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Cognitive Dissonance As Standard

"Only the Insane have Strength enough to prosper;
Only those who prosper truly judge what is sane."
Warhammer 40,000

Cognitive Dissonance is a mental health disorder where the sufferer prefers to believe the dogma of la-la-land, rather than to accept reality, even when reality presents valid proof that the situation is the way it is.

When a person has been recognized as suffering from cognitive dissonance, we must re-evaluate them as a mental health sufferer, no matter what position they hold in society and no matter who or what they themselves believe themselves to be.

Cognitive Dissonance undermines all sense of self as authority, despite job title, income, etc. It is officially recognized as a real mental health disorder. It is rampant in many western cultures, to the extent that ‘mental plague’ is a valid phrase in establishing what is going on in our communities, and in shifting from one paradigm (culturally repressed) to another (accepting a wider reality).

When a doctor misdiagnosed my father as having indigestion, which later turned out to be bowel cancer, a normal person would consider the doctor be at fault. The doctor defends this by replying that he simply did what his computer told him, diagnosing the ailment according to the database.

A sane person would not return to use the same doctor.

Following this, my father returned to the same doctor and told him that I hear voices. “My son hears voices” were the exact words he used. Then my father forced me into going to see the doctor. I objected on the basis that the doctor misdiagnosed him and therefore I do not trust this doctor’s professional opinion.

The doctor said to me; “I have been informed that you hear voices.”
Very laterally I replied; “how can I respond to that other than in the affirmative?” By which I meant that my ears are working fine, or I would not have heard his voice as he told me his statement.

“That is a classic textbook symptom of schizophrenia. I am now referring you to the local mental health team.”
What the? I was too shocked to respond at the time.

The mental health team visited me one by one to get their head around me.
First, the Witch (wearing square shoes, gloves and purple eyes, as described in Roald Dahl’s book the Witches. Possibly she wore purple contact lenses.) listened to me relate about how I had been stressed recently because I had been gang stalked, by a crew who were so inept that I have photographs of them. I went to the police about it and the desk sergeant jovially told me it was probably the undercover police themselves who were following me. No help there then.

The Witch told me that she believed I was lying. Although like everyone she is free to believe anything she wants, I was immediately suspicious of her intent. I offered to show her the photographs and she told me it was not necessary and that she would write in her report that I am a prolific liar.

I recognized both that she was abusive in her position and that she suffers from cognitive dissonance and should therefore be regarded as mentally ill and functionally unstable, so much as it had affected her work related objectivity. I reported this exact statement by telephone to the secretary of the mental health team, who told me I would not have to see the woman again, they would send a different person to analyze me. I am always a little upset at use of the word analyze because it is so similar to an adjective describing bum sex, and so far I most definitely felt that the system was fucking me up the arse.

A week later the Pusher arrived to ask me why I had given up smoking cannabis. I explained that I no longer needed it, the addiction was affecting my life too much, and the irony was that it was not until after I had quit that I began being followed by inept gang stalkers who the police were claiming worked for them. I assume this situation to be the vendetta of my ex-dealer for leaving his syndicate, or simply sods law.

The Pusher asked if I had ever heard of the psychedelic rainbow, with basic soft drugs at one end and far out cosmic shit at the other end. He explained to me that the new skunkweed was as powerful as LSD and thought it was a shame that I had picked this time to quit smoking weed.

I wondered if he was taking the piss, or testing me, or was genuinely into this stuff. I told him that I had left the drug scene and was confused by his attempts to woo me back into it given that he is a state worker in his official capacity and that the state are at war on drugs; despite Holland shutting down prisons because their 20 years of decriminalized cannabis means there is much less crime in their country, because as everyone agrees, cannabis has helped strengthen the community awareness. Compared with Britain where reliance on criminal behaviour increases the police industry which strengthens the government. At that time the Home Secretary Teresa May had not yet issued a public statement, quote; “We are policed by consent” to which most sane members of the community chant in chorus; “I do not consent to be governed!”

I told him that CBD is a component of cannabis that is shown in independent trials to cure mental health disorders such as the alleged schizophrenia misdiagnosis, wheras THC is the component known to cause altered and expanded states of perception utilized by shamen for many thousands of years the world over. Given that I had previously been ingesting CBD, shown  to cure schizophrenia, why did the mental health computer tell them that cannabis actually causes schizophrenia. He could not answer this.

The Pusher then offered me three pharmaceutical drugs. First, Seroxat; I explained how I happen to know a guy who successfully sued the NHS for prescribing him that shit, when tests have shown it to make people suicidal and depressed, and that is why it is now illegal. Obviously his department has a stockpile of it to get rid of.

