Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Check Out the Void

“The pain that we feel is the Love we with-hold.” Vassaius

Human society out there is fucked. It is so full of mind programmes to screw you up, to screw up positive relationships. Most of it is about insecurity and control, domination and doubt. Most of it is about Slavery. It affects us all. 

Our ancestors were proud human beings. They were dealing with real issues. They were pragmatic realists. 

We here have decided to remember our roots. We are proud human beings. We are strong enough to do what it takes to get things right, within our group of people.

We cannot change government. But we can change ourselves and our immediate community. This is done with Positivity, with Love, and with Acceptance. 

In any tribal community there are wisdom keepers, there are natural leaders. I do not want to be a leader. I am doing what I must do to heal the social sickness. This statement is a part of that. 

Our primary goal is for everyone to be happy. Our primary goal is for the kids to be safe, so they can teach us a purer insight than we can access from our compromised integrities. 

Humans are a tribal species, it is how we are designed to thrive. We look up to indigenous tribal communities for the wisdoms that we have forgotten, so we can implement them into western societies. 

There is a simple human rule in any tribal group; if you are not working for the good of the tribe, then you are not part of the tribe. Other than this, the generally accepted Common Law of our Ancestors is as follows; Keep the Peace, do not harm, steal or use trickery. This should be all we need to live successfully as a prosperous community. Any problems where they are not resolved from inside the group harmony, are from outside of it. There is an old maxim; together we win, divided we fall. This is the uprising of Human Culture amidst a toxic consumerist debt-slavery system. 

Our contexts and our concepts must be changed, as part of the transition. The goal is sustainable permaculture and community support. Any thought or feeling that becomes an action should be one of positive energy, we are stripping our world of negativity by sidelining the sociopaths. This is a survival necessity.

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