Thursday, 27 November 2014

Reptilian Mindset

Lessons in the Reptilian Mindset

hate anyone doing better than you,
scorn anyone doing less well than you,
compete for dominance with anyone perceived to be an equal
(using any unscrupulous tactics necessary - discreditation via a slander campaign usually does it)

Public image is more important than who you are on the inside. Public image is more important than who you are and how you act behind closed doors.

"This is who you are and this is what you must do and if you do anything outside of that or think for your self or do things your own way you will be punished, i will belittle you and degrade you and make you feel awful because you are my energy donor and my slave and i am in control, i will punish you if you so much as try to slip out of my influence, do you understand?”

The system is there to be exploited. The purpose of that is to exploit people from a position of assumed authority within the system. Exploitation by energy abuse. Connect with others operating the same agenda. Protect them until such time as necessary to expose them.

This informational bulletin does not represent the beliefs of the person posting it and should not be taken as lifestyle advice. People who act in such a way as outlined by the points above are scum and should be removed from your circle of influence, not only for your own protection but for the good of humanity. Reptilians are abusers. They are not your allies, they are not your friends, they are not your family even if they happen to be genetic relatives.

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