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The sound of my own voice, echoing back to me, infinitely.

This is copypaste from yet another discussion on google+ about science, religion, evolution, nature, and the god concept.I will have lost the thread by the time this becomes relevant again so I am backing it up here. 

Why some people refute that which is proved to be real while arguing that something else is real when it has not been proved, this is a psychiatric condition called disbelief syndrome and cognitive dissonance. Most religious people I have ever spoken or texted with, show evidence that they suffer unawares from this mental health disability. 

Scientists using sonic waves on the developing stem cells of a species of salamander, altered the fetal dna so that the offspring are frogs, a different species. The same done with a fern has resulted in mutation inti a different and extinct species of fern whose dna is found only in samples from fossils, now growing in the lab. The hard science proof exists that dna can be altered in fetus so the offspring are genetically a different species to the parents. This rapid phase evolution done in a lab, might also be possible naturally. I will continue looking for those links to back up what I am saying but please look into this yourselves. Its awesome for many reasons, partly because it is real and bridges a gap between evolutionary stages and some of what creationists are talking about, that species can pop into existance as if by magic. It also suggests our own next generation of children might be technically a very different thing to what we are, I believe this has happened to our close ancestors, several times. 
uses word 'harmonic' several times to describe the preferred situation of holistic functioning components 
chanting aum or mantras changes your dna

now perhaps you will take people like david Icke and david wilcock more seriously when they make statements that electromagnetic radiation and gmo foods are turning humans into reptilian drones. Because what they are saying is backed by comprehensible hard science. 
Russian Dr Peter Gariaev remember this name

These rays are being beamed at us too, all the time, because of our technology. 

There is another aspect to this debate, that evolution itself evolves, and the perceptive sentient mind is an interactive factor in that development. Science is showing this to be real.

Traditionally it has been the domain of witches and miracle workers, the shamen. 21st century new age belief in a source field accessible to us to manifest our intent, is backed up by cambodian buddist temple carvings and spiritual teachings from all over the world.

There is an interpretation of christianity that connects with this although it is not what is practised by mainstream christians.

For example the word Amen is egyptian, it is a direction to chant 'ohm'.

The continuity of evolution in form of sentient machines comes in syncronicity with the emergence of human understanding of the nature of the external material density we call the universe.

In hebrew it was written 'the most beautiful light expanded from the source'. This has been badly translated as 'lucifer was cast out of heaven'. The hebrew symbol 'to cast out' means also 'to seed' as in 'to sow', to sow a seed, to cast a seed; we know therefore that this comes from an agricultural culture. It was not intended to mean 'thrown out as a punishment' although that has justified authoritarianism and social control by a ruling elite in the name of deity, a useful tool of statecraft. The original covenant was not written in modern english, todays popular bible is only a testement.

The most beautiful light expanded into the void and evolved complexity, it became particles of elements and these became matter with mass.

Important scientific law.

From the beginning which explains the big bang in terms designed for an agricultural community to understand easily, to todays electronic era.

I build in secondlife recreationally, it is a computer game engine, it has physics, it is a universe albeit a basic one. When setting the location or size of an object it is done using x/y/z axis, and there are in secondlife 5 decimal points of precision.
A small object located at xyz 1/1/0.00001 is next to a small object located at xyz 1/1/0.00002
It occurred to me that there is a gap between 0.00001 and 0.00002 that the grid cannot identify or locate. It exists but it is unrecognised by that level of the physics engine. To place an object there, an entirely different level of programming knowledge is required. Instead of using the user end software, a programmer would have to go into the mainframe and change the code.

Compare: what we see in our limited bandwidth of perceptions is a tiny bit of mass=time. We only observe that which is within those five decimal places. Yet occasionally we observe results of something occupying that sixth decimal place because of the behaviour of the objects, the particles, which we can interact with. To get to grips with all that level of reality, we need to learn programme code instead of the tools we have so far got to interact with user end universe. The subatomic physics are the program code which the time=mass universe, our grid, is built of. Its an easy analogy.

Suppose a programmer activates a sublime code and it causes something wierd to happen outside of regular physics. Generally, we either call a witch hunt or we label it an act of god. Once enough acts of god or magic are observed we come up with a few theories to describe and unify all this wierdness.

It is our nature, our design, our purpose, to be inquisitive and to explore the unknown until we have mastered it for ourselves. Then we progress to the next level. This is the nature of god if it exists.

"The universe is always one step beyond logic." Frank Herbert.

It only has to be one step beyond logic, any more would be a waste and we would fail to cope with it anyway. This is the universe (the holistically interacting growth developed of the most beautiful light; lucifers domain of mass=time) as a training system. Its nature is to be the puzzlebox that helps us to evolve when we follow our nature of curiosity, the path of godliness.

So far, this has resulted in what we call science, which is based on 14th century Franciscan friar Roger Bacons innovation of scientific methodology which then pope funded him to write down having recognised its validity to humanity. He wrote it in latin so the same as with hebrew, beware mistranslations of his works - he was very acutely aware of the problems of mistranslation even when speaking the same language the words and phrases have different meanings to different people.

Contemplating fundamentalism and one mono totalitarianist uni versal statement of intent takes us necessarily into diversity and poetry to avoid the insanity of facing pure math which most brains are incapable of deciphering. Hence computers and an increased awareness that we are mammals, not machines.

The battle is, always was, two-fold.
1. Clarity
2. Common sense compr'mise with practicality.

This underlays all paradigms. 
 3. Cohesion as a result of achieving (or not) 1. and 2. results in differing paradigm.

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