Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Short Cyber Essay

Reaching Out For That From Which We Escape

It is not about what "cyber" means to us, but what it means to different individual people.

I feel that 'cyber' is too big and complicated an entity to express within the limitations of our previous projects. I do not feel about it now, as so many people did in the 1980s - the allure of tomorrows technology mixed with dystopic social and physical environment is not the same as contemporary outlook and designs, which are either retro or are looking progressively toward the future, holistically.

A cultural tradition has formed, as follows.
It is best presented as the original 1980s Transformers comics did it and then later the Terminator movies.

1) These are the Robots, see how they shine. They are useful to Humans.

2) These are the Robots that can think. They are dangerous to Humans, even the useful ones.

3) These are the Level 1 Cyborgs: Humans who have integrated with the Robots *to control them.

4) These are the Level 2 Cyborgs: Humans who have integrated with Robots *which control them. Quicksilver in human form.

5) These are the Human Zombies who have been organically re-programmed by computerized mind control to serve machine intelligence. 

6) These are the Last True Humans who reject technological intervention into their lives and exist primitively.

Silver vs Red

We are currently existing in a culture where all these groups co-exist and influence each other.

The Human Debate is precisely this: How much does 6) influence 4) ?

Of these groups, 'cyber' is best described as;
A) sleek aesthetic design styles within groups 1, 2, 3,
B) group 4.  It must be noted that group 4 has no requirement for Humans, thus is an antithesis of group 6.

The concept of Robots emerge from the Age of Reason which focuses exclusively on only one particular function of the Mind as calculus. It must be noted that a Thinking Machine (Turing, Babbage) is not the same as an Instinct Machine, an Emotion Machine, an Imagination Machine, a living Soul. Outside of fiction we currently have developed very little concept for any of these (other than to be programmed as group 5 citizens by machines). Biological Needs and Desires form two more Human interest categories outside of Machine scope which we do have many versatile time and resource consuming interchanges.

As our genetic research is advancing rapidly it must now be decided whether an additional group is relevant;

7) genetically altered designer Humans

or whether this group, because it necessitates digital technology which makes it possible, is another facet of groups 3, 4, 5 even where this includes those designed to be specialist at levels beyond the scope of machine intelligence.

Saxophone and Green

Throughout the Age of Reason emerged an ideology of the Noble Savage (group 6) which epitomizes the Human qualities of Instinct, Emotion, Imagination and Soul as liberated from technological cultural development represented by industrialization emerging in ubiquitous machine cohesion.

The ultimate end products of this development are multi-cultures continuing to comprise of fuller ecologies expressing each of the groups and fusions where cyber is integrated into neo-primitive lifestyles that we may experience the best of all worlds in ways which help us feel safe; thus liberation from overcoming fear. What such an environment is to experience is where todays futurists should be focused.

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