Friday, 13 June 2014

a sullen moment of introspection

People who have never in their lives: slept on the streets, eaten from skips, been beaten up so often they need the pain to feel alive, been raped, been forced against their will, been robbed, been stabbed, been wrongfully arrested, been gang stalked, subjected to ongoing harassment campaign involving attempted murder, people who have never been through any real suffering and yet they envy with a bitter vengeance, what they perceive to be someone who has it easier than them, is more successful, is luckier; because my spirit not only is intact, it is refined. Yet they have audacity to say they know me, that they are friends or family. I accept these people know less of life than I do, that for their own relative traumas they have been blessed with secure, sheltered lives. I accept that these people are psychotic and that the psychosis is symptomatic of an ill society. Yet I do not want them in my life. There is a very good reason that I am a loner; there is a very strong connection between the rise of my own success and my separation from these peoples lives. The few who have been blessed with purgatory to achieve such purity recognise me and understand me as i do them. It is lonely but the rewards are sweeter. I am outcast because my functional paradigm is alien and unbelievable to most. I forgive their judgement of me as inferior; perhaps because I wear my hair long in the tradition of my ancestors and the spiritually adept. They do not recognise themselves as animals, therefore it is impossible for them to recognise me for what I am. They are not ready and I do not envy them the journey they must yet go through to awaken.

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