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kundalini Ordo Octopia style

The following is an extract from a private text conversation:

I study the teachings of the original high priest of the order of the morning star. My research into kundalini took me to Egypt; those and the Mayan stone carvings hold a lot of information about it. The Cambodian ones are more to do with what happens when a community functions together at a higher level. Is always a process, it never finishes - no form of energy ever finishes, its nature is flow.

Kundalini is a big topic to get into. I have had a lot of experiences with it, some of them so outside the box that it sounds insane to describe it. I don't believe myself to be an expert but then I realize when I seek teachers that I know more than most of those offering their teachings. 

The core is 'slow deep breathing' and keep doing yoga. 

I translated some Mayan and Egyptian temple carvings which all correlate. I study with crystals a lot and that taught me what some of the symbolism in the carvings means. Snakes and Flowers and Pillars all represent chakras and the light energy flowing up the spine.

When I was younger I was lucky I had a sex partner and we studied together certain rituals which activate chakra's as tools, the language used by that system uses the most appropriate terminology, which is 'magick', because people with highly active and focused kundalini energy can cause things to happen in reality for which there is no better word. When you have two peoples energy working together harmoniously and drawing energy from the source, which does take training it is not something that people are likely to happen across by accident, because when they do it is something they often cannot handle, not correctly attuned it can be unpleasant as you say, the surge of energy misdirecting.

Do you know the words Ida and Pingala from Hindu ? The twin streams which travel up through the center, like astral dna strands. They cross at each chakra, on a resonance. It is the same mathematics as the distance of the planets as they spiral around the sun. Keeping them in balance means living a particular way, avoiding mainstream society and its twisted ways. To become adept at this stuff takes us outside of normal society, it is the realm of shamanism, which has also other teachings and insights into what Reality is. We are explorers therefore we need to maintain a pure observation of our experiences, this is why society is a riddle. To become adept we have to let go of all that, the frame of reference which most people believe to be normal is not useful to shaman. This sets us aside.

"Light beings are we, not this crude matter." Master Yoda

But we wear it while we are here, and the density of it causes us to forget. Kundalini as a discipline is ways to remember and to raise the flesh toward what it could be, ecstatic. The abilities that come from developing that are to be worked for, so that only those responsible may attain them. From my tradition sex is a big part of the training, because it powerfully deals directly with the central nervous system and through that, the lightbody. We are designed that way.

By conscious breathing we can draw the sexual energy up through the chakras one by one. We can do this by ourselves, it is enhanced and amplified when two people become one. How the energy works through sex is that both bodies become one circuit. Both minds need to be focused and together or they get overwhelmed by the intensity, which is usual 99.99% of the time for most people. The development of psychic connection, telepathy, is not an end goal but a tool that develops in the process of ascending by this technique.

My story is sad. Just as myself and my partner were mastering this, envious third parties sought to split us up permanently. We did not protect ourselves strongly enough and it took literally a decade to heal. These abilities are not to be taken lightly. The entire organism, physically mentally emotionally, has to go over to the bonding, is cellularly reconfigured. The bodies become the same person. A lot of the pain is from that level of connection being ripped apart. This teaching is not for everyone. What happens after is that the pain of the tearing apart switches to another entirely different school of teaching.

The word Thanateros is Greek it means 'sex and death'. The sex teaching is part of the shamanism, the abilities it creates in the persons involved are necessary for the other part of the teaching, which is spirit mediumship. There are other ways to achieve these things but these are the ones which I know from experience of it. To achieve such a level of ability without corrupting it, total trust is required between the people involved, which means absolute honesty. For example I could understand, forgive and even enjoy my ex for sleeping with other guys but I could not forgive her for lying to me about it even though she did so partly for kicks and partly to protect me.

We are beings of light who cast shadow, and we are not full beings until we embrace both our light and shadow and work them in balance. Some people can help each other achieve that balance. That's all it is really.

The biggest task is learning slow, steady breathing beat-matched to the partner so the blood is flowing through both your systems at the same tempo. Then, only then, is it safe to draw the energy up from the source, one chakra at a time. Do not miss any chakras - another mistake I was making at the time, and a very common mistake if you follow only the Hindu teachings, which teach only to connect the source to the heart. For most people that is all they need.

To become a sorcerer, you need to empower all chakras, because we are more than simple creatures of the heart. Sorcerers do not believe that we return to the Source, we do not believe that death is final. To attain that, we need to empower all of our chakras - there are more than seven. The focus on the heart and throat, living by communicating from the heart, strengthens the eight chakra which is split into two and is located by the shoulders, it makes a diamond between the heart and throat. Living that way empowers it, and then we see the human chakra system as a cross like the christian cross. No christian knows how to read the symbolism of their religion any more. There are many other higher chakras also.

I have written loads here and probably have already overloaded you. This is the tip of the flame. I can tell you a lot more, I have been studying this stuff for twenty years it cannot all be told in one text message and a lot of it cannot be taught in words.

Ritual of The Sorcerers Eye

Morning is the best time but evening also. Watch the sun while it is neither above nor below the horizon. Drink it. Breathe it in. Inhale the sun with every breath as you watch it rise. At this time it is a portal between many worlds, the frequencies attainable at this time are empowering. The more often you do this the better. Fill yourself up with that Creator energy. I mentioned that we must balance both light and shadow. As far as morality goes, all of the dark ones I have encountered who use these skills for selfish reasons, have fallen hard. Those who use these skills for ascension, for the light, somehow keep their connection. Remember this in all the choices you make.

Base Chakra (red) = sex and anger, the root. It connects to source like a mouth connects to food or tree roots connect to the earth to draw in energy.

Sacral Chakra (orange) = creativity

Solar Plexus (yellow) = radiance 

Heart Chakra (green) = the heart, biological and emotional rhythms, immunity system center, seat of the soul

Throat Chakra (blue) = communication, not only speech but also an amplifier device for mental waveforms 

Third Eye Chakra (purple) = Visionary, Imaginal ("imagination is not imaginary" Matthers OGD)

Crown Chakra (white) = the Lotus. This one extends upward to the edges of the stratosphere when properly active, which is what the pictures in egyptian carvings of lotus flowers, is all about. Inside it are a whole load of other chakras which are pastel tones, shades of self at higher levels. I am fairly certain that when people have out of body experiences and report tunnels of light, they are traveling up through this. 

The 8th Chakra is the horizontal line symbolized in the christian cross and the egyptian Ankh. It is a cutoff point; everything above and everything below, separates out into two entities, the higher self (the immortal and transcendental part of us) and the lower self (this incarnation's body and personality and issues). 

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