Friday, 7 March 2014

process art

This blog is by way of a Preface
to a series of interconnected blogs showcasing my art.
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It has been a long time since I last painted, other than a brief splash eighteen months ago which produced the start of a series that has not been returned to yet, unless the divergence from the mind of the artists aspiration and vision, from the actualized works, deems the continuity to be taken as a whole for what it is despite the artists intentions and influences. How an artist categorizes internally his or her own work, compared with how historians categorize the same.

Exploring that is a huge part of what my work is about; in a word: PROCESS. It is inseparable from subject.

The deep and intricate background feelings and observations of an artist about the subject matter; all the stuff a casual viewer doesn't get to see; the write-up to justify or explain the are object. The invisible processes at work to create a finished piece or series. 

As a virtual adept of the marvels of computer augmented art (ie: Photoshop 2D, Cheetah 3D) utilizing digital technologies I find the smooth transition from a painted canvas (or in most cases reclaimed board or cardboard) through photography into cyber environment to be a natural continuity of the act of making a painting. 

Most often the canvas is discarded as a biproduct in favour of further development of the piece, through the pipeline, through a blog and into the perception of the viewer. One canvas becomes a whole series of digital stills, becomes an interactive environment within a game engine and an Oculus Rift headset. Electricity is now a crucial raw element of the artists tool set. Oil and Acrylic have become graphic tablet. I do not at this time own half of the products I am talking about, it is illustrative. 

Jungle Journey series
Ceremony Gate series

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