Saturday, 16 March 2013

psychic vampyr 303

There is a basic way that energy works, the same applies for basic Attention, applied Intention (aka “prayer” energy) or any other form: that it Seeks Balance. Watch how water works within a gravity field for example of this.

The guide that “the observer effects the observed” is only the basic level understanding, further to which; the observer is also affected by the observed (“we are what we eat”, ingestion via senses).

We are dealing with a process of ‘energy transference by induction’. This happens every time a human thinks about or feels toward another human, or animal or item, etc. It is not so simple that we charge it up with our personal energy flavour/texture (essence); we also receive of its own energy texture by holding it within the energy field of our awareness. This is natural balance.

The energy if measured not only in terms of essence (flavour/texture) but also in terms of charge/volume, flows on the same principle that the more energized party is leeched by the less energized party until they balance.
(Which is in nature the direction of the Flow if the bio-electromagnetic/psychemotional Attention-focus is not applied. In human society it can be directed either way, which allows for common but undesired energy vampirism)

The difference between higher & lower energized parties catalyses the essence’s blending. This process is called ‘flux’ which denotes both the process and the intricacy of fusion (chimera).

I recall the revelation of this from while living with the Essenes from where we still retain the words used to accurately describe what my study group was discovering after examining Egyptian depictions of what western scholars inaccurately call ‘the weighing of the heart ceremony’. It applies to transmigrant souls as much as it does to embodied souls.

Why the Buddhists stopped doing their group-focus applied Intention meditations where everyone was thinking the same outcome to create that manifestation field in the world, was because they absorbed so much negativity from their planned positivity that it blew their focus and scattered their group. In simple terms; if we touch a nasty, we absorb a nasty, despite how pure we may be. So far we have not discovered any successful way around this dilemma other than to avoid the nasty.

The long-term gradual distillation of all the toxins in the process of transmuting humanity into a higher form of awareness is occurring over many lifetimes. We have so much junk to purify by alchemical process, it becomes relevant here and now to accept the reality of the consequence of exploring those alchemical process, that there is a natural law that we all must work within.

This essay was inspired by the problems I face on a daily basis by people praying for me after I have asked them not to do so, because they project their own grid and their own impurities upon me, and in doing so, they leech me of any energy I do have. This permeates a weakened state for me that is my constant sensitive reference point. The very least these energy vampires could do, if they are not going to leave me alone, is listen to what I am fucking saying!

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