Friday, 7 March 2014

ceremony gate

Lived events, footsteps in a new direction which is at once a deja vu of treading ancient path. We have walked this route before, when we were others, wearing others body and mind; so our ritual passage is both a sacred awakening and a continuity. Tarot imagery is drawn from passing such as this, what Yaqui sorcerers calls Mystical Passes.

When we access the Otherworld by this way we are in a groove and the most befitting symbology, if we do it justice and do it right, is primal and basic. Every nuance of personal derailment from that path makes it unique for us and yet more difficult for future selves to follow. Our complexity is streamlined through the gate, it is the eye of a needle. 

I wrote much at the time regarding the passing and wrote it in paint and with pencil. I found as i wrote that the imagery was writing itself, my body a conduit for its manifestation, the flamboyancy of my studied skill mere wallpaper around the principle form.  I borrowed from my studies, symbols easy to recognize and dance with; as is their pagan purpose. The prose, struggling to remain a direct account, becomes poetic; dancing wild with the heart as it has to, for this is the only way to tell it true. To do it justice and to stay within its play, this is necessarily the way.

Imagery to follow.

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