He offered me a different chemical the name of which I forgot, the side effect of which would cause me to grow boobs and lactate. Momentarily I wondered if he was trying to get me into some kinky bisexual fetish. I declined this drug on the basis that I do not really wish to be taking drugs that have a more severe effect on me than the ones which I had previously managed to quit, and also that sounds like a pretty fucked up drug.

So he offered me a third drug, the side effects of which are audio hallucinations.

I asked him what good it would do, giving someone who is misdiagnosed because he hears voices as audio hallucinations, a chemical that would cause him to hear audio hallucinations. Respectfully I declined on the basis that I really would like to be able to tell which are the real imaginary voices from which are the fake imaginary voices, and asked that he write in his report that my answer should be construed as a sign of someone of sane mind. I do not know if he did, I have not been able to get a copy of any of these reports because the NHS claim they have lost my case file.

I spoke with the secretary of the mental health team and requested that I do not have to deal with the Pusher again on the basis that he is cognitive dissonant if he thinks the stuff he was telling me was in any way sane and rational. A week later they sent me Dr Bye, who was lovely except that she and my father were old friends, sharing jokes and causing me to wonder what was going on behind the scenes between these two that I was not privy to. She treated me respectfully with an empathic sincerity that I appreciated, listening without judging, not making stupid comments and simply being really good at her job, so it seemed. Professional and by the book. She got me in contact with a social worker who was brilliant, who managed to get me the benefits I was actually entitled to which doubled my income, and helped me take ATOS to court after they threw me off of benefits because they didn’t believe the diagnosis either.

I asked all three of these mental health professionals exactly which textbook is it that describes the symptoms of hearing voices to be schizophrenia, rather than ‘not deaf’. Nobody has ever answered me that to date.

At around this time, the BBC in conjunction with the NHS made a short documentary about schizophrenia, which I did not see but I did read their booklet to accompany the documentary, and it states that one of the symptoms of schizophrenia is the denial of being schizophrenic. This means that anybody who claims they are not schizophrenic is exhibiting symptoms of being schizophrenic. This is lateral thinking, which in laymans terms means ‘stating the obvious’ or ‘telling it as it is’. Any notion of a hidden or layered subtext and of referential discourse in relation to the schizophrenia sufferer is highly valid and relevant merely by its use, in terms of having two different types of cognitive awareness occurring simultaneously. Lacking in any proper definition of what schizophrenia is (as all of the state experts seem to do), the phrase ‘having two different types of cognitive awareness occurring simultaneously’ itself takes on an interesting and extremely contrary meaning.

At this point I wave the Cognitive Dissonance flag again. After another session attended by both my social worker and Dr Bye, during which I spoke about the reality of extra-dimensional beings, magick and how nobody had yet asked me about childhood abuse that might be the root cause of any mental health problems I could be perceived to be suffering, I was released from assessment observation with the words "not in need of psychiatric counseling." It is now officially documented that I do not need psychiatric counseling. I am one of very few people in this category; everyone else is suspect.

It is my belief that all of this has occurred so that my paranoid and manipulative father can attempt to discredit me because I was a risk to his divorce proceedings after witnessing him snogging his colleague in a pub doorway during the six months prior to all this. He also told me afterward that Dr Bye is now dead so there is no point in me trying to contact her again.

It is my Common Law Right, believing and asserting myself to be of sane mind, that I am a conscientious and empathic Adult; and as the only true representative of myself, having never granted right of attorney to any other, to make a PUBLIC NOTIFICATION on and for the record, that:

I do not suffer from schizophrenia as alleged; that any such claim having been made was an act of misdiagnosis and professional misconduct, with myself positioned as injured party.

Furthermore, I hereby assert myself and by my own words to be a sane and sensible, educated natural Human being. Given the above,  and in context of the prevailance of Cognitive Dissonance mental health disorder running unchecked in this society, I hereby assume the role of both Adult and Alpha Male, with accumulated life experience beyond and outside of the limited and limiting belief structure of the majority of individuals with whom I interact or am likely to interact with.

Additional Postscript. A friend sent me this link after reading the above blog; 

"Like computers, human brains may be vulnerable to hackers. Technology is already allowing scientists to read people's thoughts and even plant new ones in the brain."

These are the exact same sort of statements that I was making, which gave my father the idea to tell his doctor that I was 'hearing voices'. Whether my own brain has been hacked is apparently open to public question.

The following photographs from pre-2008. This is the crew who were gang-stalking me. I could hardly believe my eyes when I came out of the post office to see all of them there in a huddle! Lucky I had my camera phone with me.

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