Sunday, 16 November 2014


Emerging Technology = Expressionist Liberation and Multi-Disciplinary Integration

'cyber art’

It is the same as critics said when photographic cameras came along; that it would be the death of art. Yet what happened was liberation. Instead of painting photorealism as historic record, the 20th century became expressive. Many new ideas emerged along with visual art and of course it fed back into photography and all the other creative outlets (music philosophy drama poetry literature etc).

Now with computers at the stage they are, more of the same. In a few years we will have holographic projectors and a few years after that we will have contact lenses with augmented cyber and reality. 90% of humans will be using that in normal daily life, paying premium to turn the adverts off, paying to keep the share-space free. Group digital hallucinations will integrate seamlessly with physical environment; touch operable holographic displays will integrate seamlessly between physical and digital. Along with the 3d printing machines there will be a fusion of all the different technologies.

Those of us involved in the process of dreaming can only imagine what this will do to art forms, with everything becoming interchangeable. How it affects humans will be evolutionary: we will apply the fluidity to ourselves and to each other, it will teach us to accept and overcome differences between genders, ages, nationalities, -ism’s.

We are really still at the beginning of that so far as cyber art is having an impact because most of it is still contained inside of the machine. We are in, and entering deeper into a Rennaissance period the scale of which humans have not encountered since we first learned how to harness fire, it really will have that big an impact. We are pioneering what will later become distinguished movements by which the 21st century will be categorised.

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