Thursday, 28 February 2013


The core of my focus is:

None of us, of our own or previous generations, have sorted out the human condition, the human community. But with our help, the next generation might. The next generation are the future of the human race, and they are in less compromised situations than any adult. They are therefore more important than any of the adults.

The symbol for this is the Olmec stone head carvings of babies, toddlers wearing gum hats so they do not hurt their heads when they fall over while learning to walk. The Olmecs represent child-worship, which indicates how we should be listening to and looking after our kids, instead of indoctrinating them with tv and video games, and feeding them toxins with sugar, white flour, ground bones and gmo junk food diets.

I care about this planet and humanity. I care about the future of our species.
Personally I am about gender equality, skin equality, age equality; about ending segregational ‘–isms’. I am about peace. Community is about the dance of differences to achieve a working balance.

In this village there are half a dozen single parent mothers who agree with the state, CAFCASS, social services, and child psychology and welfare studies that “children thrive best with both male and female role-models”. These parents and their children embrace me into their lives to have a hand in raising their children. My natural aptitude for looking after kids has been commented on in the family center who have offered me work placement if I get the qualifications to pass me through the red tape of bureaucracy.

The problem I have had is with neo-feminist, anti-male state workers who on the one hand read out the party line that “children thrive best with male and female role-models” and make such claims that “there are not enough men involved in child welfare” while on the other hand are actively discouraging me from attending courses and achieving these qualifications, simply because of my gender. The argument that ‘we live in a male dominated society’ is a lie that does not accurately represent the real world that we actually live in. It is now 50 years since the womens liberation movement and ‘burning of bra’ ceremonies.

I made this t-shirt to wear to the next Child Behaviour Course session in the family center after the neo-feminist teacher encouraged the whole class to bully me for being the only man in the room. She actually said the words "women are superior to men" during the session.

ooh im not alone, a supportive ally sent me this link moments ago :)

I live in a county where 5 years ago, a pedofile ring consisting of 4 women and 1 man were imprisoned. The statistics are that in this county of Wales Britain, women are 4 times more likely to be child abusers than men. FACT

I do not intend to do private childcare because I have to protect myself; I do not want to be alone in a room with other peoples children because the chances are that I will be set up by someone at some point (probably one of the women with kids who I have said No Thanks to for sex, which has happened to me before). This is why I am trying to accept the offer I received to work in the family center where everything is above board in the open in public. If I was a woman, this would not be a concern.

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