Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Attention Snap

Attention Snap

They all play the same game.

Example; I am looking at the sideboard because I am about to make a cup of tea. I am looking to see where the kettle is and where my cup is. These are items I will need to touch with my hands and therefore i am looking to see where i need to tell my hands to go, and at the same time, to work out what order I should be doing this in. I need to switch the kettle on before I pick up the cup and add a teabag into it. These are all reflex motor skills, I need to do the visual check simply to make sure of where the items are in relation to where I am. This vague summary is an establishing view, a widescreen view. The scan of the area is a scattered Attention. My eyes focus in on the button on the kettle which turns it on (as i have already noticed it has enough water in it to make a cup of tea). I reach out to touch the button. This is the first time an observer can witness what I am doing and where the focus of my Attention is.

It is at this precise moment that the children (of whatever age) speak, usually sharply, to distract and divert my Attention. They do this because the scan and the act of coming into a focus puts my Attention energy into a focus, to be transferred to whatever it is on. By snapping my attention toward them, the kids harness that mote of energy. I have a choice whether to ignore them until i am ready (self respect) or to be diverted and turn my attention to them instead of finishing the act of pressing the button on the kettle. Originally when people snap our Attention to them at the last moment before contact, it is as a warning, such as they have noticed a danger which I have not. This is what we are programmed to respond to at a deeper level of reflex action than whatever act we have just had to summarize and come into focus to perform.

This is a trick used by so many people to gain a mote of energy that we are usually ignorant to it happening. When we continue with our act and touch the button on the kettle instead of diverting our attention to the person, they usually pause because their game has been broken. Often they will be upset and aggressive toward us. These people are children of whatever age and they should be treated as such. Recognizing that they are playing this Attention grabbing game, which is disrespectful of your own integrity, because they are using you as an energy donor, is the first step toward freeing ourself of an energy vampire. Training them that this is what they are doing and that they are to stop doing it is the best way to go about this. Some people do not even realize that they are doing it. Others will resent you for pointing it out to them. If they cannot learn, they are unwelcome in your space.

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