into English as ‘confused’ and/or ‘conditioned’ mind, as opposed to “Satori” or ‘enlightenment’.

The Zen concept of No-Mind is a confuddlement to many westerners, in that with Zen philosophy ‘an empty mind’ does not make one a zombi, it makes one enlightened, a clarity of perception uncluttered by distraction of thoughts. This is the opposite to the Western philosophy of ‘an empty mind’ being the vegetative state, a mindless or thoughtless zombi, incapable of rational activities and conversation. What we call a Hollywood zombi falls into this category.

And so now we need some manga/anime style pictures of nature worshipping shamen-monks communicating with samurai-zombi.

All over the world, we now have television, radio, mobile phones, wifi, internet; all of which are electronic mind control devices. We have “soap&dope” chloride/fluoride in the drinking water and chemtrail skies; dumbing us down. The longer we are subjected to this shit, the more damage it does to us.

From Cutesy to Zombi

This blog was originally intended as a commentary about our perpetual quest for perfect partners and how shit we generally treat them once we find them, about the ongoing observational analysis of relationship dynamics, especially in Britain where domestic abuse and sub-dom relationships are unfortunately the norm and it has been this way for several generations.

Our generation are supposedly wise enough to see through such behavioral patterns and are capable to sever the cycles of abuse. I recommend Dr Eric Bernes fabulous book about Transactional Analysis, called 'The Games People Play'; human psychology and energy control systems laid bare. We no longer wish to be segregated into separate units, divided and conquered, doing what is expected of us and repressing our natural desires. We actively seek mutual support, friendship and Love between our tribal communities. In state terms this is deemed ‘a support network’ comprising unusually strong and focused mature individuals many of whom with diverse interests and abilities, and for the record given current political climate; the appropriate childcare qualifications necessary to protect our kids from ourselves, each other and social services forced adoption policy.

I have a child with a girl I met on the internet both of whom are very cute in their own ways. My current partner also came from the same website, she is cute in an entirely different way. Thankfully and due to a focus on ‘amazing optimistic heart’ and ‘healing nature’, we all of us now get along triumphantly; setting aside negativity for the benefit of the kids who are the most important thing. Increasing numbers of people are coming aware of this now and living in such a way, that the teenage hang-ups inherited from growing up in a repressive society are overcome by liberal attitude amongst adults and a focus on protecting the children and raising them to be better than we were.

We all have different relationship needs and our group are able to identify and explore many of these.

We laugh at cartoon Hollywood zombies to overcome our fear of what is happening to us, of becoming them.

The zombi apocalypse is well underway. Here, we represent the counter-culture, the revolutionaries, we teach deconditioning techniques openly and for all.

You are not your Mind; Mind is not the Self.

You wear a body designed for pleasure and it is owned by you alone to do with whatever you choose.

Alternatively; do whatever your partner says, don't ask questions, don't think, submit.

Your community needs You.

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