Friday, 29 August 2014

(notes on) seeing the matrix

A lot of my time (mass=time) I am in grids. My Attention plugs my kundalini-energy through into the frequencies that sustain grid environments. Cyberspace is full of grids since at its basic level it is streams of zero and one, black and white, a chess set. Although we are high resolution souls (oil lense, water lense, air lense, light refraction ratio's) made of light, our environments made of physics, are lower resolution. Mass is Time and energy is vibrational therefore our perceptions fluctuate depending on the physics of which grid we are attached to and manifesting into. This is inclusive of the ephemeral domains of dream which are encountered post-bodily-death and while our mass=time bodies rest, permitting the soul higher vibrational freedom. Just as we do not fully and interactively recall higher vibrational memory during our bodily waking hours into material domain, so too our fluid souls cannot fully create due to the restrictions of the physics governing the dense material domain. From my training into cyberspace I am coming to see the grid-lines of the material domain. At this time in history we are encountering something which is referred to cryptically, by way of symbols used by traditions. Toward the end of the 20th century our species encountered problems with what we call Reptilian Overlords, who utilize grid. Now we are in the second decade of the 21st century we are experiencing for ourselves a deepening knowledge of Grid yet without the problem of us being gridded by the Reptilians. I am using the term Reptilian here as symbolism and as part of an ancient tradition undergoing contemporary resurgence in popularity due to experiences of shaman and writers using modern technologies. The reptilians utilize and impose grid. Grid is manifestation of concept as actual event, it is light (thought) manifesting as experience, becoming (mass-time). Grid is the accordance to physics of the domain. Do means to do, action that makes. Its spelling variant Tao means The Way. Main means manifest-into (ma-in, making) and it also means the boss-core, the main thing. An example of this is the simplest teaching of a 3x3 x/y grid which comprises of 9 sections. If your vision and ability has any number, resolution, definition, above 9 then some of those extra bits are going to be compromised, probably by combining them to reduce the original vision down into the acceptable grid resolution. This is inevitable, it is a part of how higher vibrational frequency works when manifesting down into the material/time based plane of existence. Different dimensions have different grids therefore the same vision/concept manifests differently in different physics. The grid controls the physics or at least is a way of explaining how the vision is described into that dimensions physic-set. In Egyptology the deity Set, a serpent, represented Waveform and associated with reptilian because it deified the principles explained here, of gridding a concept into a manifest. We are a visionary species who can perceive a higher dimensional vision than the density of our time-mass physics set permits us. This is why we like optical light art such as holograms, laser displays and computer environments, and such as water based environments where light refracts at a 2:1 ratio compared with air; because within them we see a higher density resolution. Our nervous systems feel sexy and amazing when we go into that sleekness of a higher density resolution, the more nerve tips we have, the higher the density. It is not always a case of complexity although higher resolution allows for higher resolution sensation. Waveform describes the process of motion through grid. We are designed for breathing to feel good, for drinking to feel good. Stimulation of nerve tips to feel good. We function better when we develop more nerve tips, from better quality water and air. This is a fundamental principle of our development here in this domain; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual development. Pollution clogs us up and connects us the the abrasive of the lower density which for many is a satisfying sensation because it earths us and we need to feel earthed to feel like we belong in the domain we find ourselves in, to avoid alienation feelings. The higher part of us, the higher vibrational aspects of self which are compromised when we come down into the time-mass domain to perceive through, are freer while we dream or after death, to explore higher vibrational versions of mass-time (alternate dimensions). There is a cutoff point on our perceptions, we call it the speed of light. It appears to be a steady constant from within the material density however it is not a steady constant, it fluctuates, this is easier to see from outside of / higher than the material density. Anything vibrating higher than that is outside of our perceptions, it would be invisible or appear to flash in and out of our perception range. This is what Lag is within a computer; the computer is attempting to calculate and co-ordinate the smoothest possible flow of something from the higher energy spectrum down through its grid into the lower density spectrum. The same physics are to be found around black holes.

What is emerging is that although we have slipped through the grip of the reptilian overlords whose comprehension of grids is advanced, their use of it as a technology to access different times by attaching to compatible vibrational frequencies existing at different times, we are now capable of understanding and utilizing the grids a lot better than we used to. It is helping us to perceive our own reality for what it is. It was necessary for us to skirmish with the reptilians to achieve that knowledge. At this very confusing time in history, the gridding was necessary. What happens as we approach a Nexus point of syncronicities (spoken of by mayan shaman-scientists as galactic harmonic alignment) is that the different waveforms of individual life paths (Ka) or alternative description, individual timestreams are syncronising and joining together. This is the combining of higher resolution pixels (people) down into simplified forms to conform with the grid. This is necessary and the negative, painful emotions we feel about our lives going totally different from our preconceived wants and desires and intentions is because we hold onto selfishness instead of going with the mainstream flow. The end result is that we will be more liberated to create our desires in a much freer way by learning how to evolve into beings that can access the higher dimensional grids. The grids are systems that make imagination into 'physics which occur in a timeframe'. Our short lives inside the time-mass bodies we know in this domain are only a learning curve, our higher selves continue after this body dies and that is when we can create the realms we can only imagine here. Gradually, we will raise the vibration of this dimension. We need to learn about Grid before we can learn the methods to do that although it is a holistic process. That is why we come here, to raise its frequency and to learn how to raise our frequencies. The reptilians are the dragon whose cave we journey into, to steal the gold of its knowledge, to harness its fire for our own evolution toward more spiritual, higher vibrational entities.

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  1. We need to reverse the polarity on all the grid points they're attached to and drive them from our existence - oblivion to all Reptilians on the planet currently.